Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Police Tasered An 86-Year-Old Disabled Grandma In Her Bed

Would someone please check the water at the police stations across America because either it is something wrong with the water or the police done lost their mind.  I sorta think it's the latter, myself.   It appears that the police cannot resist the urge to use excessive force and sometimes deadly force on  folks.  It doesn't matter if they are elderly, disabled with autism, children, unarmed or war veterans.  Enough is enough!
In this case, an 87 year old bedridden granny wearing an oxygen tank was tasered while lying in the bed.

"Police Tasered an 86-year-old disabled grandma in her bed and stepped on her oxygen hose until she couldn’t breathe, after her grandson called 911 seeking medical assistance, the woman and her grandson claim in Oklahoma City Federal Court. Though the grandson said, “Don’t Taze my granny!” an El Reno police officer told another cop to “Taser her!” and wrote in his police report that he did so because the old woman “took a more aggressive posture in her bed,” according to the complaint."~~Tim Hull, Courthouse Newsroom Service!~~

"The police then fired a Taser at her and only one wire struck her, in the left arm; the police then fired a second Taser, striking her to the right and left of the midline of her upper chest and applied high voltage, causing burns to her chest, extreme pain and to pass out"~~Tim Hull, Courthouse Newsroom Service!~~

Those two police officers in this incident don't sound like they playin with a full deck.  Not only did they endanger that old woman's life, that was one of the dumbest moves they could have made. Lucky for them they didn't cause that oxygen tank to blow them all up in bits and pieces.   Does it really take a rocket scientist to figure that out?  

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Stacked Deck Against Black Men

The deck is stacked against black men in America.  It is stacked against them the day they are born as far as justice in America goes.  Troy Davis gets to have his case heard, but there is a catch 22 that comes along with it. 

"Certainly, Mr. Davis and his attorneys have a very difficult burden ahead of them," said Howard Bashman, a Philadelphia attorney who operates a Web site devoted entirely to appellate litigation. "They have to show far more than there are serious doubts over the validity of the conviction. They have to show that the new evidence clearly establishes Mr. Davis' innocence." ~~Jeff Mays, BV~~

"...Seven of nine witnesses have recanted their testimonies, claiming that police coerced their cooperation in the hopes of securing a quick conviction. Four of those witnesses testified in court today that their original testimony was not true and that authorities pressured them to name Davis as the shooter."~~Jeff Mays, BV~~

What does not quite make sense is the fact that even after the witnesses in Troy Davis's trial have admitted that their testimony was not true, he still has to prove that he is innocent. A black man was framed but he has to prove he is innocent even after the witnesses admitted giving false testimony. Shouldn't the courts be dismissing his case?  Or does that only happen in Perry Mason movies?  Or does Troy Davis have to wait until he is a senior citizen and incapable of fathering any black children before he is released?

More and more black men are being released after spending the best years of their life in prison for crimes they did not commit after DNA test proved their innocence.  Yet and still, there are still many black men in prison for crimes they did not commit.  Correctional Officers used to tell you that's what they all say. But could it be because they were telling the truth and are really innocent.  After all, there has been a rise in black men being set free after spending years in prison for crimes they did not commit. Yes, they are given lump sums of money, but does that buy back years of their life spent in jail or turn back the hands of time?

Another interesting article I read today was regarding the tolerance of white militias and the racial double standard.  Going back down memory lane, I remember another group who carried guns out in the open to a state capitol that were not given the same privilege as the militas are being given.  Instead they were branded criminals and put under FBI surveillance until their group was disbanded by death, jail, or lack of members.

"Armed with enough firepower to take on a police department, some of these groups are honing their sniper skills using photographs of Obama for target practice." ~~Courtland Milloy, Washington Post~~ 

Yet and still, the white militas are not considered dangerous enough to disband.  They've been given free reign  to grow in numbers while those same law folks turn and look the other way and folks on the right justify them as being harmless.

Why is it that since the Revolutionary War in America, black men are welcomed back with police brutality even if they had on their military uniform?  Although, Haven did not have on a uniform, he did inform the police that he was a Iraq vet, but that did not stop the policeman from beating him.  So what if he suffered from PTSD like many of the white soldiers returning from the war.  It probably wouldn't had even made a difference if he had been missing any limbs as far as the police welcoming committee is concerned. He's just another black man--an endangered species.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

White Man's Justice...Black Man's Grief

There is not a day that goes by that we don't hear about police using excessive and more often deadly force on black people that is sometimes uncalled for.  Nor is there a day that blacks wake up and not hear about some type of racist or discrimination incident taking place or experiencing it themselves.  After all, we live in America the supposedly home of the free where our constitution states that all citizens are equally entitled to alienable rights such as freedom of speech, freedom to pursue happiness in peace, etc.  However, if you are black in America you sometimes question that myth.

A black woman named Melanie Williams has been awarded $65,000 in a lawsuit against the Jacksonville, Florida police for being tackled while pregnant in an emergency room that she fled to for help.  In my opinion, she didn't receive enough money, but then I am not a lawyer, nor am I a judge, nor do I have a degree in law.  There are some whites folks who think she didn't deserve to receive any money compensation at all regardless of what her medical condition or the circumstances  involved in the incident were.  I hate to say it, but that's reminisce of  southern whites attitudes in the past, blacks don't need or deserve that kind of money or it's too much money for a black person to have.

Then there is the Oscar Grant's trial that is going on at the present.  It appears that ex-BART officers Pirone and Domenici seem to have selective memories when it comes to parts in their testimony that shines a light on both of them being responsible for the events that led up to Merserle shooting Grant in the back while he was lying face down on the ground.  Nevertheless, neither have anything to worry about.  Regardless to what went down that night and that a young black man is dead because of their actions, no one will suffer any consequences from it, but Oscar's daughter who is left without a father.  There are some whites who think the officer was just doing his duty as usual and that Oscar should have stayed at home.  Some white people feel that black men should stay locked up in the house and never come outside for a breathe of fresh air to avoid being murdered or brutalized by the police.  In other words, stay on the plantation you live on and don't leave off of it without a permission from them.

Back during the days of slavery, whites thought it was okay to beat the slaves or kill them.  In fact, this was a normal practice among them. It didn't matter if they were old, women, men, or children or pregnant--beat them or kill them was the law of the land.  Even back then, they would beat them or kill them over little minor infractions or when they considered blacks being uppidity and sassy towards a white person, and the majority of them were unarmed too.  They had patrollers back then that violently brutalized slaves however they saw fit. It is a  practice that has spilled over in to modern times and in our so-called age of colorblindness and normal procedure when dealing with people of color.

In addition, it does not matter if that black person has Aspergers neither. Neli is still being evaluated at a mental institution for 30 days, afterwards he will be returned to jail, because his mother cannot afford to pay an attorney while his condition deteriorates. There has been nothing mentioned about a bail. Neli's father is still in Iraq. Why they refused to believe his mother who has medical documentation stating Neil's condition is unbelievable and unfortunate for Neli who handicapped by his condition has to endure this alone in isolation.

Is the only decisive factor in whether to use excessive force or kill  an unarmed person automatically only if the color of their skin happens to be of a darker hue than lily white, medium white, or dark white?    Some white folks feel that excessive force and killing unarmed black men is justifiable and applaud it. However, when it comes to their own whites they seem to push aside those justifiable excuses  in behalf of the police and their compassion for humanity kicks in and they seem to see clearly wrongdoing on behalf of the officers that they tend to overlook when it is person of color. Nevertheless, you rarely ever hear of whites being shot while unarmed or excessive force being used on them. Nor has it ever come to point where any whites need a citizen's guide to police confrontations to help avoid police brutality.
BTW, a journalist named John Potash, a graduate of Columbia University has written a book that is causing a stir of controversy that has  some white people hollering conspiracy theory and some black folks wondering if it's true?  Anyway, I do not know if the book is true or not, but I plan to buy a copy of it and check it out asap.  You can read an excerpt at this link.

Old habits from slavery are hard to break and until some white people wake up and realize that blacks are human beings too, tomorrow, the next day, and the day after will continue to be a repeat of the same discrimination practices, racism, and police brutality against people of color.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Is It Against the Law For A Black Man To Go To The Library?

This article is disturbing to me.  Since when is it against the law to sit under a tree?  Or go to the library?  And does the fact, that the young man is black and suffering from Aspergers a mild form of autism make them fit the description of a thug? Are all young black men labeled criminals automatically?  The reason why this article disturbs me the most is because I have a grandchild who is around the same age as this young man who has Aspergers. 

My grandson is a really good kid, very mannerable, and highly intelligent.  When I read this article, I said to myself this could have happened to my grandson, because he loves to walk too. He also likes to read scientific books, loves technology, and is very creative. My grandson is getting ready to attend college this fall and is working on creating a video software game.  In every academic test that he has been given he has scored higher than anyone in the schools he has attended and can take a test without studying for it with ease.  We have a program out my way called GATE for gifted children.  He took the test and passed it with a perfect score. 

When he was two years old, he was a whiz on the computer.  In fact, he was the one that taught me about computers. At the age of five years old,  he talked about building a Time Portal  to transport people into time and went on to design how he wanted it to look and it wasn't one of those little scribble pictures that preschoolers make that you have to pretend that you know what it is that they drew. It was perfectly shaped and looked like an igloo.   Einstein, Mozart,  and Marie Curie had Aspergers. However, Aspergers does have its downfall, which you read in the link I put to the article about the symptoms of Aspergers. 

This is one story that I can put myself in this young man's mother's shoes and know exactly how she must feel and what she is going through.  I can even picture everything this mother is talking about regarding the problem her son has and is facing right now, because I know exactly what she is talking about and how people with Aspergers are misunderstood by people and how situations like this can throw them off balance and send them into a deep depression.

"For the next 11 days, Neli was held without bail, and in isolation at the Rappahannock Regional Jail. Police allowed Neli's school counselor to visit, and she relayed messages and information to Lisa, who was allowed only one visit. "He wasn't able to speak or communicate with me. He appeared to be in a catatonic state," Lisa says."~~Ken Reibel, Huffingtonpost~~

"Neli told his mother that the school officer threatened him, and that Neli said "You're harassing me. You're not allowed to do that. I know my rights," then turned and walked away. According to Neli, the officer grabbed him from behind and choked him. Police reports say a scuffle ensued, during which the officer pepper sprayed Neli. The police version, which you can read here, says Neli then took the spray from the officer and turned it on him." ~~Ken Reibel, Huffingtonpost~

People with Aspergers are brutality honest and are quick to let people know when that person is doing something wrong, because they don't like it when people do bad things.  They don't mean any harm by it, they can't help it, but they just feel that everyone should be good and not do bad things.  A lot of noise makes them nervous, they like quiet settings.   In addition, they hate violence, they will cry like a baby, because they are really against hurting or harming  another human being in any type of form or fashion. They sometimes have problems expressing their feelings.

Whoever, called the police with that false report is reponsible for causing this incident to happen.  Why people think that every time they see a  young black man sitting under a tree minding his own business he has to have a gun or be a thug is beyond does more damage than good.  After all, black men like to sit down and relax  under a tree and go the library too. Where is the crime in that?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

That Girl Is Poison!

When is Michelle Bachmann up for re-election? I pray that it is soon. In addition, I pray that they have a few mental health orderlies waiting and standing near the podium when she loses the race with one of those strait-jackets and a muzzler made of steel with just  two little bitty holes so she can breathe and take her straight to a padded cell in an insane asylum and throw away the key.

If Minnesota votes her back in again, I would recommend that tourist bypass that particular place for vacation, take another driving route, and don't even stop over there because anyone who would vote for her is not playing with a full deck themselves.  After all who wants to be in the company of a bunch of crazy folks whose elevator is stuck on the thirteen floor.

"BACHMANN: Hey, I took karate when I was 17 years old, I am dangerous"
~~Elyse Siegel, Huffingtonpost~~

So what! Michelle I hate to be the one to break this to you, but so did a whole lot of other people, that includes children five years old,  senior citizens, and those that live in the hood.  There are people in the USA that have taken all forms of martial arts including kung fu, along with boxing, archery, target practice, and plain ole street boxing.  Oh yeah, there are people very skilled in using various weapons that include martial arts weapons, knives, razors, etc. I guess she didn't learn that African Americans were the first to embrace the Asian culture of martial arts back in the day and the reason why people begin to take an interest in martial arts in the first place.  Dummy!  Black folks were the main ones into Bruce Lee movies for entertainment.  Therefore, Michelle you are not as dangerous as you think you are. 

I swear Michelle either fell off of a banana boat, her momma dropped her, or she is missing a few chromosomes. Evidently, it has never occurred to her that President Obama was raised in an Asian country. Isn't martial arts their everyday ordinary method of fighting? It's not exactly the generic type learned here in the USA. You ever notice how calm and discipline our President is? I bet that stepfather of his taught him as a child some real martial arts.  It is a skill that requires a great deal of discipline, and calmness something she lacks mouthwise and in her rash actions and thought pattern.

Therefore, if I were her I wouldn't be so quick to write a check that her behind may not be able to cash. Judging from those solid formed guns on Michelle Obama's arms and knowing how black women are about their man, I think Bachmann better take heed and leave that woman man alone. I'm just saying! What's with her anyway always wanting to get physical with the President. I wonder if it is one of those subconscience, lusting, substitute desire thingees that falls under the category of one of those Sigmund Freud theories.

Judging from all of the dumb statements Michelle makes, she  more than likely is an inept opponent in Karate who didn't get pass a 10th Kyu (wearing a white belt).  I seriously doubt that she made it from 1 to Dan (in a black belt).  Her mannerism is goofy and clumsy, there is nothing graceful about Michelle that gives the impression of someone dangerous in even an elementary form of karate. Now, I admit she is crazy and well...she does have some skills in being psychotic in nature, but then that seems to come natural to her because she is crazier than a road lizard and somewhat mentally challenged.

"Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said that she could take out President Obama if she were ever caught in the mind-boggling and improbable scenario of engaging the nation's leader in a physical fight." ~~Ben Shapiro, Big Government~~

Michelle has a dangerous habit of using threatening language of violence that is alarming, especially towards the President of the United States of America.  Why the secret service men haven't arrested her for those threats or the Congress hasn't kicked her out is beyond me  Maybe, if  someone splashed a bucket of permanent BLACK ink on her face, they'd take action and lock her crazy behind up.  Although, I guess until someone does that she'll continue to be a menace to society and make her threats of violence towards the President in public with no form of reprimand or arrest.  Where is Cynthia McKinney when we need her?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If You Put Lipstick On A Pig, It's Still A Pig. won't be long before we'll be hearing about officer Johannes Mehserle being set free and found not guilty in the case of Oscar Grant. It is nothing like America's selective justice or should I say JUSTUS. I am sure that not one black person with common sense who is familiar with how the system works in behalf of black folks is expecting a conviction in this murder case. After all, no one has any serious regards for black men's lives, not even some young black men. Nope, if your skin is of a darker hue your life is not worth 2 cents in America, especially, when it comes to the po-po.

"Last month, Perry ruled that the jury could learn that Grant had a scuffle with the San Leandro Police Department during which he resisted arrest. The jury will also learn, Perry ruled, that Grant was a parolee" ~~Paul T. Rosynsky Oakland Tribune~~

"While the rulings could give the jury a reason why Mehserle thought he needed to use force on Grant, the evidence presented will not discount the videos that clearly show Mehserle firing his gun into the back of an unarmed and prone Grant, the attorneys said."~~Paul T. Rosynsky Oakland Tribune~~

That's why we have video experts who can come up with many reasons why what you actually saw is not what you saw. It does not matter that hundreds of witnesses and millions of viewers saw a man lying face down, handcuffed, and shot in the back. By the time the experts get through with their interpretation of what took place on the video it will be a completely different story. The story will be that Oscar was a threat to the officer's life and good officer was just doing his job in the line of duty and the victim deserved to die.

"Rains said the jury should not hear that Pirone used a racial slur about a minute before the killing because it had nothing to do with the killing and instead would unfairly prejudice his client." ~~Paul T. Rosynsky Oakland Tribune~~

"Rains said that if the jury were to learn about Pirone's exchange with Grant, it would cast Mehserle in a negative light." ~~Paul T. Rosynsky Oakland Tribune~~

"At that point, Rains wrote, Mesa left the train and called Grant a couple of minutes later. During the conversation, Grant told her that police were beating him and his friends for no reason."~~Paul T. Rosynsky Oakland Tribune~~

It doesn't matter that Oscar turned his life around or was unarmed, and handcuffed. That is irrevelant in the case of a black man! While on the other hand, it does not matter if the officers have a past record of excessive abuse, anger problems, or racist behavior. Nope, not at all, because its a cinch that cop will be judged not guilty, especially, with not one black juror sitting in the jury stand. After all, you black folks let O.J. go and don't have the critical skills to judge a person's innocence of guilt. In a real court of law those skills are not what their looking for. Nah, they are looking for people who have police as kinfolks.

"In addition, at least four of the jurors have a connection to law enforcement, either by having police officers as friends or in their family or by having worked with law enforcement on neighborhood crime committees."~~Paul T. Rosynsky Oakland Tribune~~

Mehserle will judged by an all White and Latino jury who might already have their opinion of black parolees like Oscar and feel he should have not so much as inhaled or exhaled while lying face down on the ground handcuffed. That officer was just doing his job and Oscar should have been more cooperative and he could have avoided been shot in the back with a bullet at close range. Yup, Oscar would be alive today if he had done that. You black folks need to learn your servile place, shut your mouth, and learn how to hold your breath when in the presence of a good upstanding police officer. If you learn how to do that then the officer wouldn't have to shoot you in the back while your lying face down and handcuffed.

"If manslaughter remains an option, the jury could find Mehserle guilty of the crime but with a lesser penalty. Without manslaughter as an option, the jury will be forced to make a stark choice resulting in a longer prison term or no prison term at all, said Jonathan Simon, a professor at UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law."~~Paul T. Rosynsky Oakland Tribune~~

The case has already been setup and the game is rigged. Mehserle will get off "Scott free" and Oscar's daughter will grow up without a father. No big deal, he is just another young black man who will appear on statistics to booster the claims of no father image in the house or child abandoned by their father. Who cares that he had a job and was trying to be a father to his child. If he would have stayed at home that night, he would still be alive today. It's not the officers fault that he used a gun instead of a taser or that the officer changed his story. Nope, it is all Oscar's fault is what some people will say who have no compassion for young black men or people of color.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Collect This!

Looks like one collection agency overstepped its bounds to the tune of $1.5 million. The tables has turned on one collection agency and this time the debtor will be collecting from the bill collector. Allen Jones will now be able to pay off his credit cards with the money he'll be collecting from the collection agency and have some left over. I bet Allen is pinching himself to make sure he is not dreaming.

Maybe, now, collections agencies will learn to treat people with some respect and common courtesy. Collections agencies are known for their rudeness and causing people tremendous amounts of stress and some people's untimely death. They need to learn that harrassment and their downright nasty tactics will not be tolerated anymore.

Bill collectors have a habit of harrassing people with rude, abusive, and bullying telephone calls all hours of the day and night and are the most avoided people in the in the employment industry. They care less that the economy is still in the process of healing, people are out of jobs, have no money, and the job market is in the process of healing. Some of them can get downright cruel and expect folks who are going through hardships to pull money out of a hat. They actually believe that they can squeeze the blood out of a turnip.

Although, credit collection agencies are regulated by the U.S. Federal trade commission and are not suppose to harrass customers, they do it frequently and break that law daily. The law means nothing to them. A bill collector will call at all hours or the day and night, seven days a week, and more than once a day.

Nevertheless, the bill collectors went too far with Mr. Jones and Jones did something about it. The following are some of the messages left on Jones voice mail:

“This is your mother******* wake-up call you little lazy a** b****,” quoted a collector as saying in one message.

“Get your mother******* n****r ass up and go pick some mother******* cotton fields,” said another collector."

Mr. Jones won't be picking cotton to pay his bills. Nope, instead he'll be going to the bank to cash that fat check that the collection agency has been ordered to pay to him for their rudeness and insults and popping the cork on the Champagne bottle.