Monday, March 29, 2010

Whip Appeal

Well, I always did say that those on the right were a little kinky, but bondage? I mean the GOP brand is known for the party of pedophiles. That is no secret. In addition, we know that many of them were clients of the D.C. Madam that came up dead. However, I have to admit I am stunned by the latest sex scandal coming out of the RNC involving Michael Steele.

Is anyone in the GOP party capable of normal sex? It does make you wonder, don't it? Especially, since they have a habit of verbally crucifying and judging others for their sexual preferences and toot their horn as the party of family values. I don't know what type of values they learned in their family, but trust me those are not any of the family values that most people have learned in theirs. Since they like to play the pure in values party, you would think that they wouldn't impose their type of values on children or be into the chains and whip thingee. I guess, next we'll be hearing about them getting caught in the middle of a golden shower too.

And to think they had the nerve to call our President a pimp and hustler. Smh! You got to give it to Michael though, he knows how to grab those old Southern Confederate white politician's attention because they are known for their kinky sexual desires. I bet old Mitch McConnell enjoyed himself if he was there, he looks like the type to participate in those sorts of activities. Yup, if Mitch was there he probably had a hi-ho silver time.

Evidently, those bondage females chosen didn't know how to crack the whip the way they like it because they are asking for Michael's resignation. You would think that they would just ask for their money back and try to keep it on the quiet side since they've been in the negative limelight quite a bit lately openly threatening and using intimidation towards their fellow politicians on the other side, but I guess they are still a little sore and on cloud nine from the whip and chains.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Turning Back the Hands of Time

Now that the Health Care Bill has been signed into law, the American Klan (none other than the GOP Teabaggers and certain GOP Congressmen/Congresswomen)are showing their real colors. Folks sometimes I swear that I'm watching the Civil Rights Movement in reverse play out before me with all the death threats, intimidation, and vandalism. Those people want to roll back Father Times to the early 1900s when Jim Crow was in power.

What is certain is that we can't call the GOP and Teabaggers gracious losers and they have been showing us that since the Health Care Bill passed for the last couple of days. For some strange reason they seem to think that they've won the American people over with their tactics. I hate to be the one to rain on their parade, but they've done just the opposite. Oh,let them flash their fake and tampered polls, but don't sit back and let them turn back the hands of time because that is what they are working on in some states. Stand up and fight back!

"The situation in North Carolina is disturbing for a number of reasons. First, the idea that the chairman would refer to his critics, many of whom are black, brown and poor as "animals" is reflective of the kind of racism that exists in the south. This is similar to the recent incident in South Carolina (down the road), where many conservatives are appalled that black lawmakers are asking for just one seat on the 16 seat board of trustees at The University of South Carolina. Some in the south, particularly conservatives, maintain a perception of black people as being less than human, less than capable and less than deserving of true equality when it comes to power and opportunity." ~~Dr. Boyce Watkins-Black Voices~~

It appears that some of those middleclass white folks North and South Carolina states are longing for the good ole Jim Crow days. Resegregation is back in North and South Carolina states.

The events of the last two days is how Jim Crow came into existence. Yup, it was a political move just like we're seeing now. Those darn confederate southern folks got all riled up because they felt black folks were being given too many rights. They lost the civil war and they've been trying to relive it all over again with high hopes of winning it this time. Over and over I've been warning folks about those people because they are what is wrong with this country. If they get their way, they are going to be the ones to destroy it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Extra...Extra...Read All About It!

Yeah, I know, we are not supposed to gloat over other people’s problems or troubles. However, I do not see it as gloating in the case of Sean Hannity. I see it as “Chickens Coming Home to Roost” in his case. In my opinion, it could not have happened to a better racist butthole than Sean Hannity who is Hal Turner’s pal and ex-lover. When he goes to court, I hope the first face that pops up in his rotten and corrupt mind is Reverend Wright. God works in mysterious ways!

I kept telling people all throughout the Bush era that the Freedom Concerts given by Hannity were a fraud. If a real objective investigative journalist were to start digging into BOND, they would find out that it is not on the up and up either. Nevertheless, you do not have to take my word for it because it will all come to the light eventually and so will a few other things I have been telling people.

There is some hope yet for a little honesty from the conservatives because Debbie Schlusser exposed Sean Hannity on her blog. That is a new one since the GOP usually sticks together through thick and thin, right or wrong, mostly wrong. Here is an excerpt to what she had to say about it:

“In fact, less than 20%–and in two recent years, less than 7% and 4%, respectively–of the money raised by Freedom Alliance went to these causes, while millions of dollars went to expenses, including consultants and apparently to ferry the Hannity posse of family and friends in high style.” ~~Debbie Schlusser~~

I have to give it to Schlusser at least she does not go along with any of the party she supports corrupt ways and in the process has earned a little respect from me. Although, we on the left side of the political arena have been trying to tell people Sean is dishonest for a long time. Nevertheless, I want to see how Sean spins his way out of this.

Tied up in the rip off Hannity has been running is none other than Oliver North. The Attorney General’s office had better hurry up and collect those Freedom Concert records before they mysteriously disappear. We all know how the GOP likes to erase all traces of wrongdoing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Day In the Life Of America

With so much confusion and chaos going on in the world today, especially, right here in good ole America. Sometimes you just want to take a break and get away from all of the negativity that you hear on a daily basis from MSM over which you have no control. People need some form of escapism to maintain their sanity and peace of mind. Reading a book is a form of escapism and relaxation rolled up in one in which people can sometimes benefit a little knowledge or enlightenment but that all depends on what the author has to offer in those departments.

With so much mess going on including me scratching my head and wondering what in the world is our President thinking going on Fox We Make It Up News. That is like sleeping with the enemy in my opinion. Roger Ailes and "The Family" as Ailes refers to them mean the President no good and are out to undermine him in every single thing he does. In addition, they are strong believers in editing and doctoring a tape until even the person that was interviewed does not recognize it. In other words, you do not go into the Devil's den expecting any fair and balanced treatment because that is not about to happen at Fox We Make It Up News. Mr. President I guess next you'll go to a white supremacist meeting to try and change their minds about their unhealthy obsession with skin color.

Then there are the issues concerning schools that does not set too well with me. There is one school in particular in Rhode Island I was reading about that really caught my eye. In addition, what bothers me the most is that the President supposedly supports extreme measures in accountability of the schools. However, I am hoping that what the President considers extreme measures is not firing all of the teachers while America is still dealing with a high unemployment rate. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Why not instead stop making teachers teach students to pass test and let them go back to teaching subjects that will help them to do some critical thinking or balance a budget, etc.? Why is all of the blame being placed on the teachers when their hands were tied? I admit that some teachers are not worth two dead flies but it is not exactly all of the teacher's fault if we are to be fair.

Okay, then there is the matter of some of those folks up on Capitol Hill who have gone wild. It wouldn't hurt to make one of those "Congresspeople Gone Wild" tapes. Believe you me, they could make a series out of it the way folks up on Capitol Hill are cutting up and acting outrageous here,lately, especially those folks on the right. I know that sometimes desperate people result to desperate measures but they've given the word desperate a new meaning.

Reading a book is one of the best forms of escapism from all the madness going on around us. Therefore, I am recommending two books to read as a form of escapism to anyone who feels like getting away from it all. I haven't read either one of them to be honest with you and just got both of them in the mail today. However, my instincts tell me that "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In the Age of Colorblindness" by Michelle Alexander is going to be a good read. The book came out January 2010 and sold completely out. Every bookstore in America, Canada, and online, including the publisher of the book is out and has it on backorder. I lucked up and found a radical bookstore that specializes in radical books and was able to get it and for a discount of $22. The book sells for $27.95. Someone on Amazon was selling the book for $999.99 dollars. Can you believe that? The other book is "Brainwashed: Challenging the Black Inferiority Myth", which so far is interesting and might be a pretty good read as well. If those two books don't work for you, you can always try a game of Solitary. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Enemy Called Ignorance!

If Ron Paul is an example of how the Congressmen/Congresswomen think on Capitol Hill, people of color can forget about equal and fair treatment or justice. After all, in Ron Paul's book, Blacks are animals and Martin Luther King Day is "Hate Whitey Day". Ron Paul's logic is a little unbalanced seeing how Martin Luther King did not preach hatred of anyone. Too bad I can't say the same for Ron Paul. Yup! Ron Paul was badmouthing Martin Luther King who was a man who believed in nonviolence. Did I tell you that Ron Paul has ties to different white supremacist and neo-nazis folks and organizations?

There is no denying that Ron Paul is a piece of work and a full pledge racist. How did a man who does not represent all of the people get sent to Congress seeing how those up on Capitol Hill are supposed to be representing the people in their state or district? According to Ron Paul, Black people are not people in his book, they are animals. It sorta gives you a glimpse of what those that voted him in political office think about black people since his newsletters do not hide any of his true beliefs.

If I were Mr. President, I'd have the Secret Service men watching Ron Paul day and night and pray that Ron Paul hasn't infilitrated the Secret Service with his white supremacist friends. And it wouldn't be a bad idea to have him stripped searched on a daily basis. I'm just saying! That Ron Paul is not exactly people of color friendly and that includes half-people of color. Mr. President you can't trust those folks up on Capitol Hill nowadays because quite a few of them are longing for the good ole boy days of Dixie and cotton and Ron Paul is definitely one of them. One thing is for sure, the President really believes in keeping his enemies close. However if you ask me Ron Paul is a little too close for comfort.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are Black People Being Shortchanged?

I haven't put my sidebar back up yet or got my blog back to the way it originally looked yet. Some parts of it are on a USB and I haven't found it yet. I couldn't tranfer my followers over to the new blog because it wouldn't let me. Nevertheless, I am still working on it and will get it back to normal hopefully by this weekend.

While out shopping, I noticed that our streets are being repaired in different parts of my city and in other cities. It is about time and long overdue. Lord knows the streets are in need of some serious repair. In addition, I was sick and tired of driving over chuckholes and rugged roads. Furthermore,riding over bumpy roads and potholes everywhere I went made me feel like I was riding in a horse and buggy instead of a car. Anyway I am glad that we're finally getting our roads repaired. Nevertheless, can someone tell me where are the Black people at?

It appears that the stimulus money for the jobs has gone out but I haven't seen one black face working on any of those jobs repairing the streets. Nope, not one! I've seen plenty of black people in unemployment lines but none working on those type of jobs. There is a union hall not too far from me, I saw black men standing around there too. Why are none of our black men working on those construction jobs that were suppose to reach into our black community as well? Yup, we were suppose to be included in on the stimulus package jobs.

There are plenty of black men looking for a job. In fact, quite a few have mentioned to me that they were trying to find a job. There was a stimulus job application site set up last year something that struck me as odd was the fact that not one black man was in that long line that went a couple of blocks around the corner. Therefore, I came home and made a few telephone calls and had others to make some telephone calls to pass the word around that they were taking application for stimulus jobs. No one black that I talked to that day was aware of it. No announcement had been made on the radio or local news or in the local newspaper regarding it. However, another strange incident occurred later on that evening. They finally announced it on the radio but it was too late.

Apparently, black businesses have noticed that blacks are being left out in a sense or they are being shortchanged. If it was an application to spend time in prison, blacks would have been given top priority consideration, but when it comes to jobs as always they are the last ones hired and first ones fired. Moreover, the stimulus job package is beginning to resemble the "New Deal". Blacks were excluded from the "New Deal" too. Overall, Blacks are being shortchanged with the stimulus job package.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Notice To Readers!

My original blog was highjacked! It would redirect people to a different site. I couldn't post any topics or read the comments. I am still trying to solve the problem. Most of my themes and sidebar are missing and I'll have to do them over. It might take a couple of weeks to get it all back straight. So please bear with me. As for the highjacker, when I find out who they are I'll be exposing them. Hopefully, I can catch up with one of my cousins who fix computers for a living.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

America Should Just Declare A National Racist Day And Get It Over With!

America should declare one day out of the year "National Racist Day"? Yup, I said it! Think about it folks we might as well. It is no secret around the world that Black folks are the most hated people in America. Instead of apologizing for racist statements or actions, they can donate money to Black Colleges or towards building black only cities, give up a few states and designate them as black only states to make amends. Meaningless apologies have worn out their welcome.

Counting all the meaningless apologies Black folks have been given 365 days of racist remarks, cartoons, hanging nooses, and behavior aimed at black people, we blacks folks get the picture. Oh yeah, we sure do. All of the little coded words "We want our country back" and "We need to get back to the constitution, what the framers of the constitution had in mind." Blacks know and understand what the framers had in mind and that black folks were not exactly what the framers had in mind either. We get the so-called veiled hints that we are not welcomed in the USA. It doesn't make a difference that our ancestors helped build this country with free labor, blood, sweat, and death. Nope! Nor does it matter that we pay taxes, vote, and were born citizens in this country.

Over at NewsOne, one of the posters couldn't have said it any better and hit on target with what their underlying motive for all of the coming out of the racist closet is all about:

"I believe that these guys (Cheney, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck) have a cut off your nose to spite your face mindset. They along with senate minority leader (Boehner) would rather have this country bogged down during president Obama’s tenure in order,to make people doubt before ever electing a person of color to office again. The old (”Well we tried this before, and look what happened”)process.They’re willing to “Charge it to the game” during this administration. Investing in the future. Pathetic!" ~~MisterRicky~~

That is exactly what it is all about whether they want to admit it or not. You see, only 40 something percent of whites voted for President Obama. If my math is correct that leaves about 60% or 58% who didn't.

Imagine how those daily insults and behavior is going to get when those people who focus on skin color find out that there is a good chance that we might be having a food shortage in the near future. They've gotten so caught up in insulting and degrading black folks that they didn't take note or give serious thought to the fact that it snowed in forty-nine states. Seeing how this is planting season, if my memory serves me correctly, snow melts, results in mud, and you can't plant seeds in mud. Oh well, if the bad economy, unemployment, and a Black President brought out all the hidden racist out the closet, just think what a food shortage will bring out.

We can't count on the media to give fair representation of Black people. Nope! MSM has a one track mind type of program when it comes to Black people. Only the negative and criminal element in Black communities will get the spotlight on MSM. After all, our issues are of no importance to MSM because they will go out of their way to smear, slander, and kill the influence of any black folks making too much money or those trying to help the their community. Look what they did to ACORN. Can't have too many black folks with fat bankrolls or anyone helping black folks. No indeed, because money is power in America and helping black folks is not allowed.

Therefore, we ought to just have a "National Racist Day" and let them get it off their chest once a year. Let them line up and say what they really mean and feel. Instead of meaningless apologies that black people have grown tired of let them donate to black colleges if they really mean it.