Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ahh, Here We Go Again Another Bell Curve Test Tube Baby!

Why do some white folks tend to think that they have a copyright on intelligence? Come on now, intelligence comes in all colors...brown, red, yellow, black, etc. I mean it does not take intelligence to spout out hateful BS. It's like a child saying my dad is bigger than your dad. And...? Nevertheless, I knew this Harvard not so bright's remarks about black's intelligence was eventually coming into play. It always does when they think that too many black people are prospering. Can't have those darkies equal in economical standing with those so-called superior white folks now can we?

Some of these white folks need to get over themselves and recognize that they do not have a patent on intelligence. They might have a patent on hate towards their fellow human beings, destroying and stealing other folk's countries, but hey, intelligence like I said comes in all shades and colors.

Nevertheless, white folks like this have a tendency to dismiss other's intelligence in order to make themselves look good. In fact, they are the only group of people that do this. No other group of people go around spouting out this type of bull, because they do not feel the need to build themselves up because of insecuritites. However, insecurities seem to run deep in some white folks makeup.

"I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent."~~Huffingtonpost~~

"African Americans tend to have darker skin. Irish people are more likely to have red hair."~~Huffingtonpost~~

Oh so it's the hair that gives us intelligence is that it. Well, Mr. so-called genius I am a black woman and I was born with red hair and so were other black people. Mr. so-called genius, the color of my hair that I was born with had nothing to do with my brain, it came from some white ancestors somewhere down the line in my family tree.

Mr. genius if you would have taken the time out to study black history or for that fact even get to know some black people, you might become enlighten. However, right now it seems you have a very, very long ways to go in accumulating some intelligence yourself. Genetically, speaking if genes are what determines intelligence, dummy is saying that he is genetically inferior in intelligence because blacks have the most pool of genes. Or did he forget, that blacks have the most buildup of genes from race mixing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

False Representation of Black Women

Black women have always been the backbone of the black community. It is their strength that has carried us through the most trying times. Lately, there has been an attempt to paint black women with a negative brush. The birth control scheme didn't work so they came up with another conniving scheme to end black births--herpes.

I've been trying to tell people for years that birth control was a scheme to keep the black population low and in the minority. Strength comes in numbers. Although, many black people do not believe it and think that idea borders on some far-fetched notion or is crazy.

However, I have lived long enough to spot the same old tired game that some added adornment has been sewed on to make it look like a different dress. But if you look underneath the hem it is the same old worn dress that has been patched up to look new. No one has to take my word for it. However, I am not taking it back and still stand my ground on what I've been telling folks.

Last month, a report came out saying that half of black women have herpes. What the report failed to mentioned is how they came to that conclusion. Painting black women with a broad brush in a study with only 5,000 people and 893 low income black women that did not include middleclass or wealthy black women and comparing them against middleclass whites was quite a stretch of the truth if you ask me.

"The current herpes statistics were based on a group of 893 African-American women, but the 48 percent number has been misinterpreted in most reports. "These women were only tested for antibodies to the HSV-2 virus," explains Dr. David Malebranche, an assistant professor at Emory whose research focuses on STDs in African Americans. "This means that they have been exposed to the herpes virus, but it does not mean that these women have actually developed the disease or have active herpes. In fact, they may never develop active herpes." ~~Sheree Crute, The ROOT~~

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time a study involving black people has been bias or exaggerated and falsely presented. I suspect it will not be the last, until the real post-racial America comes along.

Black women singled out as a target with one purpose—to denigrate black women’s character, which is just another method of ploy to destroy and emasculate the black population.

Nevertheless, that game is as old as me because blacks have always been lumped as one and targeted in a negative way. And the negative indictments against us have always been exaggerated on purpose. They attached negative labels to all of those blacks of Oklahoma's "Black Wall Street" who owned appropriately 800 impressive businesses during that era the same negative way. They were
“My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

Monday, April 19, 2010

Whose Fooling Who?

I was reading this article in the newspaper about a strange recipe calling for "grounded black people" today. It was supposed to read "pepper". Apparently, the publishers are claiming a misprint. Okay, that is possible. Misprints happen sometimes, but then again, wait just a minute.

I was getting ready to accept the publisher's excuse, but then I got to thinking about the keyboard and how that could have happened or rather not happened. It would have been easy for the typist to have accidently hit the wrong key when they typed an "O" instead a "P". Yeah that's possible. Okay, but now how do they explain hitting an "L" instead of an "E"? Hmmmm...

Looks like Joe Liebermann is up to his same mess again. Joe has not given up on trying to find a way to make the President look bad. Yup, and he is at it again. This time he is accusing President Obama's administration of a cover-up in the Fort Hood shooting. Why are there no subpoenas for Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and We Make It Up News? All of them are a big threat to our Homeland Security and they are not even trying to cover it up.

President Obama why don't you just let Harry Reid take Joe's chairmanship away from him. I mean come on now, Joe and ole John McCain are partners, the real close tight kind. You won the race for President . Did you forget that Joe campaigned for his buddy McCain who ran against you? Besides which, Joe is a sleazy snake in the grass. I sure hope that he does not sit in on any of those White House Staff meetings. Truthfully speaking, I wouldn't trust him being privy to any of those top secret documents up in the White House either. But then, I wouldn't trust him period!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Exercising My Freedom of Speech

Palin you were once a tv weather bunny, and now you're,what are you exactly? And by the way Sarah, how's that losey-quitty thingy workin' out for ya? For a half-term governor to deride President Obama for being a "part-time" senator, that is the very definition of crazier than a road lizard. At least Obama left his senate seat for a reason; the PEOPLE promoted him. What's your excuse, Half-Gov. Palin?

Sarah Palin quit the governorship before her term was up. Spent RNC money for clothing with a very expensive price tag. What about wanting or decreasing funding for special needs children? Nevermind that she has a special needs child herself. Oh well, she never was much of a mother anyway which is evidenced by her promiscuous daughter who has a drug habit who can't hold her boyfriend, but then Palin can barely hold on to Todd Palin. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Did she call the President naive? If I were Palin I would go somewhere and sit down and hush because she seems to have a knack for putting her foot in her mouth. Oh well, she does have a pretty big mouth to accomodate a big foot. I mean come on now, she ran for office of Vice President as the Pit Bull with lipstick and didn't even know what the duties of that position were. Palin does not even know how simple civics works and that is taught in high school. She should try out for the starring role in "Dumb and Getting Dumber," and she could at least win an Oscar. I'm just saying!

What makes her think that she is above President Obama in intelligence is amazingly stupid. President Obama is a Harvard Graduate majoring in Constitutional law, and was Head of the Law Review at Harvard, graduated cum laude, beat the Clinton machine, and became President of the USA fair and square. He is one of the greatest and inspiring orators in history and has gotten done what other Presidents failed to do and that is get a Health Care Bill passed.

How can a woman that took seven years and four colleges to get a degree talk? Oh yeah, she was ran for beauty queen and lost. She was Mayor of Wasilla who failed in building the bridge to nowhere. Okay, Palin got lucky and became governor of Alaska but she quit before her term was up because she saw a quicker way to make money by traveling and lying for handouts in the tune $50,000 to $100,000. Oops, I almost forgot she did get recruited by Fox We Make It Up News the number one lying and treasonous station in America.

She presents herself more like Ellie Mae on the Beverly Hillbillies instead of a polished politician that comes off as buffoonish and trashy. The GOP party should be embarrassed, instead they are in awe and praising her little unsophisticated slogans as if she has passed on to them some new profound wisdom. What would Ellie Mae, oops I mean Palin be without talking gun talk? Folks you gotta hand it to her, that is a little bit of slickness on her part to draw those gun loving, bible toting, SO-CALLED Christian folks on the right with gun talk. Y'all know who I am referring too, the ones in the militas, secessionist,anti-government, and white supremacist groups.

Palin seems to think that making the title "Community Organizer" a slur is cute, but she really needs to back off from that intended slur and smear of hers. Unless, she is so naive that she doesn't know that they are the people that get things done and changed. Whether she realizes it or not, it was "Community Organizers" that worked to get women the right to come out of the kitchen and vote. Community Organizers are the foundation workers who get issues put before public officials. But then, I guess a dumb bunny wouldn't know that. Hey Granny Sarah, how's that whole abstinence thingy workin' out for ya?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Does It Take 992 Apologies Before We Can Move On?

I don't know about you folks, but I am getting sick and tired of hearing Tiger Woods apologize. It seems like every week there is an article about Tiger Woods apologizing. I mean come on now, the man has apologized to his wife, his fans, his co-golf players, the world, his mistress... Jesus Christ, does it take 992 apologies for a black man to be forgiven? Or is the media trying to kill Tiger's self-esteem and confidence? Is this their way of destroying the man's ability to play golf by making him keep his head down in shame--destroy his concentration on the game? Or is Tiger a glutton for apologizing?

Bill Clinton didn't have to apologize that much, nor did the governor of South Carolina. For goodness sakes, is another apology gonna change anything or magically erase his adulteress affairs and they just disappear. After all of the apologies Tiger has given, one would think that he is apologizing for each and every affair he ever had and other men's affairs as well. It is beginning to look more like a Catholic confessional penance that never ends. In addition, even his homewrecking mistresses want an apology from him.

How long is the media gonna drag him through the apology syndrome? The man apologized once and that should have been enough. In fact, he shouldn't have had to apologize to anyone but his wife and family. No one else has to live with him, sleep with him, or put up with his cheating ways but his wife. If she and him have settled their differences and made up then people on the outside ought to be going about minding their own business.

It is time to let go and let the man go on and play golf in peace, so that television ratings for golf will go back, golf fans will once again fill up the stands, and Tiger can continue to kick some butt on the golf course. Please tell Tiger to stop apologizing! I don't know about you folks but I think I am coming down with an allergic reaction to apologies. Can we just get through the rest of 2010 without anyone else apologizing for anything?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where Is the Court of Opinion At Now?

Only in America can white folks commit a crime against blacks, smear them, destroy them ,and get away with it scott free. However, if it was the other way around a black person would not get out of paying for the crime. In addition they'd be tried in a court of public opinion. Fake pimp O'Keefe destroyed Acorn a nonprofit organization with lies and deceit and got immunity. Where is the outcry and court of public opinion in defense of Acorn's innocence and funds to help them rebuild?

In exchange for "immunity from prosecution," O'Keefe and Giles provided "the full, unedited videotapes" to Brown's office who, therefore, "did not determine if they violated California's Invasion of Privacy Act" when secretly recording the ACORN workers. Those workers, he notes in his report, may still "be able to bring a private suit against O'Keefe and Giles for recording a confidential conversation without consent." ~~Brad Friedman~~

Reverend Jeremiah Wright was crucified, villified, and persecuted by the court of public opinion for saying that AIDS was manmade and speaking out against racism. For making those statements, he was labeled a conspiracy kook and a racist. It took MSM only a day to destroy Reverend Wright and villify him. Reverend Wright was a veteran who had served his country and saved the life of a President once. He was well-known for the work he did in helping poor people. Okay, so now, that this has come out where is the court of public opinion's outcry to rectify Reverend Wright's reputation?

Both Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are crazier than a road lizard and dangerous who like to hide behind the pretense of being God-fearing women. However, I was raised in a church and none of the women in my church were inciting people to overthrow the government or inciting violence. Nope, the women that I've known all my life in the church I attended were humble and too busy praying. In fact, they would be praying that the Lord deliver these two women's mind from the devil. Palin's prayers are more than likely segregated.

Regarding segregation, there seems to be quite a few incidents popping up here lately regarding folks who want to bring it back, and they're using the police force to do it.

"The ex-chief, Larry White, alleges that Mayor Irene S. Holmes told him on several occasions that she wanted “those people” to be pulled from their cars so that others would see and avoid Ladue." ~~ Heather Radcliffe, StlToday~~

Black folks need to be paying real close attention, because there are some folks who are not only wishing for the good old days of Dixie and cotton, there are some who are working hard at trying to make it a reality. History repeats itself, if you let it.