Monday, April 19, 2010

Whose Fooling Who?

I was reading this article in the newspaper about a strange recipe calling for "grounded black people" today. It was supposed to read "pepper". Apparently, the publishers are claiming a misprint. Okay, that is possible. Misprints happen sometimes, but then again, wait just a minute.

I was getting ready to accept the publisher's excuse, but then I got to thinking about the keyboard and how that could have happened or rather not happened. It would have been easy for the typist to have accidently hit the wrong key when they typed an "O" instead a "P". Yeah that's possible. Okay, but now how do they explain hitting an "L" instead of an "E"? Hmmmm...

Looks like Joe Liebermann is up to his same mess again. Joe has not given up on trying to find a way to make the President look bad. Yup, and he is at it again. This time he is accusing President Obama's administration of a cover-up in the Fort Hood shooting. Why are there no subpoenas for Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and We Make It Up News? All of them are a big threat to our Homeland Security and they are not even trying to cover it up.

President Obama why don't you just let Harry Reid take Joe's chairmanship away from him. I mean come on now, Joe and ole John McCain are partners, the real close tight kind. You won the race for President . Did you forget that Joe campaigned for his buddy McCain who ran against you? Besides which, Joe is a sleazy snake in the grass. I sure hope that he does not sit in on any of those White House Staff meetings. Truthfully speaking, I wouldn't trust him being privy to any of those top secret documents up in the White House either. But then, I wouldn't trust him period!


Anna Renee said...

Lord 'a mercy! Grounded black people, pepper, whatever. They couldn't do it to us in slavery times, and they still wont be able to in the times of Obama!

Black Diaspora said...

"We're mortified that this has become an issue of any kind, and why anyone would be offended, we don't know," head of publishing Bob Sessions is quoted as saying by the Sydney newspaper.

Aussies aren't known for their racial tolerance.

So it's a bit surprising that the publisher would feign shock that anyone would be "offended."

I'm learning that many Jews aren't happy with President Obama. Joe Lieberman is no exception. And, yes, I'd replace him as chair. I don't know what Al Gore saw in him, and how he expected Lieberman to enhance his run for the presidency.

But maybe President Obama just want to keep his enemies close.