Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where Is the Court of Opinion At Now?

Only in America can white folks commit a crime against blacks, smear them, destroy them ,and get away with it scott free. However, if it was the other way around a black person would not get out of paying for the crime. In addition they'd be tried in a court of public opinion. Fake pimp O'Keefe destroyed Acorn a nonprofit organization with lies and deceit and got immunity. Where is the outcry and court of public opinion in defense of Acorn's innocence and funds to help them rebuild?

In exchange for "immunity from prosecution," O'Keefe and Giles provided "the full, unedited videotapes" to Brown's office who, therefore, "did not determine if they violated California's Invasion of Privacy Act" when secretly recording the ACORN workers. Those workers, he notes in his report, may still "be able to bring a private suit against O'Keefe and Giles for recording a confidential conversation without consent." ~~Brad Friedman~~

Reverend Jeremiah Wright was crucified, villified, and persecuted by the court of public opinion for saying that AIDS was manmade and speaking out against racism. For making those statements, he was labeled a conspiracy kook and a racist. It took MSM only a day to destroy Reverend Wright and villify him. Reverend Wright was a veteran who had served his country and saved the life of a President once. He was well-known for the work he did in helping poor people. Okay, so now, that this has come out where is the court of public opinion's outcry to rectify Reverend Wright's reputation?

Both Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are crazier than a road lizard and dangerous who like to hide behind the pretense of being God-fearing women. However, I was raised in a church and none of the women in my church were inciting people to overthrow the government or inciting violence. Nope, the women that I've known all my life in the church I attended were humble and too busy praying. In fact, they would be praying that the Lord deliver these two women's mind from the devil. Palin's prayers are more than likely segregated.

Regarding segregation, there seems to be quite a few incidents popping up here lately regarding folks who want to bring it back, and they're using the police force to do it.

"The ex-chief, Larry White, alleges that Mayor Irene S. Holmes told him on several occasions that she wanted “those people” to be pulled from their cars so that others would see and avoid Ladue." ~~ Heather Radcliffe, StlToday~~

Black folks need to be paying real close attention, because there are some folks who are not only wishing for the good old days of Dixie and cotton, there are some who are working hard at trying to make it a reality. History repeats itself, if you let it.


Black Diaspora said...

Granny, ACORN should sue Fox News, and any Talk Radio host that vilified the group and ultimately brought it down.

The Repubs went after anyone who was instrumental in the election of Barack Obama.

And they were successful in most instances.

We should have as little tolerance for political terror, as for the al-Qaeda brand of terror.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"The Repubs went after anyone who was instrumental in the election of Barack Obama."

That is exactly what they did and call themselves doing. They did Reverend Wright a job because his congregation was too big and to them that meant more votes. Every dog has their day and a good dog has two.