Monday, March 29, 2010

Whip Appeal

Well, I always did say that those on the right were a little kinky, but bondage? I mean the GOP brand is known for the party of pedophiles. That is no secret. In addition, we know that many of them were clients of the D.C. Madam that came up dead. However, I have to admit I am stunned by the latest sex scandal coming out of the RNC involving Michael Steele.

Is anyone in the GOP party capable of normal sex? It does make you wonder, don't it? Especially, since they have a habit of verbally crucifying and judging others for their sexual preferences and toot their horn as the party of family values. I don't know what type of values they learned in their family, but trust me those are not any of the family values that most people have learned in theirs. Since they like to play the pure in values party, you would think that they wouldn't impose their type of values on children or be into the chains and whip thingee. I guess, next we'll be hearing about them getting caught in the middle of a golden shower too.

And to think they had the nerve to call our President a pimp and hustler. Smh! You got to give it to Michael though, he knows how to grab those old Southern Confederate white politician's attention because they are known for their kinky sexual desires. I bet old Mitch McConnell enjoyed himself if he was there, he looks like the type to participate in those sorts of activities. Yup, if Mitch was there he probably had a hi-ho silver time.

Evidently, those bondage females chosen didn't know how to crack the whip the way they like it because they are asking for Michael's resignation. You would think that they would just ask for their money back and try to keep it on the quiet side since they've been in the negative limelight quite a bit lately openly threatening and using intimidation towards their fellow politicians on the other side, but I guess they are still a little sore and on cloud nine from the whip and chains.


cactusrose said...

Hahaha! Funny post Granny! But true!

Roderick said...

I wonder if this was to set up Steele.

I know they don't check every single receipt so this one could have slipped through.

As for sex why are you surprised that these folks who seem to be the most sexually repressed group in America likes to get a little kinky now and again.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Cactus Rose:

Yeah, the whole affair was funny to me.


"I wonder if this was to set up Steele."

That thought occurred to me too. They don't need him anymore and that is how it usually works.