Friday, January 29, 2010

We Are Family Even If We're Still Not Yet Post Racial In America

Thought I'd change up a bit and post a topic to take our minds off of what's really going on around us. Sometimes it is nice to change up every once in a while and forget about politics, social issues, and other issues that face us today. It's sort of like a breathe of fresh air.

Today, I happen to run across an article stating that President Barack Obama and the newly elected Senator Scott Brown are related. That might come as a surprise to some people but not me. What people fail to realize is that if you dig back far enough and do a thorough job of it you'd be surprise who all is in your family tree; some might even be surprised to find out that we are all connected by blood some where down the line in the past. Some might even find out that they are not in the racial group that they believe they are in. I've witnessed many people leaving in shock, tears, and border line mental breakdown from genealogy respositories after finding out the truth about family. Those employed in genealogy respositories will tell you that it happens all the time.

Genealogy research has been a passionate hobby of mine since the late 1980s. It has been quite an adventure to me as well as an eye-opening learning experience. In my search, I've dugged through old dusty court house records, visited libraries, searched through thousands of census, military records, marriage, birth, death, and baptism records. My search has included combing through old newspapers, and every single record pertaining to genealogy. I've collected many pictures dating back to the 1800s of family members.

Doing genealogy research can be tedious at times,frustrating, painstaking, but it is rewarding. A person could learn about human behavior, customs, culture, history, politics, economics, anthropology, social science all wrapped in one big bundle. The many interesting discoveries along the way may stir up a variety of emotions that make for a good movie or book. Nevertheless, in the end, it is well worth all the time, money, frustration, and work put in to it.

“A man without history is like a tree without roots.”~~Marcus Garvey~~

There is also an old saying that a man without history is like a man without a soul. If you know where you come from, you know where your going. It is not a good thing
to let your family history die because without it you are like an endangered species that becomes extinct.

After searching my families history, I made quite a few shocking discoveries myself regarding who all is in my family tree. Nonetheless, I won't divulge that information in this topic because my cousins and I are working on a book. It's strange how genealogy can bring about some deep revelations,uncover deep dark secrets of the past, and is rich in history. Genealogy research will uncover some stunning truths regarding blood tie connections that tend to revolve into a circle from state to state with tangled up branches that entwine with each other. Not only that, those branches stretch out from the homes of the rich spilling into the homes of the poor,across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans into foreign countries, crosses color barriers, and nationalities.

It has been discovered that we all have one common ancestor in Africa, but what people fail to realize is that here in America that common ancestry still lingers on whether we like it or not or want to admit it or not.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Please Say It Ain't So!

In case no one noticed Haiti is being invaded not helped. The people in Haiti are dying; some of minor injuries such as cuts, a broken arm or leg where infections have been allowed to set in because of no antibiotics. Others are dying a slow death because of starvation and thirst. And those who are left will more than likely be sent to GITMO. At least that is what appears to be happening. There are many questions that all decent Americans should be asking. Or at least give them some careful thought and consideration.

Have you noticed that the coverage on CNN on the Haitian rescue has been reruns since the question was asked why hasn’t the aid been reaching the Haitian people? Why are they showing reruns instead of up-to-date coverage of the situation over in Haiti? And why are soldiers that were being sent to Afghan all of a sudden being deployed to Haiti? What is the need for the amount of military forces being sent since violence is sporadic and not a huge issue? Not only that, majorities of the people is probably weak from injuries or hunger and thirst so they don’t propose any real threat. Was Katrina used for practice?

When is the last time the President of Haiti has made a public appearance or seen in an interview on the news or making public statements to his people? It’s almost as if he is non-existent? This is unusual for any country that has had a disaster that caused as much devastation as the one in Haiti.

In addition, there have been some concerns about child trafficking brought up and some of the children taken that might not be orphans, their parents might be still be alive, and some may have been separated from their parents? Also, it was mentioned that the orphanage was broken into and for what reason was not mentioned. It seems there is quite a bit of troubling actions regarding quick adoptions and child trafficking.

Something else that I read that was disturbing was this. We have other countries accusing the US and UN of invasion and Hugo Chavez accusing the US of causing the earthquake with some type of weapon. At first, I said to myself, Chavez is losing it, but then I read it somewhere else. So, I decided to pay a visit to HAARP’s Web Site and read something that made me think Chavez might know what he is talking about and might not be losing it. Lord knows I hope this is not true.

“This HAARP cites an expert who says the military studied both lasers and chemicals which they figured could damage the ozone layer over an enemy. Looking at ways to cause earthquakes, as well as to detect them, was part of the project named Prime Argus, decades ago.” ~~HAARP~~

Our history reeks of colonization since Christopher Columbus opened the door during his so-called discovery myths that were nothing more than thievery on a large scale, mass murder sprees, and enslavement of human beings labeled exploration expeditions. What is bizarre is that "Columbus Day" is celebrated as an American holiday. Why we celebrate Columbus as some type of hero who in my opinion makes Charles Manson look like a choir boy compared to the atrocies Columbus committed against humanity is beyond me and unbelievable.

The same old excuses are used to justify invasion of other countries. It’s a European tradition you might say that has trickled on down into America’s policies and history. Myths are started about no organized government, poor leadership, corruption, uncivilization, and of course savages (criminal element). Of course, the religious folks are sent under the pretense of bringing light to those poor old lost folks. So you see there is nothing new there. Nope, not at all, it is the same old system used to bring a country under the tent of colonization time and time again.

But why Haiti and what would America want in a place as poor as Haiti? Haiti is a poor country, the people are poor. The Haitians are poor that is true. However, how do you expect Haitians to prosper considering what the US and France and Canada has done to bring them to a destitute state and keep them there. Yet and still, the people might be poor but apparently their country is loaded with a natural mineral—gold, and oil. The only time America considers colonization is when there is something of value that they need and want even if it doesn’t belong to them.

Our own history tells us that when they took the land from the Native Americans, the first step they took was annihilating the Native Americans; second step was taking possession of their land. Blankets with smallpox were used, military force, and last but not least the good old switcheroo in ownership of the land through laws slanted in their favor called treaties. Although, not through treaties, Japanese-Americans lost possession of their, personal property, homes and land in similar ways through our laws, so did the Mexicans, Africans, and other countries. But always, at the root of invasions of other countries is that they what America wants and are in need of such as land, oil, and valuable, natural minerals.

The people in Haiti are a friendly and proud people. They have suffered more than most humans could ever imagine and yet it has not dampened their spirit or their faith. I would hate to think that our country would do something as cruel to other human beings in a tragedy such as this and need help even though our history tells me different. Nevertheless, right now it is not looking too good for Haiti. The Haitians need sincere help not invasion in the disguise of help.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Black Folks Are An Endangered Species

The earthquake in Haiti will remain engraved in my memory for the rest of my life. I can’t even put into words how depressing, vexed, and tense the events of the last two weeks have left me. The horror and the lost of so many lives stirred up so many emotions within me. It had me asking the question, why? Over and over... Why did this have to happen to Haiti, my people, who've already suffered more than people can imagine? I know it doesn't make sense to question a natural disaster and devastation it leaves behind because man has no control over it. An earthquake and any type of natural disaster can happen anywhere in the world.

Yet and still, I will never forget the cruel, cold-hearted, thoughtless, and callous remarks made regarding the victims of Haiti by those who chose to make it out of a political point scoring moment or just out of downright mean-spiritedness and though I wish no ill any other human being; I will have no sympathy when the shoe falls on the other foot.

As I watched the so-called rescue of Haitians, why is it that I get the impression that black people are under attack and targeted for ethnic cleansing? It seems as if those who wish us ill have decided our fate and feel that it is their given right to play God, judge, and jury over us. They've made up their mind that those of us with a darker hue of skin should all be destroyed by any means necessary—the earth is not big enough for us and them too. Under what authority did they get the right to decide other human beings fate? As if they are the reigning supreme beings who breathed life into all human beings.

I remember reading, watching, and hearing about the horrors of ethnic cleansing that went on over in Europe and even in Africa and how shocked and appalled I felt. Americans watched and listened in horror. Yet, the USA is guilty of that crime as well. Only theirs comes under many different, subtle disguises called birth control and police brutality, environmental racism, the infiltration of drugs and guns smuggled into minority neighborhoods, and even man-made A.I.D.S. Resistence Records made and distributed racist video games called "Ethnic Cleansing" and "White Law" inspired by the Turners Diaries around 2000 and still do as far as I know. Was this a manuel or guide to help them make preparations to do a little ethnic cleansing or was it putting the idea out there to see how many were willing to take them up on their subliminal message?

The Anti-Defamation League publicized the existence of the game and unsuccessfully lobbied the developers of Genesis3D to change their licensing conditions to prohibit the use of the engine to develop racist games. They have also lobbied the Interactive Digital Software Association to encourage their members to adopt such policies. Stuff Magazine named Ethnic Cleansing the 40th most controversial video game of all time in January 2003. ~~Wikipedia~~

How many times do you hear words such as these coming from angry whites? "Thugs, welfare recipents, stop blaming whitey, stupid nigger, worthless race, black have too many babies, gangs, too much black violence, stop playing victim, the race card, inferior, etc.? Like a broke record these words have played over and over and over.

Throughout history black people have been ridiculed, degraded, put down, humiliated, dehumananized. If I took to heart everything said about us, I wouldn't even know my own family, my friends, or blacks that have been successful, since all blacks are seen as and lumped in one boat as criminal misfits and not as individuals. Instead I would view them all in a bad light. The good and bad in all human groups does not apply to blacks. We're recognized as ALL bad, corrupt, incompetent, lacking intelligence, and lacking moral values. In spite of the many achievements of blacks, our accomplishments are dismissed as mediocre, or worthless. We hear too many times the declaration that "Affirmative Action" is the cause of our achievements instead of our intelligence.

Those are the cheerleading sections, those in the audience of the gladiator stands screaming for blood, black people's blood, building up the momentum for ethnic cleansing. This is nothing new, the thirst for black people's blood has been going on since slavery. What is even more sickening is that some of own people are helping them execution style and through poisoning our neighborhoods with drugs.

I once read a book and watched a movie called, "Thank You For Smoking", and at first I thought to myself that whoever wrote this story needs another occupation. But then, it hit me, what the story was all about—population control! Only in America, it appears that the population that they wish to control is black folks.

As I watched the news regarding Haiti, I observed something very troubling to me. A white man who had been rescued was being interviewed. He had the same injuries as those Haitians that are dying of, a cut and broken legs. Yet the same injuries because of lack of antibotics is what the Haitians are dying of. In fact, all of the whites rescued and had, basically,the same injuries and were treated with antibotics and all of their limbs have been saved. Yet, the Haitians are dying of the same injuries because of the claims of no antibotics being delivered to them and losing their limbs. No x-rays taken to diagnose if limbs could be saved.

There are nightly reports of how the medical supplies needed are stacking up and held up at the airport and even visuals of the crates of supplies just sitting there unattended and not moving anywhere. That along with quite a few other things I've observe needs looking into. However, I doubt that will happen and if so it will be a grand performance of trying to get to the bottom of it and in reality not a darn thing done about it except that it will be dismissed as lack of coordination or some other excuse.

Herod must be proud of his offsprings. I am speaking of those who think it is their appointed duty to dictate who should live and who should die. Which ethic group is next if their goal is accomplished? Death of the poor will not make the rich...richer! Because the poor we will have with us always.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blood is Thicker than a False Prophet

My good people for the last two days, I’ve been giving my full attention to the plight of Haiti. As I watched it on the news, tears flowed for my people, and I had a flashback of yet again of my people who had suffered in another devastating natural disaster in the past called Katrina. What comes to my mind regarding both natural disasters that involved people of color was the lack of compassion from those on the RIGHT. In fact their response was cold-hearted and callous. None other than Pat Robertson the false prophet again has chosen to besiege us with yet another word from his devilish imagination condemning the victims and slandering those less fortunate for political reasons as did another devil’s imp—Rush the racist, drug addict.

Pat has a bad habit of proclaiming that victims of natural disasters are cursed. The thing is it seems that the only time he hears a word of damnation from his god of hate and not from the real God of mercy, compassion, and love for the poor, is when it involves politics in favor of the rightwing party. However, some of those victims he chooses to play political prophecy with blood happen to flow through my veins and I don’t take too kindly to him playing a political game at their expense, especially, when it involves devastating and deadly circumstances beyond their control. You see, blood is thicker than a false Prophet. I am tempted to write Pat a letter on behalf of the people of Haiti and tell him to kiss our black buttocks. However, I am not going to do that. Naaah! What Pat should be doing is giving some serious thought concerning his own soul.

What I’d like to know is if that voice Pat hears gave him a word on some of his business associates. Did that voice tell him to make Christianity out of a Corporation? Did that voice speak to him and tell him to support people who harbor terrorist too?

“Robertson was criticized for failing to mention in his broadcasts his $8,000,000 (USD) investment in a Liberian gold mine. Taylor had been indicted by the United Nations for war crimes at the time of Robertson's support.”

“Prosecutors also said that Taylor had harbored members of Al Qaeda responsible for the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. According to Robertson, the Liberian gold mine Freedom Gold was intended to help pay for humanitarian and evangelical efforts in Liberia, when in fact the company was allowed to fail leaving many debts both in Liberia and in the international mining service sector.” ~~Wikipedia~~

Pat always comes up with condemning words involving natural disasters that are tied to curses, especially, when it involves people of color. While claiming to be doing the Lord’s work, he takes out the time for one of his favorite pastimes, if you want to call it that:

“In April 2002, Robertson acknowledged owning a race horse, named "Mr. Pat." He told a New York Times reporter that his interest in the horse was based purely on its aesthetics. "I don't bet and I don't gamble. I just enjoy watching horses running and performing." Harder to explain was why he spent $520,000 on the horse and intended it to compete at the track.” ~~Wikipedia~~

These are some of the many unforgettable moments of words that the voice he hears has given him.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Screwing of Americans

I was thinking about a few different things going on today in America. Back many years ago, I read this book called the “Screwing of Americans”. The book was about how Americans are being screwed daily by consumerism and a few other things. For example if you buy a car you are still paying money in installments to maintain the car in the way of replacements for car parts even after you pay the last car note. The same people who made the car make the car parts. What about when you use your debit card at the store and the store charges you to buy something from them. In a way, the book would be categorized as a complaint book by those who believe capitalism is one of the foundations of America that holds it together. Skip the part about moral values and integrity because that is obsolete from the die-heart champions of capitalism view.

Then there those things called politics and racism that seem to go hand in hand, and for that fact, when you think about it consumerism, capitalism, politics, and racism come together in one big bundled package whether we like or not or want to admit it or not. Together they spell hypocrisy.

Today, I was reading an article about Senator Harry Reid. For some reason, that I can’t explain myself, his comments were not what grabbed my attention. It was this comments that had me shaking my head:

“Republicans called on Democratic lawmakers and candidates Saturday to condemn Senator Reid's original remarks. “For those who hope to one day live in a color-blind nation it appears Harry Reid is more than a few steps behind them," National Republican Senatorial Committee communication director Brian Walsh said in a statement.” ~~CNN Political Editor Mark Preston~~

After all of the racist caricatures, the “That One” comment, painted faces, monkey comments, McCain/Palin rally, and with every other racist declarative made plain and clear churned out by the Republican Party I don’t think they left themselves any room to talk. At least Senator Reid didn’t use the slang term for Negro and he was being honest from a white man’s viewpoint. Here in America most light-skin blacks are high on the list of white’s approval and you can turn on the television or watch a movie as proof of that. Let’s face it, even educated black folks frown on Ebonics which is another term for “Negro Dialect”.

Nevertheless, it really has nothing to do with what Senator Reid said and has more to do with undermining the Democratic Party by any means necessary. The Republicans want Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi voted out come next election and their working hard on trying to make that happen. Which brings me to another subject matter—President Barack Obama and how they have undermined him from day one, including during the Presidential elections. They degraded, disrespected, and humiliated him and his family. Let’s not forget how they have blocked every thing he tries to do left and right including his nominees, usurped his position over in foreign countries, peddle lies concerning his policy on terror, even his own party has stabbed him in the back and worked against him instead of with him. The list goes on and on but Americans are so fickle and unstable in their way of thinking that they just go along with the Republicans same old tired strategy of smears and lies. The Republicans stand solid in their belief that if you keep saying something long enough it becomes the truth.

For instance, the health care bill has not been passed or completed, yet. What puzzles me is how everyone is all huffed, puffed, and out of shape over a bill that hasn’t even been written into law or completed yet. How do you evaluate a bill that does not exist yet in finalization? Not to mention, the big to do over public option—the right to choose, which we already had in the first place. What about making sure health care cost less and available to all Americans? At least I thought that was what it was suppose to be about in the first place.

Is the President weak or is that he likes to gather facts and analyze them first before he jumps up and makes a decision? Or is it that Republicans are attempting to undermine him so that they can get back in power? Or are the Republicans doing everything they can to salvage Bush’s legacy as a President? Or does it have more to do with some whites not wanting to submit to black authority? President Obama does have veto power but no one has waited to see if he might exercise that power or even asked. Bush programmed Americans to the ways of a dictator/bully tactics and the American people like it. How short people’s memories are when it comes to cable news, which by the way are corporations. I wonder how much money they have invested in health care insurance companies.

What about the economy? Well, I have few thoughts about the economy myself. For example, seeing how the economy is shaky right now to me it doesn’t make sense for basic mandatory bills, credit cards, housing, gas, and other consumer goods such as food prices to shoot up sky high. Look like to me they should be lowering them. With so many people out of work and struggling to stay above water look like those companies we spend our money with would be willing to meet us half way. However, such is not the case. Nope! Corporations have become like pythons squeezing the life out of America with their greed. Does it really make sense for a CEO to make 127 times more than the average worker while screwing us royally.

I am not an economist but seems to me that they need to rethink that supply and demand theory because it seems to be a little flawed or else we wouldn’t keep winding up in the same old boat of recession and depression. It wouldn’t hurt to dismantle those CEO’s ridiculous pay scale either because that is where the biggest problem besides shipping our jobs overseas happens to be. Greed is a very destructive and eats away at countries stability. Claims that the stimulus package for mortgages are not working seems a little odd if only 85,000 have applied and millions of others haven’t nor bothered to search for a company that is offering the deal that comes with the stimulus package for mortgages.

Oh well, maybe, the person who wrote the book, “The Screwing of Americans” should make a comeback and make the book out of a series.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Southern Politics And Main Stream Media Connection

I pray that all has been well with each and every one of you. BTW, I missed y'all! Today, I decided to post on a few things that I have been thinking about lately. Before I begin, I am not promising that I will be able to post on a daily basis like I did in the past. In fact, I have to slow it down a bit and hope that my readers will understand. Therefore, my blogging will be limited but I am going to post at least three or four times a month. Now with that said, let me get on with what I have to say. The root of division in our country has always been behind "Southern Politics".

While I was taking a break and catching up on some reading, I pulled a book out my vast and diverse collection that I hadn't got a chance to read. I read a lot but sometimes in my collection of books I don't always get to read all of them when I buy them. So I save them to read later on. Anyway, I happened to come across one book that I brought back a few years ago. The name of the book is “Journey of Hope: The Back to Africa Movement”. While reading this book, the first thought that came to my mind was the political atmosphere and how in some ways it mirrors today—the getting elected by any means necessary, which included threats of violence, and attempts to dehumanize a group of people. In addition, how a certain political party sets out to throw up roadblock and stymie any progress with racist ulterior motives. You see, history does repeat itself. It is the same old doo-doo that folks attempt to cover up with a different air freshener. However, the faint smell of it will linger in the air enough for some folks to detect it.

Before I left to take a break, “Fox We Make It Up News” was busy smearing Acorn. Why? Because Acorn had the nerve to register poor black folks to vote and of course that was a no-no as far as Roger Ailes was concerned seeing how he hates black folks with a passion and he more than likely feels that those poor black folks helped get a half black man elected President. Heaven forbid! Therefore, Roger had his goons to work on slandering and destroying Acorns reputation. They did an excellent job of it too because they were able to get Acorns government funding cut off.

Well, after a two-month independent investigation, it has been determined that Acorn did no criminal wrongdoing. The only thing that they were guilty of was mismanagement. Not only that they found out those sting videos used against Acorn had been doctored and manipulated. Yet and still, the media did not do a big coverage on the findings to rectify Acorn’s reputation. Nah, they just left it like it was. Therefore, the main stream media is just as guilty of lacking integrity as “Fox We Make It Up” is. If the main stream media is trying to build a reputation of honesty, fairness, trust, and reliability-they’ve failed to convince me.

Earlier this month, a two-month independent investigation of ACORN, by former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger, found incidents of mismanagement, but no criminal wrongdoing by ACORN, the favorite whipping boy of Republican scammers such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Fox "News" and the GOP itself. That investigation also found that the "sting videos" used recently against ACORN were doctored and manipulated. ~~The Brad Blog~~

People you have to ask yourself the question why would they go to such great lengths to destroy and slander Acorn. We were bombarded by hours and hours and months of accusations aimed at Acorn after and during the elections by main stream media. Why haven’t we been bombarded with the same efforts and amount time of main stream media rectifying the wrong done to Acorn?

Oh, I forgot, the Tiger Woods story is a so-called more news worthy story. Or is it a desire to take a black man down, destroy his marriage, livelihood, and reputation because his wife happens to be blond and white and he invaded another sacred space of whites—golf? Yeah, Tiger Woods cheated on his wife but then 3/4 of Americans are probably cheating on or have cheated on their spouses as well at one time or another. The way I see it, that is between them and their spouse and not the whole wide world. Don't get me wrong, I despise a cheating spouse and she would be more than with in her right to pull a "Waiting to Exhale" on him like Bernadette did. At least that is what I would do in her situation but I wouldn't need main stream media help to do that and wouldn't take to kindly to them butting in my personal affairs. In fact, It would inspire me to keep him around just to piss all those meddling folks off like Hillary Clinton did with Bill to send a message "Mind Your Own Business".

Nevertheless, why does his wife have to be humiliated in the process? Hasn't she been hurt enough by finding out her husband was cheating on her. Why add public humiliation to the pain? In our so-called Christian nation, marriage vows are sacred, and those vows also include a clause in it that says, “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” However, seeing how this being a Christian nation is a myth, I guess being busy-bodies and involving our noses in other folks personal business is the American way and really what America is all about let main stream media tell it. They make the National Enquirer look legit and top-notched news. Well, I guess they don't make journalist like they used to. The days of Walter Cronkite are over and all you need now are good gossiping skills to become a journalist.