Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Screwing of Americans

I was thinking about a few different things going on today in America. Back many years ago, I read this book called the “Screwing of Americans”. The book was about how Americans are being screwed daily by consumerism and a few other things. For example if you buy a car you are still paying money in installments to maintain the car in the way of replacements for car parts even after you pay the last car note. The same people who made the car make the car parts. What about when you use your debit card at the store and the store charges you to buy something from them. In a way, the book would be categorized as a complaint book by those who believe capitalism is one of the foundations of America that holds it together. Skip the part about moral values and integrity because that is obsolete from the die-heart champions of capitalism view.

Then there those things called politics and racism that seem to go hand in hand, and for that fact, when you think about it consumerism, capitalism, politics, and racism come together in one big bundled package whether we like or not or want to admit it or not. Together they spell hypocrisy.

Today, I was reading an article about Senator Harry Reid. For some reason, that I can’t explain myself, his comments were not what grabbed my attention. It was this comments that had me shaking my head:

“Republicans called on Democratic lawmakers and candidates Saturday to condemn Senator Reid's original remarks. “For those who hope to one day live in a color-blind nation it appears Harry Reid is more than a few steps behind them," National Republican Senatorial Committee communication director Brian Walsh said in a statement.” ~~CNN Political Editor Mark Preston~~

After all of the racist caricatures, the “That One” comment, painted faces, monkey comments, McCain/Palin rally, and with every other racist declarative made plain and clear churned out by the Republican Party I don’t think they left themselves any room to talk. At least Senator Reid didn’t use the slang term for Negro and he was being honest from a white man’s viewpoint. Here in America most light-skin blacks are high on the list of white’s approval and you can turn on the television or watch a movie as proof of that. Let’s face it, even educated black folks frown on Ebonics which is another term for “Negro Dialect”.

Nevertheless, it really has nothing to do with what Senator Reid said and has more to do with undermining the Democratic Party by any means necessary. The Republicans want Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi voted out come next election and their working hard on trying to make that happen. Which brings me to another subject matter—President Barack Obama and how they have undermined him from day one, including during the Presidential elections. They degraded, disrespected, and humiliated him and his family. Let’s not forget how they have blocked every thing he tries to do left and right including his nominees, usurped his position over in foreign countries, peddle lies concerning his policy on terror, even his own party has stabbed him in the back and worked against him instead of with him. The list goes on and on but Americans are so fickle and unstable in their way of thinking that they just go along with the Republicans same old tired strategy of smears and lies. The Republicans stand solid in their belief that if you keep saying something long enough it becomes the truth.

For instance, the health care bill has not been passed or completed, yet. What puzzles me is how everyone is all huffed, puffed, and out of shape over a bill that hasn’t even been written into law or completed yet. How do you evaluate a bill that does not exist yet in finalization? Not to mention, the big to do over public option—the right to choose, which we already had in the first place. What about making sure health care cost less and available to all Americans? At least I thought that was what it was suppose to be about in the first place.

Is the President weak or is that he likes to gather facts and analyze them first before he jumps up and makes a decision? Or is it that Republicans are attempting to undermine him so that they can get back in power? Or are the Republicans doing everything they can to salvage Bush’s legacy as a President? Or does it have more to do with some whites not wanting to submit to black authority? President Obama does have veto power but no one has waited to see if he might exercise that power or even asked. Bush programmed Americans to the ways of a dictator/bully tactics and the American people like it. How short people’s memories are when it comes to cable news, which by the way are corporations. I wonder how much money they have invested in health care insurance companies.

What about the economy? Well, I have few thoughts about the economy myself. For example, seeing how the economy is shaky right now to me it doesn’t make sense for basic mandatory bills, credit cards, housing, gas, and other consumer goods such as food prices to shoot up sky high. Look like to me they should be lowering them. With so many people out of work and struggling to stay above water look like those companies we spend our money with would be willing to meet us half way. However, such is not the case. Nope! Corporations have become like pythons squeezing the life out of America with their greed. Does it really make sense for a CEO to make 127 times more than the average worker while screwing us royally.

I am not an economist but seems to me that they need to rethink that supply and demand theory because it seems to be a little flawed or else we wouldn’t keep winding up in the same old boat of recession and depression. It wouldn’t hurt to dismantle those CEO’s ridiculous pay scale either because that is where the biggest problem besides shipping our jobs overseas happens to be. Greed is a very destructive and eats away at countries stability. Claims that the stimulus package for mortgages are not working seems a little odd if only 85,000 have applied and millions of others haven’t nor bothered to search for a company that is offering the deal that comes with the stimulus package for mortgages.

Oh well, maybe, the person who wrote the book, “The Screwing of Americans” should make a comeback and make the book out of a series.


jjbrock said...

Happy new year Granny. Great article and a lot to think about.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey jjbrock:

Happy New Year to you too and many blessings!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Your post was spot-on granny,but for the average person out here in the heartland who's hurting,they already know the truth you spoke.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


People out here my way in California are feeling it too. We can't wait for Gov Swartz term to be up. We were doing okay before he took office.

finefroghair said...

Granny you're the man! I am so glad I found your blog and Field's blog by randon chance. The MSM must be scared to death of the internet one hour of reading your blog reveals more truth than can ever be seen on the evening news. You are right, god bless Bill Moyers, maybe the only truthful journalist left in this nation. No wonder Moyers languishes in his obscure time slot on PBS the powers that be would not have it any other way. Keep posting and keep on championing the little guy and by all means keep sticking it to the MAN!!

Black Diaspora said...

"The Republicans stand solid in their belief that if you keep saying something long enough it becomes the truth." Granny

Granny, you may have been on hiatus, but your keen intellect wasn't.

I kept nodding my head in assent for all your insightful remarks. We need someone like you to tell it like it is.

The Repubbas strength is that they can present a monolithic front against the Dems.

They're mainly in lockstep when it comes to running down the president and Dems. And if they're not in lockstep, they keep their mouth shut.

This morning it was reported that many high-level Republicans are supportive of health-care reform, but aren't willing to say so publicly.

That fear--of a possible backlash, or blowback, or appearing unfaithful to the party's position, whatever--is bad for democracy.

It puts party needs ahead of the general welfare, and special interest ahead of the people's interest.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to drop by anything. I like your poems too.

Yes, Bill Moyers is what a real journalist is all about. I think PBS isn't owned by a corporation, it is a co-op runned by the people for the people. Corporation owned news stations are the ones peddling lies.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Black Diaspora:

I have a feeling that party first politics is going to backfire on them in the near future.