Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do All Whites View Blacks As Thugs, Pimps, And Hoes?

Stereotypes are a pet peeve of mine.  I see the damage that stereotypes do and how it leads to demonization of innocent people.  Stereotypes are fed to Americans like apple pie and hotdogs and some people tend to gobble them up as if they are the truth and nothing but the truth. And white folks tend to cling  to every stererotype of blacks as a reality of who black people are as a whole.  

Dori Maynard,  president of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education was thrown out of the lobby in the Hampton Inn.  While waiting for one of collegues in the hotel lobby, she had a brief conversation with a guest staying in the hotel.

"Before the GM approached her, Maynard recounts in her blog, she had spoken to just one guest who was in town for the rally -- "an older white guy wearing a T-shirt with the word 'eracism' emblazoned on the back." The two of them, she says, discussed the general mood in the nation, and afterward, she went back to her seat. That's when the manager appeared."~~Monée Fields-White- The ROOT~~

"At one moment on that October morning, she was in the hotel lobby waiting for a colleague, and the next moment, she had a general manager escorting her out of the hotel because she was not a guest and, as he explained it, the hotel had to protect its guests."~~Monée Fields-White- The ROOT~~

Maynard does understand the reason why she was asked to leave.  Well...let me break it down to Ms. Maynard.  Black woman talking briefly to a old white man in a hotel lobby while there is a big event going on equals a hooker in the eyesight of that white hotel manager.

However, if it is any consolation to you Ms. Maynard some Harvard and Yale Alums brothas got kicked out of a new club in Boston called "Club Lounge" that they were giving a private party at because management thought they were ah hem...gangbangers.

The myth that black people are failures academically, unemployed, and lazy has a strong grip in the minds of whites who buy into that falsehood.  In the eyes of some white folks professional and smart academic black people like you do not exist.  Why do they think that?  Because it is drilled into their heads day and night through msm media, television, radio, and books.

Even the so-called black tv stations projects images of young people who are wild, semi-naked gyrating females, gold teeth wearing, forty ounce drinking, marijuana smoking, bling bling wearing gangstas with no substance whatsoever.  In the minds of white folks these are the only black people that exist in this world. Nevermind that you can also see a tantamount of this with whites as well on tv, the movies, etc. too.  All you have to do is check out my sidebar "Tales of Two Hoods" which I haven't changed lately due to the economy to be able to grasp that concept. 

When are folks going to stop judging black people by stereotypes?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Change In The Ordinary Order of Today

There are so many people all around us going through  some depressing and rough times.  My heart goes out to those suffering from major ordeals and crisis in this present time because of the economy.  Therefore, I thought I would do something different today.  Instead of writing a comment on  political or  social issues.  I'm taking a break and doing something different.  Today I'm sharing an inspirational video and asking you to share it with someone you know that might be going through a rough time right  now. I pray that each one of you have a joyful, peaceful, and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday, a day to reflect on those things you are thankful for.  Most of all having a roof over our heads, love ones, food in our belly, clothes on our back, health, and strength should be at the top of that list because there are many people in the world that don't have those things.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abraham, Farrakhan, and Beck

Abraham Foxman was for Glenn Beck before he was against him and for him after he was against him.  Okay, Abraham I guess your okay with Glenn Beck being chummy with white supremacist  and spooning out bigotry in big doses as long as he claims to support Jewish people.  He is just a little misguided at times so he can easily be excused for his racist propaganda and divisiveness according to you because he supports Jewish people.  What about supporting other groups of people as well wouldn't that fall under what is right and fair too?

Which brings me to a question I have for Abraham.  Why didn't you excuse Farrakhan's statements as misguided?  After all, he did try to make amends with you and made several attempts to sit down with you and have a man to man talk. However, you've went out of your way to continously condemn and destroy him. Why wasn't any forgiveness for being misguided extended to Farrakhan by you?

Beck turned around and attacked you for speaking out against him for attacking Soros; he used an accusatorial tone towards you with a veil threat of revealing some of your hidden activities and  funding of Soros and you changed your tune quick. Some of your own people are starting to question your credibility. Is it  also okay with you that he uses anti-semitic comments, seems to have a Hitler fetish, smears nonwhite folks, and those he considers different from him?

Why can't the brothas get a little love and forgiveness too?  And why does Beck gets a free ride?  Come to think of it, Al Sharpen, Jesse Jackson,Tony Martin were all labeled anti-semetic, and so were quite a few others. Tony Martin fought back with his book.  Farrakhan decided to fight back with a couple of books of his own.  Al Sharpen and Jesse Jackson chose to ignore and go on about their business.

Thinking back, President Obama must have been added to that list, because Eric Cantor went over to Israel and usurped the President's power and met with Israel's leader regarding the President's stance against building those settlements in the President's first term.  The President wrote some books for his daughters and now those books have come under attack because he wrote some positive things about Sitting Bull and Billie Holiday . 

America is supposed to be a melting pot with diverse cultures of many groups of people that make up this nation.  Yet, the only groups of people who seem to be being pushed out of the melting pot and constantly downgraded in their contributory accomplishments are nonwhites.  They seem to be the only ones who are targeted for negative reinforcements. When it comes to hateful remarks aimed at them the beat goes on and so does bigotry.

Rick Sanchez was fired from his job and labeled not too bright and a few other things because of the statements he made on CNN about Jewish people.  Beck smears Jewish people and gets to keep his job as long as he smears nonwhite people, including middleclass and poor whites, and others that they deem different from them who believe in equality and justice for ALL. Arsenio Hall's talk show host career ended after he had Farrahkhan on his show.

It appears that  freedom of speech draws the line in the sand when it comes to Jewish people.  There is always two sides to every story.  Does the criteria considered in determining hatred only apply when someone points out  flaws, faults, and wrongdoings of Jewish people? Is hatred towards other groups supposed to be regarded as trivial?  After all, we're all supposed to be human beings aren't we? Isn't all hate the same? 

However, people like Beck and Rush Limbaugh are allowed to spout out hate speech, divisiveness, and are regarded with high esteem that they are not worthy of at all just because they support Jewish people. You yourself said that you support Beck, so does that mean that you stand with him in hate for others?  I support Jewish people too, but I do not support hate and wrongdoing. Nor do I support the intentional divisiveness, racism, and hatred that Beck and Rush manufacture and are able to get away.

Before I am labeled, which I could care less, let me say this in my defense.  I am a woman that truly believes that ALL men were created EQUAL and are entitled to be treated fairly with dignity and respect that includes Jewish people. I do not believe in the supremacy of any group of people over another.  I strongly believe in the humanity of every single human being on this earth.  There is only one SUPREME BEING and that is GOD.  I believe in what is right, just, and all human beings whether they are black, white, brown, yellow, or red are entitled to be treated equally; all have the same right to pursue happiness and the American dream. There is good and bad in each human group. None of them have a patent on being perfect.  It is not hard to get along with people, nor is it hard to find something good and positive about people.  Finding flaws, negatives, and faults in all groups of people, is easy too because we all have them.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Uncle Sam's Plantation

Don't worry people who voted for a Teabagger Republican House, the GOP got your back. Well...maybe, not your back...make that a trip to the cleaners planned for you.  Of course with deregulations on the table too, well...the thick smog's benefit to you is that you won't be able to see what hit you.

Bigot...oops, I mean, Representative Steve King plans to make brown people's life a living hell. Yup, he has quite a few crosses to burn with them. Other names on his cross burning list include Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano.  European immigrants are exempt and not included on his cross burning list.  His list only applies to "nonwhite" immigrants and "Liberals." King needs to be watched real close because I think he is a little color stroke and crazier than a road lizard.

"Terrorists would be "dancing in the streets" if Obama was elected. Then on Monday night he took to the House floor and said that it's easy to tell the illegal immigrants from legal Americans -- the illegal immigrants dress badly."~~House Rep. Steve King~~

Like father like son! Rand Paul, Kentucky's newly elected teabagger’s overseer...oops, I mean GOP Senator has a few plans of his own and is raring to pop his whip passed down to him from his great-great grandpappy that is after he and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell settle their dispute on who is running the GOP Senate Plantation.

When oh when is Michael Steele going to wake up and realize that peeling your lips back to show your teeth and jigging for the Massa does not mean equal status in Massa's eyesight. That chicken, collard greens, and watermelon strategy wasn't such a good idea either. Did he miss the memo that Negroes moved off the Plantation and don't have to steal Massa's chickens no more?  Massa Rush appears to be having another one of his dope addict flashbacks and forgot that he sent Steele to the back of the bus a few months ago.

The GOP reminded Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin that it's best to leave leading up to the men, which is polite way of telling them that they are not very bright and missing a few chromosomes.  The GOP doesn't mind them  birthing their BS, poison, bigotry, and divisiveness babies into the population, but leadership positions are out of the question. Thank you Jesus!

Come January people need to get a ringside seat and tune into CSPAN, watch the House of Representatives and Senate in action. CSPAN offers an unedited version that’s not polluted, full of bias opinions, and deception that is being fed to people these days. That’s if you want to be truly informed so that you can make good decisions.  You can rotate back and forth between the channel for House and the channel for Senate.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nah, The Revolution Won't Be Televised!

Today the so-called bi-partisan committe to reduce the debt came up with a plan to steal grandma and grandpa's check and finish the job of forcing the middleclass to join the homeless population. Will we have to pay property tax on our cardboard boxes under the freeway underpasses? Will we be tax exempt if we file for senior euthanasia?

Excuse my french, but ain't that bout a biscuit. These politicians have lost their pea-brain mind! It is about time for a Million Seniors March on Capitol Hill and tell all seniors to make sure that they bring their walking canes with them so that they can beat some sense into those folks up on Capitol Hill.

Okay, I have a confession to make. Here lately, when I read the so-called brilliant ideas of nitwit politicians I get an urge to pass out size 8 1/2 enemas. There comes a time when you start to wonder to yourself if those folks up on Capitol Hill are intoxicated or if the water fountains around that place need checking or if it is possible that the air vents have been drugged. Smh and singing I shall overcome this urge one day.

Those are the only explanations I can come up with for those folks up on Capitol Hill who keep coming up with some of the most asinine solutions that would make a classroom dummy look like a genius. I've met homeless people and street-wise people on the streets with no education at all that would run circles around some of those folks up on Capitol Hill in the brain department.

I got an idea too, they need to closed down all of those so-called prestigious Universities and throw away the key. That would save them a lot of embarrassment for churning out people like those up on Capitol Hill that apparently have thinking ability that is not worth two dead flies. I'm just saying!

First of all, there is such a thing as supply and demand. If there is no middleclass or poor there is no need to supply the demand because there will no longer be any consumers to buy products and services. Therefore, those that supply the demand will be in the unemployment lines too. Nope, sorry...I forgot those that supply the demand have gotten filthy rich and don't need us consumers anymore. So, that leaves the middleclass and poor in a position of fighting over scraps to survive. It does not take an economist to figure that one out. Welcome to Serfdom of America!

Funny, how the economy is bad, but there are never any suggestions for cuts to the Congress paychecks or retirement or healthcare. Or how they can come up with boat loads of money to run campaigns to get elected, but can't come up with money for the general population. We pay them to rob us!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


November 2, the people voted, oops I meant some of the people voted for the candidate of their choice.  I am not really surprised at the way things turned out.  Nope, not at all.  After all, so many people couldn't see past selfishness, impatience, racism, and their strong indoctrinated MSM political pundent's addictions.  The day after November 2, many people have woke up to find themselves on a sinking Titanic.

Nor can we forget about certain groups that wanted President Obama to stop whatever he was doing and work on their individual group's need.  People wanted him to wave a magic wand and do what they wanted overnight never giving consideration to the fact that he walked into a HUGE mess that almost booted this country into another depression.  They couldn't visualize him as this picture displays him on the left.  Or could they fathom how busy he was trying to solve the disasters left by the last administration.  They really did want him to be the "magic negro."

No use crying over spilled milk.  One of the problems was BACKSTABBERS lined up with their knives and scissors.  However, I warned the people back in January that the President had backstabbers in his own party.   Evan Bayh was 100% behind the President during the Presidential elections.  It was all good when he thought that he might get that VP spot. However, it didn't work out that way.  Yup, he was supposed to be one of President Obama's closest friends.  In the beginning during the presidential campaign he was all for Health Care Reform.  He wasn't the only one though because there were many more. Now Evan wants to tackle Social Security.

President Obama was the main Democrat that went out, showed support, and campaigned for Joe Liebermann when he was running for re-election. The other Dems did not bother with supporting Liebermann.  To show his gratitude, Liebermann campaigned against President Obama and campaigned for his opponent John McCain and gave him a few problems after the election was over.  Hillary loves her job and is content in it, but the Clintons well...I've often wonder which one of the Clintons came up with the bright suggestion of the President appointing their leftovers for his cabinet, since President Obama admired Mr. Clinton so much.

In addition, the Democrats let the Republicans stall getting the health care bill passed to give them enough time to villify it with the help of MSM.  Furthermore, they let the Republicans play BS games to block all of the President's appointees for different positions and most of them still haven't been confirmed leaving the President's administration crippled. 
"The roll call of last night’s essential vote on health care reform shows that the following 34 Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against the legislation:" ~~Irregular Times News Unfit for Print~~

"John Adler – Jason Altmire – Michael Arcuri – John Barrow – Marion Berry – Dan Boren – Rick Boucher – Bobby Bright – Ben Chandler – Travis Childers – Artur Davis – Lincoln Davis – Chet Edwards – Stephanie Herseth Sandlin – Tim Holden – Larry Kissell – Frank Kratovil – Dan Lipinski – Steve Lynch – Jim Marshall – Jim Matheson – Mike McIntyre – Mike McMahon – Charlie Melancon – Walt Minnick – Glenn Nye – Collin Peterson – Mike Ross – Heath Shuler – Ike Skelton – Zack Space – John Tanner – Gene Taylor – Harry Teague"~~Irregular Times News Unfit for Print~~

"They howl about “Obamacare” (a fictional name) and speak of health care reform as a fascist-socialist-totalitarian-secular-Pelosibot disaster. It’s clear that in the minds of Republican fundraisers, the 2010 election season was about rejecting the health care reform that passed earlier in the year. But is that what was in the minds of the voters?"~~Irregular Times News Unfit for Print~~

Nope, the people weren't against the health care reform, they were upset at the Democrats for not standing up to the Republicans and fighting back.  They wanted them to take off the kid gloves and put on their boxing gloves. The people wanted public option included in the health care bill.  In addition,  they wanted President Obama to stop compromising with the GOP and let his manhood voice shine through. In essence the people who supported him wanted him to put that size 11 and 1/2 shoe down.

In the beginning, those professors at Harvard University threw a few knives themselves.  But that is to be expected since the majority of them were Republicans.  The one strong trait that the Republicans have is browbeating and bullying tactics. The Republicans belief is that you agree with them or else. GOP tactics are similiar to strong-armed tactics of organized gangstas sending out hitmen.  If you don't agree with them they'll go out of their way to destroy you through character assassinations with the help of MSM, mainly, Fox We Make Up Lies News. Well...that is if you want to label Fox a news station because it is anything but that.

Rupert Murdoch the  Don over at Fox We Make It Up News along with his Lieutenant Roger Ailes peddled, through their character assassination hitmen, deception and lies off as news to guillible people who lead sheltered lives, Timothy McVeigh and Ruby Ridge type folks that hate government; or those fake Christians that believe Jesus fought in behalf of the rich.  I'm speaking of those Christians that would stab Jesus in his back for the love of money...the modern day Judas.

When the wicked rule, the poor suffers.  Eight years should have taught the people that lesson, I guess it didn't. Nevertheless, the bible said, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
However, it's the poor and downtrodden who will be the ones to pay the biggest price behind this last election.  The rich and corporations will be rewarded and the middleclass will join the poor in status.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I woke up with fire in my belly this morning! The GOP did not win because the people agree with their policies.  They won because people DID NOT SHOW UP at the polls and VOTE. Nevertheless, the GOP is flaunting their win as an rubber stamp from the people which is not true.  Deception from the GOP played a big part in the elections and have been in play every since President Obama ran for the Office of President.

Now that the GOP has won back the house they are showing their true plans for the American people and our President.  They plan to use their victory as a sign that the people are in agreement with them so that they can reward billionaires and millionaires like the Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch, Glen Beck, Hannity, and O"Reilly with big fat tax refund checks that will only finish draining our Treasury.  The only concern they have for the middleclass and poor is to drive them into further poverty and turn America into a serfdom and a rich man's paradise.

The GOP did not wait for the elections to cool off before they began letting the people who voted for them know their true intentions and real motive.  However, why is that a surprise to minorities. White bigots have always clung to the notion that a black man cannot lead to bolster their "superiority" myth. 

I told Field, I needed a break because I was tired mentally and physically from having too much on my plate.  My body was feeling the fatigue and aching all over from pushing myself day in and day out working on too many projects.  This morning I was reminded that the Lord is my strength and felt a renewed energy.

When the GOP talked about death panels for the elderly, they were referring to themselves.  Making cuts to  the elderly's meager income and medicaid for seniors would be starving seniors to death, limiting their health care, and adding them to the homeless list is a death panel. Think of the elderly in your families who are barely surviving already with the income they have. Seniors don't get a cost of living raise this year nor did they get one last year to keep up with the rising cost of daily living. The GOP wants to cut the seniors basic mandatory survival needs. So, now who is the real death panel?

Those of you who are gay and voted for the GOP is a little tidbit of information for you.  In addition, here is an example of what the GOP really thinks about jobs.  So, tough luck to those of you who are unemployed in Ohio that voted for your new Governor.  To those who didn't vote for him it might be a good idea to start rallying up the people for a recall of your new governor before he does anymore damage. I"m just saying times are hard right now and rejecting 8,000 jobs does not sound like a winner.

Yes, I want President Obama to put his foot down and say NO to GOP policies.  And yes, I want him to stop compromising with those whose only desire is to see him fail.  Nevertheless, I refuse to sit back and let another black man be lynched by a modern day lynch mob.  He told us in the beginning during his victory speech that he couldn't do it alone and he can't.  He cannot fight those who control the media and money alone.  The President asked in the beginning for our help and he really does need it.  Flood the White House with letters to the President and Congress and let your voice be heard loud and clear.  Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and people you come in contact with to the tell the President to say HELL NO to GOP I will not COMPROMISE ANYMORE!  The people have spoken.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

America Sold To The Highest Bidder!

Well the elections are over and America has been sold to the highest bidder.  I'd like to congratulate the Koch brothers, GOP, the brought and paid for MSM political pundents, and the TeaNuts on their victory.  The majority of American people have spoken.  They loved the policies of Bush and tax cuts for the rich and the feudal system. The GOP and TeaNuts want that *nigger* out of the "sacred WHITE House" and they've said it loud and clear with their votes. They've taken back their country so now do they want all of those of us they hate so much to leave their country?

When President Obama won the Presidential elections, Americans claimed that we had reached a post-racial America.  President Obama won that election fair and square even though the other sides cheated left and right.  His background was too squeaky clean so they tried to smear him.  That didn't work.  They invaded his church and smeared his pastor, disrupted their worship hour at his church, made a mockery of his faith. That didn't work. The number of electoral votes needed kept changing all throughout the election.  That didn't work.  So, next was the smears labeling the President weak and he doesn't want to help his own people.  He's racist towards whites, a nazi, etc., etc. etc...

Okay, now that the Republicans control the house let's see exactly what they plan to do.  Will they be instrumental in helping companies to ship jobs overseas, more deregulations, privatizing Social Security, eliminating education, lowering student grants, and all the other little goodies that they want to do so much to screw the American people?  Yeah, the Republicans are in the house and Nancy Pelosi the first female speaker has been demoted, degraded, smeared and kicked to the curb.

Palin and Bachmann are held up now as the type of women they want in leadership.  So, if there are any other women with deficiencies in the brain department and have bigoted perspectives...please  go ahead and apply.  America loves  dummies, liars, bigots, and snarky women and despises women with class and intelligence.

Granny plans sit it out in complete silence from here on out as far as politics go.  The people have spoken and they will be getting what their choices deserve. There is no such thing as the United States of America.  That is a myth!  We have never been United and from the looks of it, we never will be.  Thank God I live in United California.