Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Thoughts For Today

I borrowed this picture from over at jobsangers blog.  I love dropping by and reading his blog because he is a man of few words, but in those few words he delivers a powerful message using images that speak a thousand words every single time.  A newer blog that I like stopping by and checking out is Mack Lyons over at "Different Day, Same Shit."  Lyons exposes the deception, breaks it down, and enlightens his readers. Both are true warriors against injustice in my book, so I just wanted to give them their props.

This post is not about President Bush.  Nope!  However, it is about some of those folks on the right and a little of this and a little of that.  Birds of feather do flock together, so why wouldn't Jigging, Hustling, Uncle Ruckas Cain have a crooked campaign aide for a manager.  After all, Cain is what I would call...well... a venal character who is willing to sell out his own group of people to get ahead...another Clarence Thomas.

I'm reminded of that scripture when I see Cain, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but to lose his soul."  Frankly, I believe Cain lost his soul a long time ago when he was affiliated with Enron or maybe even before that.

Some of you folks running around here telling black folks that they are brainwashed and on a plantation because they vote for Democrats had better take note from the case in which the brotha got paid $5.2 million for being called a slave. 

"A co-worker of Johnson’s had said he was Johnson’s “masta” at a company picnic."~~

In another case, a black employee got paid $210,000 for his boss calling him a monkey and gorilla
See, I told you black folks are tired!  They are tired of overlooking the dumb feces and dealing with racism every single day of their lives.  This is supposed to be "The Land of the Free, justice and Liberty for ALL, and that includes black folks, red folks, yellow folks, and brown folks too.  It is time to discard and put an end to racism.

When Martin Luther King marched, he wasn't just marching for black folks.  Nope!  He was marching for humanity.  Because racism is one of the strongest forms of hate that smothers the life out of humanity and freedom.  Every single human being on this earth should be entitled to pursue happiness and prosperity without obstructions.  It is a legal right of all Americans.

Which brings me to voter suppression being attempted in Texas the land gun toting governor Rick Perry.  This time it is aimed at Hispanics.  Next, I guess, will be other minorities who are citizens in this country. Folks voter suppression is serious because this was how they eased Jim Crow in after reconstruction.  Suppressed votes helps enable them to get their people in office and keep out the people's choice.

Oakland Chief of Police is protecting his men, and why are we not surprised.  That's normal procedure when those in the blue mess up. However, this statement here was a little too much and tells me someone is trying to avoid a possible lawsuit.

"Fellow veterans say police fired an object that struck him in the head, but authorities say object has yet to be definitively established, as well as the person responsible for the injury."~~Associated Press~~ 

Yup, we know the drill.  What you saw wasn't really what you saw.  Alrighty!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hustlers & Grifters & Family

Ah hem...Rick Perry hinted around to President Obama's birth certificate claiming it was joke. Yup, I reckon it was one of those good ole boys, good natured "colored" jokes regarding the birther theory.  The birther theory did not sit right with a lot of folks and people thought that we had moved on from that after the Donald Trump embarrassment.

Well... now, Perry has folks wondering about his own family tree.  I mean it does sort of raised eyebrows a little bit, especially with a family ranch called "Niggerhead" and him not to long ago threatening to secede from the union when President Obama (a black man) was elected.

Anyway, the secessionist governor should have left stirring the pot to the women folks because looks like he keeps making a big mess in the kitchen.  Which leads up to why people have a question for Perry regarding his family tree.  (pssst...Gun toting, secessionist governor ought to withdraw now because things is fixing to get ugly).

"...Perry almost invariably touts his humble roots, describing a hardscrabble but wholesome childhood in Haskell County, Texas, the origin of his small-town traditional values. Yet the New York Times has reported the pervasiveness of racist attitudes in Haskell County, where white residents referred to the segregated area on the other side of the tracks as “Niggertown.” ~~Max Blumenthal~~

"But both papers missed an additional important historical fact: Haskell County was home to an active, large and influential chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. The genealogy of a prominent farmer and longtime resident of Haskell County, Oran Ewan Webb, refers to the Klan as a central facet of life in the county, noting:“There was a meeting of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan at the O E Webb farm four miles east of Haskell on Monday night September 29, 1924. Public lectures were given by speakers of state reputation. Every officer of the Haskell County Klan was present. (Notice from Haskell newspaper).”~~Max Blumenthal~~

Looks like the gun toting, secessionist governor might have some splaining to do.

But now Perry is not the only one that might have some splaining to do.  Nope!  That little sneaky grifter, Representative Paul Ryan should explain to us why he is trying to fatten his families coffers at the expense of Grandma and Grandpa, poor deprived children, and all average citizens of America.  Instead of running around town making up lies and saying that the GOP party is concerned about all us average citizens.  Ryan we know that average citizen to you means billionaires and millionaires.

Shouldn't he be explaining  to us why he is still trying to run a con game and get his "Looking Out For His Family ONLY bill" over on people.  I think that Ryan has gotten so caught up in his own con game that he is actually starting to believe it himself. 

Let's not forget, jigging, hustling, Uncle Ruckas Herman Cain.  Someone needs to look and see if Hustler Cain has some ancestors that owned slaves in his family tree because Hustling Uncle Ruckas evidently believes in free labor. He does not want to pay employees minimum wage and thinks it should be lower.  Just when I thought that Cain couldn't get any lower on the scale of self-hating negroes.  Apparently, Uncle Ruckas likes to be called "Cornbread."  And could one of his latest campaign ads with the slave shack and supposedly slaves be in reality a hint to free labor?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is Oakland Occupy Wall Street Our Kent State University Moment?

Did the "Oakland Occupy Wall Street" protesters break any windows downtown Oakland or were they looters?   Did they commit any violent act?  Nope!  They did not.  In fact, they were so peaceful you would have hardly knew they were there accept for the signs and the small corner space they occupied.

Did they chant too loud or throw bricks at the police? What exactly did they do to deserve an Iraq war veteran winding up in critical condition?

Back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's people were protesting left and right about the injustices and war.  Black folks were protesting discrimination and unjust laws,  people were protesting a war in Vietnam that should not have been as it is the same with all wars that the rich start, but want the poor people to do their fighting for them.  One protest that remains embedded in my mind that winded up like the one in Oakland was the Kent State University Massacre.

"Monday, May 4, 1970. The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis." ~~Wikipedia~~

The other protests were just as violent and more so, but it was not the people protesting who committed the violence.  It was those who were supposed to protect and serve the citizens of the United States of America who were the violent ones.  History repeated itself yesterday at the "Oakland Occupy Wall Street."
What did Iraq vet Scott Olsen do to deserve to wind up like this for protesting an injustice against all of the average citizens of America?
"Scott Olsen, 24, remains sedated on a respirator, in stable but critical condition at Oakland’s Highland Hospital after being hit in the head with a police projectile." ~~Jason Cherkis, Huffingtonpost~~ 

Is this supposed to happen to American citizens for demonstrating peacefully against injustices in America?  Our taxes pay those who are supposed to protect and serve us salaries, but we are not paying their salaries for them to commit violent acts against citizens whose only crime is that they are speaking out against injustice in a peaceful manner. 

Are we to believe that "The Land of the free" is not so free at all and that we are to be subjected to a Gestapo like atmosphere where our citizens can be shot down like dogs in the streets and bombed with tear gas by those that are to protect and serve us for speaking up for our rights and justice?

Yesterday, I passed by the "Oakland Occupy Wall Street" and there was nothing out of order, no one throwing bricks through business windows, no one torching a business, no one throwing bricks and bottles at the police. In fact, you would have hardly noticed them if you did not see the signs letting you know what they were there for.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I haven't been blogging for the last few days because I hadn't been feeling well.  I came down with the flu, so I've been trying to get some rest and take care of myself.  Apparently, while I was away and hadn't checked my blog for comments, the trolls have been busy.  The trolls came from FieldNegro's blog and they had been flooding his blog with a bunch of  BS.

Trolls over at Field's blog have been highjacking bloggers' handles.  One of the trolls over at field's highjacked my handled and wrote that I was voting for Cain, which is the biggest lie!  The troll who wrote it is bold and has some type of computer knowledge because they signed in with my name in blue to make it look somewhat legit, while I was there.

I would never ever vote for that hustling idiot Herman Cain.  Nor would I vote for anyone on the Republican ticket. 

The Republican party and the Koch Brothers has become so desperate until they are paying people to  flood progressives  liberal Democrat blogs with their assinine games, confusion, and cheating behinds.  They are wasting their time playing that dung on my blog.  I plan to put a quick end to it!  As soon as I am feeling better.  One thing I will not tolerate is a lot of confusion.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Bribery Brothers

Every time I hear Negroes like Allen West and Herman Cain, I begin to wonder just how many Negroes do the Koch Brothers have on their payroll.   Have you noticed how stunning  statements have become a pattern and trademark of those working for the Koch Brothers?  
For example, first, it was Michelle Bachmann, after her, it was Rick Perry, next Herman Cain, and now Allen West is jumping in with a remark that is totally stupid and insulting to OWL protest, the average taxpayer, and unemployed.
Exactly, how many palms have the Koch Brothers greased with moolah and how much money is it?  Think about how lately progressive blogs have been flooded with trolls left and right cheerleading for the GOP  trying to intimidate and harass folks to vote for a Republican candidate.  Lately, the GOP pick has been Herman the Hustler Cain.
We already know that the majority of the GOP Congress is on their payroll.  Just how much bribery money has the Koch Brothers been spreading around to take control of our government?  There is a lot at stake this time called Democracy and freedom.  Don't sleep through this election did the last one.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Tales of Two Different Black Men

Amanda Knox is free and will more than likely get an offer for a book and possibly a movie. Her parents and loved ones are relieved and glad that she won't  spend time in jail or be executed or however Italy handles convictions in murder cases.  The media seemed to celebrate her release. All that is grand, with the exception of one thing...what about Diya "Patrick" Lumumba?

Lumumba,the African man, who spent  two weeks in jail, lost his business behind the lie that Amanda told implicating him as the one who killed her roommate. Yet, Lumumba was innocent! In America, we hear about whites accusing Black and Hispanic people of crimes that they themselves committed all the time. Yup! That old "The black guy or Hispanic guy did it" lie. Nothing new there, that's been going on since the antebellum days.

Lumumba was awarded 40,000 euros, which is $55,370.98 in American money for damages, but the man lost his business, which Amanda was employed at.  Because of the lie and notoriety caused by Amanda's lie his business shut down soon after he was released from jail. A black man cannot make a decent living without someone like Amanda trying to tear him down.  Smh!

Now, his lawyer said that Lumumba is barely able to support his wife and baby. More than likely,a good majority of his award went to pay his lawyer's fees. Nevertheless, Amanda will probably become wealthy from some book deal and possibly a movie to tell her story. Another American psuedo heroine...  But what about Lumumba and his family? Will he be offered a book deal to make up for his lost?

The subject of why won't I vote for Herman Cain came up. Well...let me take the time out to answer that question. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin because that's a non issue in my book because the last 40 something Presidents were white and I voted for many of them and would vote for another white one if I like their position on policies. Color preferences for Presidents is a white thing, not a black one. Nevertheless, I refuse to let anyone intimidate me into voting for someone because some of my people died for me to have the right to vote.  Therefore, I take my voting rights very serious.

Nor do I have a problem with people who think different from me.  Anyway, no two people think alike. However, I do have a problem with a black man who jigs and denigrates his own people in order to get ahead in life. Moreover, I have a problem with a black man who mimics the same talking points of white supremacist and those trying to maintain it. We live in a diverse nation, this is not an all white nation. There are no superior human beings. That is a myth!  It goes against the grain of "All Men Were Created Equal."

Cain reminds me of a scene in that movie "The Color Purple" in an odd sort of way. Granny pauses...changes and adds some words to the script. The scene with Celie and Sophia comes to my mind:

"You told white folks] to [denigrate us black folks]!"

"All my life I had to fight[for my civil rights]."

"I had to fight[discrimination]."

"I had to fight[Jim Crow laws]."

"I had to fight[unjust laws]."

"[Black folks] ain't safe in [a land of white supremacist filled with hate]."

"But I never thought, I had to fight my own [black people]!"
~~Alice Walker, edited by Granny~~

As for those who claim that Black folks who support Democrats are on a plantation. Well...I'll put it like this. I'd rather stay on the Democrat plantation because the massuhs on the Republican plantation  flog their Black folks in public for all to see like they did Cain, Michael Steele, and all of their other Black Republicans when they speak up against the right's wrongdoings. On the Democrat plantation they allow us the freedom to speak the truth and are not trying to starve us to death or make us homeless, or do away with grandma and grandpa in order to feed the greed of the most wealthy in our nation.

If a black man cannot stand on his own merits and the only way his party will accept him is if he denigrates Blacks and pushes the white supremacist agenda, he is not Presidential material. He is nothing but a puppet on a string and an Uncle Ruckas.  Too many people, Black and white lost their lives fighting for ALL people to have a right to vote and have civil rights. Martin Luther King said that the fight for civil rights wasn't just for black folks it was for white folks too!  Our nation should be trying to go forward, not backwards!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skin Deep?

Young black girl with Vitiligo.
I'd like to present Black Diaspora another blogger and a dear friend of mine. I hope you enjoy Diaspora's topic, in fact, I know you will, and any questions you may have please direct them to Diaspora because he has the floor. Thank you!

In keeping with this blog's recent focus on "race" and "color," I want to extend the conversation around these two volatile topics.

In a previous blog entry, Mr. Francis Holland examined how color and race converge to create what he identifies as "Extreme Color Aroused Disorder," and the social pathology that has emerged around it--that the Disorder manifests itself, not so much as a difference in kind, but as a difference of degree.

I thought I would take a speculative look at the major element in this pathology around race--"color" itself.

What if we could eliminate "color" from the equation, from the racial construct, would this act alone make considerations along the colorline obsolete?

As science progresses, this possibility will become more and more a reality for those of us who would like to minimize "color aroused" responses in our daily lives, or eliminate them altogether.

The obvious question arises: If you're African American, would you undergo an extensive color-altering transformation--or impose it on your children--if it meant less "racial drama" in their lives or yours?

For some, this decision has already been made, well in advance of the science, as this video clip from the Tyra Banks Show so painfully reveals. Warning: Their reasons may shock you!

Growing up in the South years ago, racism in one form or another, was a daily reminder that color (and that primarily) kept me from fully participating in the larger white society--from where I could sit in a theater, if I was able to sit at all, to where I was allowed to eat, sleep, or relieve myself.

As a child, I often dreamed of how my live might be experienced, if such impediments didn't exist.

I wasn't angry with the color I was born with--the color that nature had given me--but with those who used my color to restrict, discriminate against, and to deprive me of the things they enjoyed by virtue of their whiteness.

If color is the determinant that arouses racial bigotry, what if we got rid of color altogether? How many of us would be game for that?

Let me state the question again: Should African Americans, generally, endorse such a plan (to lighten their skin color), if it meant less racial tension? One thing's for sure, whites aren't going to tan themselves much darker than "Coppertone" to rid the nation of varying degrees of "color arousal." If it's going to be done, African Americans will have to undergo this color-altering treatment.

One thing's for sure: With advancements in genetics, it won't be long before Scientists, using genetic engineering, have the means to alter skin color as readily as they "determine a smile or the shape of [a] nose."
"Designer babies," and color-reduction treatments that could forever change the color of our skin, are not things of science fiction, but are in our ever-drawing-nearer future.
On one television program, a video of a preteen black girl with vitiligo was shown. I gaped, as she went, over a period of months, from being a young black girl to a young white girl, much like the young black girl in the illustration at the top of this blog entry.

As a followup, let me ask another question: Is color and racism only skin deep?
Consider a real-life story of how the color of her skin "reclassified" Sandra Laing, a child of white parents, as "colored" in South Africa's unforgiving apartheid system. Made into a movie, Laing's story brings home the insanity of using color to differentiate people, and to use that differentiation to maintain a system of racial purity, and separation.

" 'Skin' is a fictionalized retelling of the true and terrible story of Sandra Laing, a South African woman whose race was classified and reclassified by the government, then in the mad grip of apartheid. Born in 1955 to officially white parents, Ms. Laing...was judged white. But when the child entered the larger world, her darker skin, and especially her tightly curled black hair, marked her as different. At 10, she was dragged out of school by the police because the principal had decided she wasn’t white. The government agreed and relabeled her 'colored.'"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Elizabeth And Hazel: Two Women of Little Rock

I'd like to take the time out to recommend a book.  Normally, I am not in the habit of doing this. However, this is apart of our history, and our history is important, especially in this day and age.  Therefore, here are some excerpts from the book "Elizabeth and Hazel."

Prologue: Two Dresses

Early in the morning of September 4, 1957, two girls in Little Rock, Arkansas, each fifteen years old, dressed for school.

On a block of black families nestled in the west side of town, in the small brick house she shared with her parents and five brothers and sisters, Elizabeth Eckford put on a skirt that her older sister, Anna, and she had made just for this day. The immaculate white cotton pique felt cool and soft to the touch; when Elizabeth and Anna, who had labored over it for several weeks, had run out of fabric, they'd trimmed the deep hem with navy blue and white gingham. The new skirt's double rows of gathers made it seem to have tiny pleats, and it appeared especially crisp because Elizabeth had ironed it one last time the night before. Buoyed by the petticoat she wore underneath, it encircled her tiny waist like a bell – one that rang out the tidings of new beginnings. Fashionable and yet modest, descending well below her knees, the pretty skirt was complemented by the rest of what she had chosen to wear that morning: the plain white blouse (which she'd also made), the loafers, the bobby sox. She could just as easily have been going to church, and in a way she was, because for Elizabeth, learning was much more meaningful, and useful, than prayer.

A few miles away, in a house much like Elizabeth's but in a neighborhood that was all white, Hazel Bryan selected something very different. It was a sleek dress of cool mint-green, with a triangular white sash at the top pointing suggestively to her bosom, and a ribbon tied provocatively around her midriff.

She'd bought it a few months earlier at one of the "classy" department stores downtown, maybe Blass or Pfeiffer's, with around ten of the scarce dollars her mother earned making lightbulbs at Westinghouse. Hazel wasn't signaling the start of an earnest new undertaking so much as making a fashion statement: taking her cues from Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Elizabeth Taylor, and the other movie stars she followed, Hazel hoped to show off her petite figure, to look older and more sophisticated and maybe more promiscuous than she really was. She wanted to impress her girlfriends, but with any luck the boys forever hovering around her would notice, too. (That the dress was a mite too tight would help.) She'd worn the dress before, probably earlier in the summer. Then again, for Hazel this day wasn't quite as special as it was for Elizabeth. Like all of the white kids, she'd begun school the day before, unperturbed by the soldiers who encircled it, and she had been at this particular school for a year already.

Two girls, one black, one white, born less than four months apart, each about to begin eleventh grade. Within a few minutes of each other, they set out for the same destination: Little Rock Central High School. They did not know, nor – in the world of the South in the 1950s – would they have ever encountered, each other before, except perhaps when they rode the same buses or passed on a downtown street or sat – on different levels – in a local movie theater. But within an hour or so they would, and from that moment on, their lives would be inextricably intertwined. For long after that – as long, in fact, as the tortured saga of relations between the races, in the United States and everywhere else, still mattered, or as long, when it came right down to it, as people can see – they would be linked.

When Hazel got home that afternoon, she took off the dress and changed into something more comfortable – boy's jeans, perhaps; they didn't yet make them for girls – and hung it up for the next time. Doubtless, there would be many next times – dances, dates, more school days – to put it on. But when Elizabeth removed her skirt that night, then folded it up and handed it to her mother, she already knew she would never wear it, or even want to see it, again. As everyone else was coming to recognize it – for a time, that simple cotton skirt was just about the most famous piece of clothing in the world – Elizabeth set out to forget about it. It promptly went into the attic, and no one – Elizabeth included – ever laid eyes on it again.

Excerpted from ELIZABETH AND HAZEL: Two Women of Little Rock by David Margolick, published October 2011 by Yale University Press. Copyright © 2011 by Yale University Press. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from the publisher.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nostalgia Or History Repeating Itself?

Looks like overseer Herman Cain made some more gains in the polls today.  "A pizza on every table and unemployed person in every pot."~Loki ~~  Now, I have to give it to that commenter on Huffingtonpost, but that comment does not just apply to Cain. It applies to Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republicans, and they need to quit playing politics with people's livelihood. 

Cain is making some of those color aroused folks happy with his demeaning comments about black folks.  Why does the Republican party always parade out those Uncle Ruckas type of black men? Why do black Republicans believe that they  have to do a  jig for those on the right and put down black folks to score political points? Whatever happened to freedom in being who you are instead of another Uncle Ruckas? really doesn't matter because Cain will be discarded pretty soon. That is after the Republican party gets through using him to demean us black folks. 

What part does Cain not understand that the reason the Republicans are having a hissy fit now, tryna cheat, is so they can get President Obama out the White House by any means necessary? It has something to do with "NO BLACK ASSES WANTED in the WHITE House.  That's a sacrilege in the minds of those folks. Someone needs to send Cain a message written in WHITE crayola and tell him that.  Maybe, then he will get the message.  Blacks already have had to deal with more color arousal than we've had to deal since slavery and Jim Crow from those crazy people on the right.

He should take a hint from the way that they treated Michael Steele.  I liked Steele too, although, we didn't agree politically, because he was funny when he got all hip hop on us. In addition, Steele did try to feed black folks.  Y'all know black folks show up in full force whenever food is free.  Steele should have gave a barbeque instead because black folks is tired of fried chicken. If Steele would have offered free barbeque, granny would have showed up to eat too. 

Now looks like everyone has gotten all nostalgia on us.  Folks protesting left and right just like they did in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.   The Republicans are trying to cheat like the Congress did after Reconstruction when they got rid of all of those black folks up in Congress, suppressed minority votes, and eased Jim Crow back in.  The Police have went back to acting like slave patrollers.  We got some folks shooting up people like they did when oil and gold was discovered and lawlessness was in the land. Billionaires and Millionares are trying their best to turn America into a serfdom system. The Republican Congress is trying to send grandpa and grandma to the poor house and have poor houses like they had back in the early 1900s.

Hey,  the name "Godfather's Pizza"  does fit right for the GOP thugs 4 life party though now that I think about it.  After all, we know who the real thugs are don't we.

Friday, October 7, 2011

"The Fallacy of 'Race' and the Menace of Extreme Color Aroused Disorder (ECAD)"

Today, I'd like to introduce a guest blogger, Frances Holland who has a theory about color.  If anyone is interesting  in learning more his theory after reading this topic you can read more at Journal of Color Arousal .  In addition, Frances has the floor on this topic, so address your comments or questions to him. Thank you!

When we understand that biological “race” simply does not exist, then we begin to look for language and terms that communicate the discrimination we face in our everyday lives.   I wanted terms that were not linguistic derivatives of the root word “race,” because “race” doesn’t exist as a matter of science and it is hopelessly confused with science when we use the term in sociology. 

The fact is that when we see our own skin color and perceive the skin color of others, we have been carefully trained to call upon color-aroused ideation, which leads to color-aroused emotion, and all too frequently leads to color-aroused behavior.  People whose minds work this way to an extent that they are severely impaired in one or more key areas of their lives suffer from Extreme Color Aroused Disorder.

As I began my book on this topic, I discussed it with a friend who has white skin here in Brazil.  She told me the story of another friend whose father disowned her because he discovered that she had a Black boyfriend.  Rather than be intimidated by her father’s color-aroused ideation, emotion and behavior, the white woman moved in with her brown-skinned boyfriend as soon as they arrived at the same college.

The white father was livid.  When the young white woman and her Black spouse married and had a child, the white father did not go to the wedding and did not speak to his daughter for ten years. . . until he was diagnosed with cancer, his wife had died, and he had no one to take care of him.

At that point, the white father was compelled to accept the financial and personal help of his brown son-in-law.  They never discussed the issue that had kept them separated for a decade.  Instead , they discussed their common interests in soccer.  When the white-skinned father saw his grandchild for the first time, he was overcome with emotion and cried as he held her.   In those moments, he clearly saw how his Extreme Color Aroused Disorder had cheated him out of his daughter and his granddaughter for a decade, which was time that could never be recovered in the time the white father had left.

You will never hear the public discuss benign, moderate and severe racism, because racism is not a scientific field of inquiry, like stage four cancer.  Racism, we believe, is so awful that it is always at its worst, and so we refuse even to admit the idea that some cases, like the one above, are worse than others.

When we discuss color-aroused disorder, we do make reference to its severity, be it benign, moderate or severe.  Color Aroused Disorder is severe when it causes an individual to, for example:

·        Confront strangers on the street on the basis of their skin color, risking bodily harm to themselves or criminal charges against themselves;
·        Engage in any color-aroused criminal activity that risks loss of social status, liberty, family contacts, income and professional maintenance and advancement;
·        Causes a family member to reject other family members based on their interactions with people of a different skin color;
·        lose a job because of color-aroused antagonism toward co-workers, supervisors and/or those one supervises;
·        Loose opportunities to find a suitable marital partner because of color-aroused ideation, emotion and behavior, often reinforced by pressure from family,  social group and others.
·        causes an employer to be subject to civil fines as a result of a worker participation in“ noose-play,” color-associated epithets, and causes a hostile work environment
·        under cutting other employees in a manner that leads to decreased productivity;
·        Shoot co-workers because they interact without regard to skin color differences;
·        Be referred to “sensitivity training” because of on-the-job color-aroused antagonism toward others.

The list of ways to express Extreme Color Aroused Disorder is very long, especially compared to the paucity of psychiatric services designed to treat the disorder.  Doug Williams was a white-skinned Lockheed employee with a years-long history of antagonizing both white and brown-skinned employees, because he didn’t believe the “races” should mix.  Here it is clear that part of the ideation that led to his illness was the belief that distinct races existed in the first place.

After years of treating Doug Williams’ on-the-job color-aroused harassment of others as a mild form of color arousal, Lockheed ordered Doug Williams to participate in a sensitivity training in which he would be in close quarters with Blacks and whites from his workplace.

A psychiatrist should have been brought in to screen Doug for color-aroused disorder.  Had a competent psychiatrist been involved, the doctor would quickly have realized that Doug Williams was already far too sensitive to his and others’ skin colors in his environment.  Additional “sensitivity” would be reckless and dangerous, because it could push Doug over the edge, unless it was carried out in a facility where Mr., Williams would not pose a safety risk to himself and others.

Instead, Lockheed assumed that ‘all racism is the same.’ They apparently did not consult a competent color-aroused disorder specialist psychiatrist about Doug’s color-aroused ideation (e.g. pro-segregation),and emotion (fury), and behavior (physically confronting co-workers about heterochromatic friendships).

Doug Williams entered the training session, returned to his car for his gun, and shot several co-workers, including some with white skin and some with brown skin.  Then Doug turned the weapon upon himself and committed suicide.

Extreme Color Aroused Disorder is the most dangerous both to the sufferer and to those around him.  The two cases recounted above should make it clear that color-aroused disorder is not a disorder in which there is a culprit and a victim.  An individual with Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder sometimes does as much harm to himself—professionally and personally—as he does to those whom he targets.

People with Extreme Color Aroused Disorder share many of the symptoms of people with other psychiatric illnesses, such as:

·        constant alertness to color-arousing stimuli in the environment
·        constant stress over the “risk” that Blacks will advance, combined sometimes with the ideation that Blacks advancement is degrades white people;
·        Uncontrolled anger and fury that leads to crimes, including hate crimes, that jeopardize the victim’s liberty;
·        Inability to advance in a profession, e.g. politics, because past expressions of color-aroused hatred and disrespect make the individual clearly unfit for public office;
·        sociopathic lack of empathy for others based on skin color;
·        Inability to see their own behavior as the source of their thinking, feeling and behavioral problems associated with skin color.

Sixty years after we began talking about “racism,” we are still debating whether a Black person can be “racist.”  Instead, we should be asking whether a Black person’s Extreme Color Aroused Disorder can render Black person’s life ineffective and unmanageable.   When I told my niece I was writing a book on this subject, she introduced me to a Black woman whose situation provided the answer quite clearly.   The woman explained that she was extremely sensitive to observing interactions between Black men and white women.

She said that:
·        Black men should go out with Black women;
·        It was a personal put –down to her when she saw a Black man who had chosen a white woman instead;
·        When she went to clubs, she was hyper-sensitive and hyper-vigilant to heterochromatic couples involving a Black man and a white woman;
·        When she saw such couples, even though they were strangers, she felt compelled to confront the white woman and the Black man, which often lead to fights that could get her arrested, and thereby make it impossible for her to go to work;
·        The issue came to dominate her life to the extent that she fought in the family home with her brown-skinned brother about his white girlfriend, and this caused a dramatic inability for her to continue her otherwise close relationship with her own brother;
·        She felt low self-esteem because she was not chosen by Black men;
·        Her life was in a downward spiral in which she could not control her behavior toward heterochromatic couples in public, she could not form or maintain a relationship with a Black man, and she felt lousy about her own weight and her personhood.

In this case, issues of skin color had come to dominate her life to a degree that she was imminently at risk of being arrested for her confrontations with strangers in bars and clubs.  Yes, she and people like her sometimes cause pervasive hardship for couples who do not share a skin color.  But, the obsession with this issue—the ideation, emotion and behavior—were robbing this Black woman of the quality of her own life.  She needed urgent psychiatric help from a competent, knowledgeable and experienced Color Arousal Disorder professional in order to:

·        make herself safe from potentially dangerous confrontations, and
·        learn to value herself regardless of what choices some Black men make, and
·        Forgive her brother for having a white girlfriend, if only to continue to have a relationship with her brother, whom she valued and with whom she lived in harmony, until he dated a white woman.

Debate this endlessly as a political issue, if you must, but also acknowledge that it can become a fundamental psychiatric issue, based on our awareness of our own skin color and our perception of the skin colors of others.    There are far too many examples of Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder leading to ruthless and notorious murders for us to continue endlessly talking about “racism” without acknowledging the daily toll that Extreme Color Aroused Disorder takes on Blacks, whites and the American “family.”

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fox News Wants To Tar & Feather Black Men

Looks like Fox We Make It Up News is out to tar and feather Van Jones. Only this time, they trying to get him hurt by their violent Fox Nation followers that act more like the Gestapo when you read some of their comments on some screenshots taken over at Fox Nation:

~~Fox Nation~~

~~Fox Nation~~

Van Jones is an intelligent, decent, and hard working young black man.  The young man has some very innovative and creative ideas and an awful lot to offer to our society.  I pray that he gets to use and make his contribution of those talents to our society. 

Back when the Jim Crow laws were in effect, Southern whites got away with threatening and murdering blacks because the law was on their side and a lot of times the law was an active participants in those crimes against blacks.  Blacks had no recourse as far as the law was concerned.  Sometimes you can't help but wonder if those Jim Crow laws are silently in effect, now, because not too long ago Fox Nation had these pictures on display:

~~Screenshots, Fox Nation~~

and this one:

~~Screenshots, Fox Nation~~

So, why aren't these people over at Fox not being hauled in and locked up?  Because if this were a Black, Hispanic, Asian, Cuban,Pacific Islander, Iranian, Arab, Native American, etc., their behind right about now would be being tried in MSM court of opinion and the prison jailers would be getting their cells ready or the undertakers standing in line to collect their remains.

When I read those comments or see pictures like these over at Fox Nation, I feel like I've stepped into an uncivilized place and left civilization. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that those people over there are barbaric Neanderthals.