Thursday, June 16, 2011

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This.

First let me say this, I am surprised that blogger has finally let me post on my own blog today.  Lately, for the last past months, it has been giving me major problems.  It wouldn't let me sign in to my own blog, nor would it let me post comments at times on my own blog or others.  When I was able to post a comment, I had to be resourceful and take other routes to be able to do that.  I was even told a couple of times that I did not exist.  

As you know I'll be leaving next week on a somewhat vacation and trip to tie up a few loose ends.  I'll be gone until sometime in August.  When I get back, I plan to move my blog because I am fed up with the problems that I've been having with google.  So, even when I get back it might take a minute before I am back up again, but I will be back up.  Not only that I'll have to do a little repair work on this computer first as well.  Anyway, Happy Father's Day to you men folks out there because this will be my last post until I return from my trip and get the problems above solved.

Those folks on the GOP are a manipulating, conniving, and treacherous bunch.  My people perish for lack of knowledge.

With that said, I was reading today where Tupac's shooter confessed and it looks like Puff Daddy might have some splaining to do too because his name was brought up in the shooter's confession along with this person's name.  I believe if Tupac would have lived and been able to cut Death Row a loose, he would have made a change for the better and his whole lifestyle would have changed as he grew older. Because I saw a young man, that was fighting a war within self.

I'm sick of hearing about Weiner's weiner, but it looks like that is finally going to be laid to rest, because word is that he is resigning.  Nevertheless, I look for more scandals to pop up because elections are in the near future.  What gets me about these Congressional scandals is that every single Congressperson on Capitol Hill knows each others dirt already before they leak it out.  But what is even more disgusting is that they choose to leak it out during the election process season and to drown out and quiet down another scandal on the other side with Uncle Clarence Thomas and his beloved Virginia. Politics can be dirty business at times.