Sunday, January 30, 2011

Government Bullies

Back in the 70s women used to call them male chauvenist.  I am sure they will have plenty of names for those folks in the House on the GOP side when word gets around to those feminist groups that rape does not mean rape. least rape won't mean rape if the House has its way and gets to redefine it.

"Rape is only really rape if it involves force. So says the new House Republican majority as it now moves to change abortion law."~~Nick Baumann, MotherJones~~

"Other types of rapes that would no longer be covered by the exemption include rapes in which the woman was drugged or given excessive amounts of alcohol, rapes of women with limited mental capacity, and many date rapes. "There are a lot of aspects of rape that are not included," Levenson says."~~Nick Baumann, MotherJones~~ 

I guess the GOP party has never heard that saying "Hell has no fury like that of a woman," but in this case instead of woman, it'll be women.  I forgot...the GOP thinks that women should be seen and not heard and act robotish like the Stepford Wives.  But Michelle Bachmann is not going out because she is out of control and making the GOP party look like whimps.  Although well...she does seem to have some major mental problems and one of the reasons why  I would advise folks to pass through Minnesota as quickly as possible and do not stop because she reflects the mindset of the people who keep voting her in office...crazier than a road lizard.

Wait a minute, dead birds, dead fish, and now dead cows.  Oh well, you can relax folks because sweet potatoes are to blame for 200 cows death. least that is what their telling us.  But then again, they told us that the birds were falling out of the air and dying because of firecrackers, cold weather, Diesel trucks, and a few other ridiculous causes that did not add up.  People were coming down with colds, runny noses, and stomach viruses that they couldn't get rid of around the same time the birds were dropping dead out of the sky.  Okie dokie...alrighty then!  I think I'll go and purchase a few surgical face mask.

Glen Beck needs to do an early retirement thingee. He seems to have a penchant for pissing folks off.  Dope and alcohol do not mix and together they intensify the effects. That's two different chemicals! Folks who were long habitual users like Beck act stupid like he does. Therefore, common sense would tell a person that it takes longer for the body to detox because mixing those two together would have a more extreme, longer lasting effect like say....for years to come. Some folks should have taken chemistry classes serious in school. Smh!

Gosh golly wow!  I wonder how these three governors have came up with the idea to cut medicaid.  Wow! I bet that took a lot of strenous brain activity.  It's like the big guy picking on the little guy.  But folks face it, that is what government is all about picking on the poor and downtrodden while bending over backwards for the rich.  Don't you just love their tiny-minded ideas.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Guess Who The Real Dracula Is?

Well...I don't have much to say today, but folks listen closely to the words to this song.  It's the GOP party's agenda. The only difference is the names of the rich have changed.  BTW, People who are unemployed and having a hard time getting a job you can thank FACEBOOK and MYSPACE for that because employers are using it to eliminate potential employees off their list, along with shipping jobs overseas.  It's time to pray and pray like never before, and unbelievers I suggest you pray too.  However, you don't have to take my word for it because you can lead a horse to the trough, but you can't make him drink.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where Are Those JOBS?

I am sorry, Mr. President and Congress, but the people want jobs.  Therefore, it is time for you to put your foot down and make Congress stick to the agenda and the agenda is JOBS.

People are not interested in what Bachmann had to say. Matter of fact, she is the last person that people want to hear talk at all, especially, with her voting record during eight years of Bush.  On top of that, the Bachmann is not wrapped too tight.

Matter of fact, let us review that record of the last eight years of Bush:
  • Bachmann also supported and vote in favor of TARP, Bush's Wall Street bailout without ANY conditions­.
  • The Republican Congress blew a surplus. 
  • Failed to keep us safe - 9/11
  • netted zero job growth
Yup!  If I remember correctly, Ms. Bachmann voted with her party of No...Yes, on everything that Bush proposed.  Not one time did she complain about any overspending, nor did anyone in the party of No. However, now that President Obama is in charge, all the bills he signed need to be dismantled.  People have a very short memory on who got us into the mess we're in.  Yes, they do!

The people want to hear sane people who have common sense.  Palin,well...puleeze go somewhere and sit down and take Bachmann with you because people are not interested in hearing any extreme, crazy, dumb nonsense for the next two years. 

Let me spell it out for you what people want to hear...
J  O  B  S! 
Nor were they interested in what Ryan had to say.  Tell Mr. Ryan to leave grandma and grandpa's check alone before all hell breaks loose and he starts a grandma and grandpa uprising.

And Mr. President people definitely are not interested in hearing the same "Bipartisanship" old song.   For the two years we've listen to it and there hasn't any.  We're not expecting the Republicans to have any for the next two years either.  Don't you get it yet?  Republicans don't want you to succeed, they want you to fail.  Their not use to being under the authority of a black man, let alone him telling them what to do.

We're tired of hearing the bickering, namecalling, and the rest of the kitty mess.  Adults should be able to come together and have adult debates about jobs without hearing people like Steve King making some of those most ridiculous and deragotory statements. Or more divisiveness from the Party of No.  We're sick of hearing about guns too.  Unless, Congress has a real gun control ban.  Say like for instance, only law enforcement, militiary, and hunting ONLY.  Nevertheless, jobs are first and should be first on the agenda.

Republicans and Teabaggers we do not want to hear your same old tired song about repealing Health Care and all of the other bills that have been passed under President Obama either.  Nor do we want to hear teaparty's history revisionist proposals either.  The majority of Americans do not agree or like your silly proposals anyway.  Either Mr. President you and the Congress are going to come up with jobs or tell the us the truth...that there are no jobs because Corporations have shipped them all over seas and the American Treasury is empty.

Another thing people are tired of is the media trying to tell you how to do your job and what you need to do.  Tell them to run for President and then they can do what they think you should do.  People are not interested in hearing the same old same old.  It is time to get down to business and create those jobs you and Congress have been talking about.

We would like for you to tell FCC to get on their job too.  Make sure that they hurry up and end Beck's career on the airwaves, cable, etc., because he is not playing with a full deck.  Beck does not have the sense God gave a goose and is crazier than a road lizard.  Besides which, he is not a good role model for young people. Next the rest of the coocoo crew, which consist of Bachmann, Palin, and Rush will be telling folks to go out and buy chainsaws for next revolution.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Can't Our Government Officials Share In the Pain?

Every time I hear the phrase "it's gonna be painful", what comes to mind is that the only ones that are feeling the pain are the downtrodden and poor.  However, our government officials always seem to glide through the pain as untouchables.

Government Jerry Brown must be having some of those 70s flashbacks and reliving in the past.  He needs to wake up and realize that we're not living in the past and more cuts for the poor won't cut it.  The Governor of California seems to think that cutting programs that will affect the poor is the only way to save California and trim the budget. However, programs for the poor have been sliced and diced so many times throughout the years by every single elected government official who had the power to do so, until his next propose cut should permanently eliminate the poors safety net.  Included in those cuts are a skeleton called education.

Although, he is not alone in his assessment on how the budget should trimmed.  Nope, the Republicans want to do some slicing and dicing to a select group themselves to trim the budget to guess who?  You got it...the poor.  Yet and still, Corporation are the biggest offenders of government waste, big spending, "Corporate Welfare."  But well...face it folks, our government officials don't want to rock the boat with those lining their pockets for upcoming future elections.  Naaah!  Instead they'd rather play it safe and cut the so-call fat from the already anorexic poor.

Instead they choose to mess with those on the lower rung of the totem pole who do not have a voice in our society and who there is little defense for.  Raising funds for elections are more important to them than some poor starving child eating or having a roof over their head.  Our government officials seem to be more worried about and interested in winning and raising money to run in elections that are years away than in solving the unemployment problem. 

When it comes to elections and prisons, it appears that is when competence and their skills come into to play.  However, solving the unemployment, foreclosure problem, ending the war in Afghanistan, our economical problems are so far on the back burner, until it is as if they do not intend to do anything about those problems except let them run their course.  

After all there isn't anything for them to worry about because special interests such as big Corporations have them in their pocket.  They do not have to worry about health care, housing, unemployment, or going away to physically fight a war, and most of all a paycheck.  Nope, not at all!  

Congresspersons can keep on living the life of Riley as long as they just stand behind the lectern stand, shut down government, filibuster, and use every other government trick in the book to stall on doing anything for "we the people" until the next election or the coming of Jesus, whichever comes first, and won't feel any of the pain they want the less fortunate and working folks to always feel.

If our government officials really had our interest at heart they would stop playing those tossing back and forth games they play on a daily basis and share some of the pain with us for a change.  It wouldn't hurt for them to trim and cut some of their health care services and take a pay cut.  In fact, how they're paid should be change from a set rate to a commission.  Put and end to Congress leave with pay when they take off for those recesses.  Yup! Let them earn their money for a change.  When and if you really think about it, they are getting paid to not do anything.  At least not do anything for the American people that is.  It's enough pain to go around and they ought to feel some of that pain in their pockets too.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attacks Against the Elderly

What is up with some of these folks nowadays?  First, we had the Pharmaceutials charging the elderly prices so high for medication, until they had to choose between eating and getting medication that they needed. We got that worked out, I think, that is if the GOP does not get their way and repeal the health care bill. Second,  we had those who are suppose to protect and serve beating up, tasering, and killing the elderly. And looks like they finally put a halt to that so far (granny is crossing her fingers).   Third, white supremacist attacking and severly beating up the elderly. Fourth, politicians are using the budget as an excuse to cut in-home health care for the elderly.  Fifth,  we have some politicians trying to figure out a way to steal grandma and grandpa's check,  privatise Social Security, so that wall street can get their little grubby hands on it.  Six, we have some sick person taking out the elderly with an uzi.  Finally, now we have some sicko raping an 80 year old woman who happens to be their in-law.  I tell you us old folks are up against some tough obstacles to climb if we want to finish living out our days in peace, free from harm, danger, and folks trying to figure out ways to steal from us.

We need some stricter laws to protect the elderly and some of those laws might need to include protection  from the government.  When it comes to elderly folks, a line ought to be drawn in the sand.  Btw, which reminds the person/persons that keep sending me that fake winner of a contest email.  I am not senile, nor do I suffer from dementia, nor am I gullible, and I am not that little unsuspecting old lady you can take advantage of either.  Read my profile, the part that says "been there, did that, done that.  In other words you are not fooling with a dummy. I've been around the world more than once and have learned and experienced more than you could ever imagine.

Anyway, I thought I would share this video with you to get our minds off of the tragic mess that has been happening lately.   Btw, he has written and performed another jazz song called "Late At Night" that jazz fans need to hear.  Therefore, I'd like to give the brotha a shout out and little recognition. Check out that other song to that link I've given.  It's nice.

Barack Leads American: By Nathaniel Calaway from Nathaniel Calaway on Vimeo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fried Ice Cream

Why do some white folks treat Martin Luther King like a yo-yo?  They tout Martin Luther King's name when they think that it will be beneficial for them?  However, when it is not, they diss him.  Some really get undignified.

One of these days, some blacks folks is gone learn that the GOP party is not black folks friendly. My goodness, will someone please tell them that they can only kiss ass for so long before those GOP folks discard them like toilet tissue and that's a fact. I'm just saying.  Michael Steele found out as soon as midterm elections was nearly over, but not soon enough, and still don't think he's learned his lesson yet.

Nevertheless, at least Steele did try to stay somewhat in touch with his blackness.  And every once in while he did try to reach out to us black folks with the chicken, watermelon giveaway, and free ride in a Hummer limousine.  Not to mention, he tried his best to show he was down with the hood by using terms such as "Whusup" and a few others even though at times some of his terms were a little outdated.

In addition, he tried to introduce a rap group that I have to personally say sucked.  Y'all know his rap group sucked if a granny even recognized the difference. I have to admit I sorta liked Michael because he was good for a couple of laughs with the leather and whip strip joint surprises. thing is for sure, Steele let the GOP know that pimping ain't simping because he got his dollars off the top. Now that's gangsta!

I guess that chicken and watermelon giveaway didn't work out too well for Mike. least they did not nominate Jesse Lee Peterson for Chairman. Lawds knows I cannot stomach that man for two seconds without having visions of passing out knuckle sandwiches and a little knockout punch every time he opens his mouth. 

Well...Palin finally put her foot in her mouth and keeps on putting her foot in her mouth. No secret what God can do. Now, I can save my chump change on that purchase of a muzzler as a special gift. Whew! God is good!

Rush is showing his bully tactics again.  Yup, when he barks at the GOP they fall in line like toy soldiers.  I guess the GOP hasn't learned yet that the bigger they are the harder they fall.  Let's hope when Rush falls it isn't on hard solid ground because he might be the cause of the next big earthquake.  It wouldn't hurt if he'd listen to Michelle Obama's eat healthy plan for children and take heed.

Someone needs to tell Rush that Oxycontin and politics don't mix.  It is obvious that he is suffering from side effects...hallucinating and confusion because he really believes that he is the leader of the GOP party and the GOP believes it too.  Not only that he cannot distinguish the difference between good and bad.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's the Matter Fox, Hasn't Enough Blood Been Spilled Yet?

Divisive political rhetoric is the cause of a child being dead and granny is pissed! My fight now is in behalf of that child.  When I think about that innocent child's life being taken behind grown-ups BS,  it disturbs me.  Apparently, Fox We Make It Up News hasn't seen enough innocent blood spilled yet. 

Roger Ailes claimed that he told his thuggish crew to cut down on the rhetoric. Well...I knew that was a crock of BS Fox We Make It Up News specialty is in stirring up divisive BS that drives people like Loughner over the edge to commit horrendous acts and then claim innocence when something like the Arizona shooting happens or blame the victim.  FCC should have pulled the plug on them a long time ago.  Until they do, we'll have more of the same in the future

When I think of that innocent child being a victim in the Arizona shooting, I think about a young life ended that who knows may have one day been the one who had  a cure for different diseases or a great leader or a scientist or great humanitarian...some one of greatest.  However, that child is gone, life ended before she had a chance to live her life to a fullnest behind grown ups BS.

I've been sounding the alarm about Fox We Make Up Lies News for years because I recognize the danger in what they present as so-called news.  Haven't enough people died yet?  The abortion doctor wasn't a victim of the shooter who took his life, he was a victim of Fox We Make Up Lies News.

Journalism should be left to real Journalist, not bartenders or those fake so called experts in it to make millions to satisfy their greed that Fox parades off as the real deal.  Nor should it be biases or have a political agenda, it should be truthful, objective, and informative where American citizens can make good decisions.  No wonder America is sinking into an abyss.

Still fresh in my mind is the picture on Fox Nation web site with a rifle aimed at the President's head last year.  Not only that, the picture of the crosshairs on a picture of his daughters.  That's when those folks over at Fox should have been hauled in for their not so veiled suggestions. 

When I see that child's face, I see my own grandchildren and great-grandchildren and I know how I would feel if something like that happened to them.  That child's face is the face of every child in this world.  People ought to stop and think how they would feel if this child had been one of their own or a relative of theirs child or even a friend or neighbors child killed behind political agendas.  It is way pass time to put an end to dangerous rhetoric and starting with Fox News is a good place to start because their hands are bloody. 

I stand behind Sheriff Dupnik and anyone else who has the guts to stand up for the truth and call it out, regardless of their color, party affiliation, lifestyle, or whatever.  And I do not plan to sit back and  let them make him a scapegoat either because he had nothing to do with and was not the cause behind that child's death.  Fox, Rush, Palin, Beck, Bachmann, and a few others are where the fingers should be pointing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Americans Are Sick Of Derogatory Rhetorical BS

A nine year old child is dead along with a Federal Judge and other innocent people.  Congresswoman Gifford is fighting for her life and all because there are some folks like Palin, Beck, Bachmann, and Rush who like to stir up negative divisive BS.  Whether they deny it or not they all have blood on their hands.

First let me say, that my heart and prayers go out to that child, the Judge, and other victims in that shooting families. I pray that the Lord will send them a comforter who will immerse them in love and lift their spirits.  Weeping endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Sarah Palin's people are busy trying to do some PR behind the shooting that took place in Arizona.  I don't care how her and her aides try to spin Palin out of this one, those crosshairs were real and placed carefully on a map for the whole world to see.  In spite of what Palin seems to think, the American people are not stupid, naive, or so blind that they do not know what crosshairs represent. We the people know what "reload" means as well. No sense in trying to backtrack now Sarah, you cannot take back words.

Some folks have a lot of nerve and GOP Congressmen Lamar Alexander is one of them.  The media is not responsible for Palin's big mouth.  She is!  The media didn't tell her put out maps with crosshairs on them, nor did they tell her to tell people to "reload" or "take back our country" or to make racist statements.  I've been telling people that Palin would be the ruin of her own self and that she would put her foot in her mouth one day in the future.  That's what happens when people like Palin like to hog the spotlight by saying anything other than what is right and morally correct. When a person's ulterior motive is wrong, it comes back to slap them in the face. 

Well...some GOP folks are showing us folks some transparency after all, but the transparency that they are showing is their own bigoted beliefs.  Take Congressman Kyle for example, evidently he is okay with the prejudice and bigotry since he defends it.  Sheriff Dupnik is on the right track for calling it out.  More then him need to start calling it out for what it truly is before more people wind up hurt. 

Some folks tend to think more of themselves than they ought and Rush is one of them.  Nevertheless, what Rush really is a skin color baiter and BS stirring troublemaker.  Yup, he likes to stir up mess, especially the type of mess that causes more division than America needs right about now.  He made a statement on his radio show that, "President Obama wouldn't have been elected if he weren't black."

Well...I got news for Rush there were exactly 43 former presidents who would not have been elected if they had not been "white."  And...?  Okay, so is the color of a person's skin  mandatory criterior for people running for President in multi-cultural diverse, America?  So does that mean that black people should not take political science or run for any political positions?  Does that, also, apply to people with yellow, red, and brown skin as well? 

President Obama is black! kidding?  We the people didn't know that.  According to Rush's constant reminders and quickness in pointing out the color of  Obama's skin who happens to hold the highest office in this nation.  A man with black skin need not apply for the position of President because in Rush's eyesight skin color determines people's qualifications.  Only those with white skin are qualified to be the President of this multi-cultural diverse nation with people of different skin colors.  Therefore, it is safe to say that Rush only votes for white skin people.  That's the only qualification which influences his vote.  Issues have nothing to do with it in Rush's book.

Maybe, doctors should do a little research to determine if Oxycycotin causes hatred of skin color?  Or Rush should see Dr. Phil about his aversion to skin color.

BTW, Howard Fineman, shut the hell up!  The President does not need to learn any lesson from 9/11, he knows how to handle emergencies and has demonstrated that in the past.  You need to stop playing undercover hater, that's what you need to do.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dr Phil Can't Help Us

You know that America has slid down into the abyss when you read sick articles like this.  Or when you read about some political nut shooting a Congresswoman, killing a Judge, an innocent child, and others in the process.  When you read about birds falling out the air and fish dying in different parts of the world, the time is long overdue for people to pray like never before because Dr. Phil can't help us.

Here in California, our newly elected veteran Governor Jerry Brown was sworn in.  In his speech, he used that sentence that a lot of politicians are mimicking here lately.  That "it's gonna be painful" for us.  Of course, not one politician is going to feel any pain economically and you can bet your last dollar on that. 

However, it wouldn't hurt if politicians could feel the pain with us.  For instance, politicians could take a pay cut.  That would save a whole bunch of money and trim the debt.  In addition, they could abolish politician's salaries and let them work on a commission and pay them only when they deliver what "we the people" want instead of what big businesses want. I'm just saying!  BTW, politicians look healthy, so they don't need a health care plan. 

policeman shot a man in a wheelchair. least he didn't tasered the guy to death or shoot him the back or unload on him or beat him.  Therefore, the guy in the wheelchair must not be black.  Wait a minute... he's not cripple or paralyzed either.

Oh Lawd!  Sarah Palin is a wee bit nervous behind the Gifford shootings.  I betcha it's because of Sarah's target map with the crosshairs. Hey Sarah, hows that "reload" working out for ya now? Did I read somewhere that Michelle Bachmann wants to run for President?  It will be time to migrate to another country and change citizenships if that becomes a reality. Smh!  Bachmann why don't you just get your own reality show and call it a day. Puleeze!  You would do better than Flavor me.

"The map controversially used actual target markers on locations these Democrats lived and listed their names."~~Huffingtonpost~~

I swear the news is so depressing these days, and Dr. Phil can't help us.