Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dr Phil Can't Help Us

You know that America has slid down into the abyss when you read sick articles like this.  Or when you read about some political nut shooting a Congresswoman, killing a Judge, an innocent child, and others in the process.  When you read about birds falling out the air and fish dying in different parts of the world, the time is long overdue for people to pray like never before because Dr. Phil can't help us.

Here in California, our newly elected veteran Governor Jerry Brown was sworn in.  In his speech, he used that sentence that a lot of politicians are mimicking here lately.  That "it's gonna be painful" for us.  Of course, not one politician is going to feel any pain economically and you can bet your last dollar on that. 

However, it wouldn't hurt if politicians could feel the pain with us.  For instance, politicians could take a pay cut.  That would save a whole bunch of money and trim the debt.  In addition, they could abolish politician's salaries and let them work on a commission and pay them only when they deliver what "we the people" want instead of what big businesses want. I'm just saying!  BTW, politicians look healthy, so they don't need a health care plan. 

policeman shot a man in a wheelchair. least he didn't tasered the guy to death or shoot him the back or unload on him or beat him.  Therefore, the guy in the wheelchair must not be black.  Wait a minute... he's not cripple or paralyzed either.

Oh Lawd!  Sarah Palin is a wee bit nervous behind the Gifford shootings.  I betcha it's because of Sarah's target map with the crosshairs. Hey Sarah, hows that "reload" working out for ya now? Did I read somewhere that Michelle Bachmann wants to run for President?  It will be time to migrate to another country and change citizenships if that becomes a reality. Smh!  Bachmann why don't you just get your own reality show and call it a day. Puleeze!  You would do better than Flavor me.

"The map controversially used actual target markers on locations these Democrats lived and listed their names."~~Huffingtonpost~~

I swear the news is so depressing these days, and Dr. Phil can't help us.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Just maybe,normal folks will wakeup and realize how out of control political discourse is in this country,now that it has motivated another sicko into action in Tusan,Az.

Desertflower said...

Couldn't agree with you more Granny.
It seems that the good normal folk just don't have a voice anymore. Certainly not one that can be effective at changing anything...Kinda hopeless this situation...

Redeye said...

This is what happens when HATE wins over HOPE.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Every time I read the news now, I just shake my head and pray.