Sunday, January 9, 2011

Americans Are Sick Of Derogatory Rhetorical BS

A nine year old child is dead along with a Federal Judge and other innocent people.  Congresswoman Gifford is fighting for her life and all because there are some folks like Palin, Beck, Bachmann, and Rush who like to stir up negative divisive BS.  Whether they deny it or not they all have blood on their hands.

First let me say, that my heart and prayers go out to that child, the Judge, and other victims in that shooting families. I pray that the Lord will send them a comforter who will immerse them in love and lift their spirits.  Weeping endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Sarah Palin's people are busy trying to do some PR behind the shooting that took place in Arizona.  I don't care how her and her aides try to spin Palin out of this one, those crosshairs were real and placed carefully on a map for the whole world to see.  In spite of what Palin seems to think, the American people are not stupid, naive, or so blind that they do not know what crosshairs represent. We the people know what "reload" means as well. No sense in trying to backtrack now Sarah, you cannot take back words.

Some folks have a lot of nerve and GOP Congressmen Lamar Alexander is one of them.  The media is not responsible for Palin's big mouth.  She is!  The media didn't tell her put out maps with crosshairs on them, nor did they tell her to tell people to "reload" or "take back our country" or to make racist statements.  I've been telling people that Palin would be the ruin of her own self and that she would put her foot in her mouth one day in the future.  That's what happens when people like Palin like to hog the spotlight by saying anything other than what is right and morally correct. When a person's ulterior motive is wrong, it comes back to slap them in the face. 

Well...some GOP folks are showing us folks some transparency after all, but the transparency that they are showing is their own bigoted beliefs.  Take Congressman Kyle for example, evidently he is okay with the prejudice and bigotry since he defends it.  Sheriff Dupnik is on the right track for calling it out.  More then him need to start calling it out for what it truly is before more people wind up hurt. 

Some folks tend to think more of themselves than they ought and Rush is one of them.  Nevertheless, what Rush really is a skin color baiter and BS stirring troublemaker.  Yup, he likes to stir up mess, especially the type of mess that causes more division than America needs right about now.  He made a statement on his radio show that, "President Obama wouldn't have been elected if he weren't black."

Well...I got news for Rush there were exactly 43 former presidents who would not have been elected if they had not been "white."  And...?  Okay, so is the color of a person's skin  mandatory criterior for people running for President in multi-cultural diverse, America?  So does that mean that black people should not take political science or run for any political positions?  Does that, also, apply to people with yellow, red, and brown skin as well? 

President Obama is black! kidding?  We the people didn't know that.  According to Rush's constant reminders and quickness in pointing out the color of  Obama's skin who happens to hold the highest office in this nation.  A man with black skin need not apply for the position of President because in Rush's eyesight skin color determines people's qualifications.  Only those with white skin are qualified to be the President of this multi-cultural diverse nation with people of different skin colors.  Therefore, it is safe to say that Rush only votes for white skin people.  That's the only qualification which influences his vote.  Issues have nothing to do with it in Rush's book.

Maybe, doctors should do a little research to determine if Oxycycotin causes hatred of skin color?  Or Rush should see Dr. Phil about his aversion to skin color.

BTW, Howard Fineman, shut the hell up!  The President does not need to learn any lesson from 9/11, he knows how to handle emergencies and has demonstrated that in the past.  You need to stop playing undercover hater, that's what you need to do.


Black Diaspora said...

"Only those with white skin are qualified to be the President of this multi-cultural diverse nation with people of different skin colors."

Yep, that's their message, Granny, and here's another: This country has only one legitimate party, and that's the Republican Party. All others are vile, despicable, un-American, and must be destroyed at all cost.

Blinders Off said...

Immediately after hearing and seeing what happened in Arizona, my thoughts were, "This incident is going to have consequences for Sarah Palin." It appears I was not too far off track because I just read her reality show of approximate 3million viewers (that number is enough for a new season contract) is not being renewed for another season.

My hope is, this incident will cause people in the Republican Party to stand up to people like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, FOX, and the Tea Party when they start spewing hateful and violent rhetoric.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I kept telling people that these folks were preparing for a civil war to overthrow the government. Palin and her sucessionist husband are poison and the worse thing that McCain did was bring them on the political scene. However, you sorta have to overlook McCain because he is going senile. He doesn't know what he is doing half the time. Well...maybe, a little more than half the time. Most of the time, he is irrational and doesn't even remember what he said himself.

Palin, Bachmann, Rush, Beck, Fox We Make It Up News have always been the main instigators since Obama took office. Don't forget about the crosshairs and rifle aimed at the President that they had on Fox Nation last year. As if no one would notice it. FCC should have pulled the plug on all of them a long time ago. Freedom of speech is one thing, but to incite insurrection against the government is an entirely different thing. Smh!


Don't count on it because those that do not agree with what is going on are scared to speak up. Think about it, there were many whites and others who didn't believe in slavery back then from the shores of North America, South America, to the shores of Africa, but they too were scared to speak up because of the pressure, being threatened themselves, and being ostracized. So they went along with the program and were even participants in discrimination during slavery and Jim Crow in order to hold on to their comfort zone. Fear is a powerful thing, if you let it rule you.

People did not catch on to the similarities of the Willie Horton ads coded message and that BS about President Obama being weak because everyone was so upset, including me, with the President for compromising with the GOP party. Anger clouds the mind and fogs rational thinking. However, both were stereotypes. One was the scary, violent black brutes and the other was black men are not capable of leading. The message with bigots is the same, they've just dressed it up a bit with subtlety.

However, now is time to watch and pray more than ever because these are some dangerous folks. If more folks don't start standing up, speaking out, and nip it in the bud, we'll be hearing about more people being hurt in the future. It is going to take standing in unity with people across all color lines and from all political sides to end it before it turns into a bloodbath right here in America.

Mrs. C said...

When Republican Congress mention "The American People" they are speaking for the upper class white people...... WTH
Oh and by the way I like the "red shoe foot in the mouth" pic of Sarah Palin. It fits perfectly...Haaaaaaaa

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Thank you Mrs. C. I thought so too.