Friday, September 30, 2011


I don't remember anyone in the black community giving Rush Limbaugh any honorary brotha recognition.  Evidently, that Oxycontin has him thinking that he can define who is black and who isn't. Instead he should be rushing out to the nearest Weight Watchers to reduce that fat that he passes off as his brain instead of assuming that he can define who is a real black man and who isn't.

Rush had the audacity to say that President Obama is not a real black man and that Herman Cain is a real black man.  What Rush  subtly implied is that President Obama is not a true American, he is somehow hint, hint...a foreigner.  Smh!
I've always had a sneaking suspicion the Bill O'Reilly was an arrogant doofus without a clue, but now without a doubt, he has proved it with his statement, "That African Americans have been brainwashed by "welfare entitlements" to vote for Democrats."  I hate to be the one to rain on O'Reilly's parade, but  blacks stopped getting welfare entitlements when Bill Clinton was President. 

I guess, O'Reilly's small mind has  a problem connecting the dots and figuring out that  the hatemongers such as the Jim Crow TeaNuts, Council of Conservative Citizens, FAIR, neo-Nazis and other hate groups might have something to do with it.  And that Republicans parading out one or two ass-kissing, yes massa, black men does not all of a sudden convince black folks to vote for Republicans.

Nor do I think that patronizing Sylvia's, a black restaurant one time, and his wife being laid in the past by Flava Flav, a black man qualifies O'Reilly as an expert on the psychology of black folks.  Truthfully speaking, O'Reilly should  focused in on getting his business straight on his home front, instead of always trying to dip his big nose into black folk's business.

Let's not forget about the Grand Wizard of the KKK, Pat Buchanan who agrees with overseer  Herman Cain comment about blacks being brainwashed.  Why are we black folks not surprised since ole Pat has expressed in the past that he pretty much believes the Bell Curve Theory.  Moreover,  Pat, thinks that blacks should be grateful for slavery and years of oppression.

Nevertheless, I'd like to give a shout out to the Wall Street protesters.  In addition, I'd like to give one to the Pelican Bay Protesters who are protesting torture at Pelican Bay Prison.

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Affirmative Action Lessons For Dummies!

    I do not know where people get the idea that Affirmative Action means incompetent or dumb.  That is so far from the truth and is a misguided notion and myth that those who want to end it came up with as an obstruction block to prevent the advancement of minorities. 

    Affirmative Action implemented to open doors shut to minorities in the past.  It did not give anyone who was not qualified entrance into Colleges or Universities or enable anyone without qualifications for a particular job. The applicant was still required to have a certain GPA for admittance or qualifications for a particular job.

    There were no automatic good grades issued because of minority status.  Once in the door, black students had to earn their grades the same way any white student did by studying and doing the work.  More was required of minorities than was of white students in order to receive decent grade in classes.  Therefore, minorities had to work harder while  going an extra mile to achieve a grade above a "C".  Unfortunately, white teachers did not exactly roll out the red carpet and say, “You’re black, so you get an “A” or “B” or pass or graduate.  It did not work that way.

    For some reason, the Republicans just don't get it, but then again,  they've always been against anything that they felt would help black people or people different from them.   So true to their discriminatory nature, some Republican students at California University of Berkeley have decided to have a racist cupcake sale.  No, I am not kidding.  They've put an anouncement on facebook and sent out flyers to announce that it will be held on September 27, 2011.

    They plan to sale cupcakes at what they consider discrimination prices by race.  Of course, whites will have to pay more and Blacks and Natives Americans will have to pay less to buy one of their cupcakes.  If you do not come out and buy one of their cupcakes you will be considered racist.  They seem to think that whites are the most deprived, underprivileged, and discriminated race in America and the cupcakes are their way of demonstrating this.  According, to their announcement this cupcake sale is to promote diversity.  However, the cupcake sale main purpose is to protest Affirmative Action.

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    Rocking the Boat?

    Today, I was reading about Iran's President Mahmound Ahmadinejah's speech at the UN.  Apparently, a lot of folks got upset with him and walked out on his speech.  Ahmadinejah can be a little hot-headed and make some comments that will have people blinking their eyes wide open as in shock; one of those "Did he really say that" moments.  And...he has this wild notion about the Holocaust that is NOT true. But...well...

    What I'm trying to say folks is this, did he lie in his speech at the UN meeting?  Okay, let's see, this is what he said:

    "Ahmadinejad's speech pitted the poverty and unhappiness of most countries against the riches and power of the U.S. and unnamed European nations that he accused of perpetuating wars, causing the current global economic crisis and infringing on "the rights and sovereignty of nations."
    He attacked the United States and European colonial powers for abducting tens of millions of Africans and making them slaves, for their readiness "to drop thousands of bombs on other countries," and for dominating the U.N. Security Council He singled out the U.S. for using a nuclear bomb against Japan in World War II and imposing and supporting military dictatorships and totalitarian regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America." ~~Huffingtonpost~~

    "It is as lucid as daylight that the same slave masters and colonial powers that once instigated the two world wars have caused widespread misery and disorder with far-reaching effects across the globe since then," ~~Huffingtonpost~~

    I think Ahmadinenjah was trying to have a serious talk with those white elitist folks. It appears that he had a lot to get off his chest at that UN meeting.  Well...he should take note how some of us over here in America have been trying to tell certain folks the same thing for years and have been met with the brush off and a wall of denial, especially when it comes to accepting responsibility for screwing up the economy.

    Nevertheless, Ahmadinenjah has apparently forgotten about the little insurrection that took place over in his own country not too long ago.  Iranians were rioting like Americans and British folks do when they disagree with the way their being treated by those in authority and they did not seem too happy with the way the elections went down. Iran was looking like Watts for a minute there. I guess we have more in common with Iran than people think.

    I thought that a United Nations meetings was supposed to be a place where different country leaders get together and show diplomacy with each other while discussing issues of concern.  Getting up and walking out in a United Nations meeting because you disagree with what someone is saying is not being diplomatic.   It only demonstrated what Ahmadinenejah accused them of and that is arrogance and I'm sure those other world leaders were thinking the same thing.  So, tell me how do you talk to people who like to point to the splinters in other folk's eye, but who don't want you pointing to the two by four in theirs?

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Wannabe Blacks!

    Apparently, those folks over in Montreal, Canada don't do much Sun tanning, so I guess they've come up with a not so new way to be BLACK. 

    The elitist white students at Hautes Études Commerciales, the Université de Montréal’s business school. claimed to be honoring Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, a five-time World, and three-time Olympic gold medallist by painting themselves with blackfaces.  What takes the cake, is that the University's head honchos do not see anything was wrong with it.  Therefore, they came up with the same old tired excuse and false apology they always use when they know that it was meant as an insult.

    "But the University has defended the students saying the freshmen were assigned an ambassador and sport for the day and had to dress up in costume according to the ambassador."~~Jamaicaobserver~~

    Someone needs to send those white folks over in Montreal a memo to let them know that they do not have to paint themselves with blackfaces to kick it. Nor do they have to pretend that they did not know that it was offensive.  Stop lying and just be your ole racist self.  They must be following our American racist lead. America does have a way of corrupting people's beliefs and giving out false apologies. 

    "Along with donning the colours of the Jamaican flag, several students also covered their face, arms and legs in black paint. The colourful attire included at least one Rastafarian hat, one green underwear patterned with monkey faces, and a stuffed animal that students carried around."~~Jonathan Montpetit,The Canadian Press~~

    "When one of the group members noticed Morgan, he allegedly yelled: "Look guys, we’ve got a real black!" He then turned to the crowd and continued chanting: "Smoke some weed! Yeah mon! Yeah mon!"~~Jamaicaobserver~~

    Well...I guess Jamaicans could  return the so-called friendliness by honoring those Montreal students by painting their faces white when Montreal comes to visit.  And they could shout...Smoke METH and DRINK A KEG OF BEER!  Yeah dude!  Nothing like a friendly game of sports to show sportsmanship.

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Screw the People And The GOP Says, Amen!

    If your looking for the GOP to work on getting Americans back to work?  Well...keep looking, hoping, praying, ah hell, do not expect it.  That is, unless you want to work for a paupers wages.  How does sixty four cents an hour sound to you?  Or maybe, just a few meager pennies more...

    "Banister concluded China has about 38 million city manufacturing workers. The 30 million on whom she found data earn an average $1.06 an hour. Another roughly 71 million suburban and rural manufacturing workers earn an average 45 cents an hour, for a blended 64 cents. In the current BLS survey, Mexico's $2.48 hourly compensation is the lowest." ~~Bloomburg Business Week~~

    Today, the GOP passed a bill in the House that would regress American wages back to antebellum times. If passed in the Senate, which I doubt very seriously, it would cause American's cars, furniture, etc., that are not paid for to be added to the repo list since the GOP does not consider the high cost of living in their so-called brillant ideas.  Moreover, did it ever occur to those dimwitted GOP House Representatives that the cost of living is rising, not decreasing, and lower wages would send more Americans into poverty? 

    "Under this bill, if a company wants to bust a union by outsourcing its work to China, this bill permits it," Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) said on the House floor. "Working people across this country should pay careful attention to this bill. It takes away every working American’s rights."~~Huffingtonpost~~

    Mitt Romney said that he would like someone like Dick Cheney for a VP.  Now, if that don't beat all, I don't know what does.  Evidently, Romney is in agreement with waterboarding, spying on citizens, and outing CIA agents, and shooting friends while on hunting trips.  Jesus, Mary, Mother of Joseph!  Well, that's to be expected since the GOP loves scraping the bottom of the slime bucket. Check out guide to bigotry.

    I am so sick of those rightwing folks accusing the President of being a socialist.  It would be in the rightwing and Teaparty folks best interest  to invest in a dictionary to help them stop lying.  Or at least go to the library.  The definition of socialist is:

    "Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods." ~~Merriam Webster Dictionary~~

    Of course, I am not expecting any of  those on the right to understand the definition of socialist since they all seem to have a high rate of incompetence in reading comprehension.  Nevertheless, President Barack Obama is not guilty of their accusation.  Well, one thing is for sure the revolution won't be televised because the camera crew will more than likely be participating in it after the GOP gets through rolling back wages to a paupers state.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    The GOP Way!

    So, Rick Perry is the GOP hopeful pick, well, it figures since the GOP party is the party of the rich and aristocrat. Why expect anything less from a party that caters to rich folks and is the "death squad for the poor, senior citizens, fatherless, and middleclass. 

    Speaking of Perry, the psuedo Christian, he is a leader in stealing from those who are underprivileged to balance the budget.  Surprising enough, so far we haven't heard of any people dying of heat strokes, except on the job and the homeless in Texas. 

    Nevertheless, for the governor to steal  funds that subsidize the high cost of electrical and heating bills in order to balance the budget is evil.

    "Texas Representative Sylvester Turner said the state is "stealing from the elderly and poor to fill their coffers."~~Ellen Y. Chang~~

    "We are using their money as an 'under table tax' to balance the budget," he said."~~Ellen Y. Chang~~

    What's even worse and could be fatal in some cases, especially for the elderly and those suffering from serious illnesses already is this:

    "Many of these people are not turning on their air conditioners," he said. "They are more scared of their bill."~~Ellen Y. Chang~~

    Maybe, this is Perry's way of generating jobs for the undertaker, but he sure is NOT looking out for poor people and seniors or middleclass folks whom Perry he is suppose to serve too.  Nope, you gotta have plenty of moolah in order for Perry to serve you, so that he can get his cut.  Instead of calling him Mr. Goodhair, they should call him "Bloody Perry" because he sure doesn't mind have blood on his hands.

    Saturday, September 10, 2011


    This negro pretends to be a Civil Rights Advocate, at least that is why  ex-bartender Sean Hannity paraded him out to his viewers on his misleading show.  You should know by now that any negro Hal Turner's buddy Hannity has the nerve to bring on his show and pass off as legit is for the purpose of belittling and lying on us black folks and hoodwink his audience whose critical thinking skills are zero minus negative.

    Nevertheless, I take double umbrage that Hannity would have the nerve to pass off Michael Meyers as an authentic advocate for Civil Rights.   Especially, when Meyers is a representative for right wing organizations like this and this when  their purpose is not exactly fighting for Civil Rights.  Nope!  In fact they are out to dismantle Civil Rights.  That's their real purpose and agenda.

    "On the one hand his bio and his work shows that he has both formal and street cred as a civil rights advocate; but a closer reading reveals a history of alliances with forces who have an interest in disenfranchising the very people he is supposed to represent, such as the right-wing Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which battles supposed liberal bias on-campus, and the ironically named, anti- affirmative action (and anti- Obama) Center for Equal Opportunity." ~~Alex, Newshounds~~

    "The board of Meyers’ NYCRC includes regular Fox contributor Juan Williams - and one Tamar Jacoby, who, according to this article, is “a director of the uber-conservative, racial psuedo-science, neo-conservative, Manhattan Institute which is linked to the righting corporate lobby group, American Legislative Exchange Council."~~Alex, Newshounds~~

    "But ALEC isn't just any old lobby group. According to Sourcewatch’s ALEC Exposed,"~~Alex, Newshounds~~ 

    However, what I really take umbrage about is that the born in HARLEM hoodrat Meyers had the nerve to disrespect President Obama and call him "ghetto" and say that he lacks uh umm, grace and class on the FOX WE MAKE IT UP NEWS.  Y'all have to excuse my French today, but ain't that bout a biscuit.  Who the pluck does he think he is?  But then, you know how it is when some negroes get a dollar and a donut.

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    The Help, Part 1

    People have been talking about the picture “The Help” sharing different views on it. I did not go to see the film and probably will not because I am not a movie theater person. Besides which, I do not think that I want to sit through a movie full of stereotypes and denigration. Nor do I want to watch a whitewashed, sterile versions of what it was like to be a domestic worker back then.  I hear and see enough of that in daily living.

    Earlier on, I made up my mind that I would finish reading the book before I make a comment on it. Nevertheless, the author of “The Help” painted a portrait of  bigoted racism illustrating the destructiveness and control it has over people’s lives. BTW, I will have to do more than one segment on “The Help” because what I have to say is longer than the space and design this blog will allow, so this is
    Part I.

    Truthfully speaking, I did not get any warm, uplifting feelings of hope from it as some professed they did. Nor did I get the white heroine coming to the rescue of blacks. However, I admit that a few parts in it were humorous. In addition, there are some succinct, minuscule mentions of historic Civil Rights Movements, racial tensions, and murder of a Civil Rights figure. Nevertheless, the story illustrated and highlighted the attitudes of whites towards their black “help” while parading out many of the Southern elitist, whites stereotypical images of blacks: their beloved Mammy and Sapphire; alcoholic woman abusers, child deserters, single unwed mothers; blacks steal and are diseased ridden, etc.  Not only that, it pointed out the disdain influential whites have towards poor whites.

    The story takes place in Jackson, Mississippi and was about a white woman name Skeeter exploiting black women for her self-seeking and self-serving interest. Skeeter’s ambition is to become an editor of a leading publisher company. In pursuit of her goal, she lies and tells the head of a publishing company where she put in an application at that she is writing a story about Negro maids telling their side of what it is like working for white people. However, the help (domestic workers) are unaware of this because she never asked them, at least not before she told that lie. Clearly, it demonstrated how easily whites seem to take blacks for granted thinking they should be willing to cater to their every whim or command.

    No doubt, Skeeter is aware of the dangers and backlashes the help would face in that era by telling their story. After all, they live in a town that is the center of racial oppression and where Medgar Evers was assassinated. Moreover, it is a place where violent crimes against blacks happened frequently, regardless of gender or age. It's easy to see, Skeeter was looking out for Skeeter and trying to advance her career. It was not about helping the black women because if Skeeter had been sincere in wanting to help she would have stood up to her racist bigot, friend Hilly.

    Nevertheless, birds of a feather flock together. The only risk Skeeter was taking was being ostracized by a bunch of racist bigots. Evidently, that was more than she wanted to bear. Being ostracized by their own in real life is something that many whites do not have the courage to face, so they just go along with the program, which inadvertently makes them an accomplice and enabler. Racist bigots exercise control over them with threat of ostracizing them. Therefore, they give racist bigots controlling power over them.

    On the other hand, the help could suffer lost of their jobs that they, desperately, needed to feed their family, and their meager existence totally destroyed. In addition, the risk of being sent to prison on false trumped up charges, smeared, slandered, and denied employment ever again in Jackson. Moreover, the help risk their houses being shot up, burned down, and violence. In the same way, racist bigots exercised control over blacks’ lives with threats of cutting off their livelihood and destroying their meager existence. The majority of blacks did not have their own businesses, only a few were self-supporting, so those that did not had to swallow their pride and do what they had to do to survive.

    The only person I felt like Skeeter was trying to save was a female’s image (her mother) in her own household. Her mother gave Constantine the maid who raised Skeeter an ultimatum. That she could no longer see her own flesh and blood ever again if she wanted to keep working for her. She even went so far as to tell her not to even allow her daughter to live with her. Mind you, Skeeter’s mother was not referring to her not seeing Skeeter, but Constantine’s own daughter, which illustrated how much control over blacks’ lives whites seem to think they should have over them. Consequently, Constantine quit working for Skeeter's mother, left with her daughter, and refused to let Skeeter's mother have that much control over her.  Here is a subtle instance  in which the attitude of whites is that blacks are docile children who must yield to whites authority.
    To be continued

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    Slavery Video Game???


    Today, I had planned to write a topic about “The Help”, but something else was brought to my attention, so instead, I am going to write about it.  Some folks must really be longing for the good ole days because now someone has come up with a new video game called “Slavery”.
    “Ever since our SO-CALLED Black leaders began allowing people to speak RECKLESS about President Obama, the level of PUBLIC DISRESPECT against Black people has reached EPIC PROPORTION.”~~Mediatakeout~~

    This is not only disrespect to our President, but it is disrespect to ALL black people. The attacks since day one have been racist in content and not political attacks of policies. For example: A Congressperson calling the President “Tar Baby”. However, when folks on the right attack this President it has something to do with skin color and racist stereotypes.  Not one black person attacked President Bush’s or any of the other 43 President"s skin color or all white people.   It was always about their policies. However, this is not the case with President Obama. Nope, instead they are attacking, disrespecting, and insulting ALL black people.

    There appears to be those in our so-call free society, land of liberty, that seem to think that black folks place is in a servile positions and that they don't deserve to be apart of the "American Dream" because of the color of their skin. Yup, there are some folks  who seem to think the only deserving people who have a right to that dream are lily white rich folks. Therefore, they hold up and praise people with Confederate leanings and aspiring wannabe slave owners like Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry.

    The only people that seem to be speaking out and protesting against this study flow of racist insults seem to be some Black bloggers. Where are the Black Caucus and NAACP organization at and where is their outrage? Have they grown weary or have they grown fearful or have they been brought too? Why are they not standing up and speaking out against the racist insults and disrespect towards our President and Black people is beyond me. Are they out of touched with the black community? Are the Color of Change Organization and Al Sharpton the only ones that have guts enough to stand up against bigotry?

    Travis Smiley and Cornell West have joined the rightwing in bashing the President, but where is their bull horn in speaking out against all of the racist stereotypes and racist disrespect that has been aimed at this President and Black people. Talk about poverty, slavery was a big factor in poverty for black people since it involved “free labor”.  Slavery is a subject that is, constantly, being brought up by the rightwing and Teaparty candidates running for President, lately.   Yup, they seem to longing for the good ole days of picking cotton when they could call us darkies any denigrating name they felt like, disrespect us however they felt like doing, and treating us less than human legally.

    People can sit back thinking that it will never happen, but think about this, it happened after Reconstruction and there were those who thought the same thing.  People it is time to stand up and say ENOUGH!   Skip the empty apologies. 

    Thursday, September 1, 2011


    Could someone please tell me what is wrong with some of  these adults?  I mean there used to be a time when adults acted like adults.  Nowadays, we have adults acting like children and children acting like adults.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why this grown man jumped in his kid's fight. Not only that, he was the one that instigated it.  There used to be a time when adults would have broke the fight up, but this man chose to go another route.

    "Gary Johnson, 35, is accused of orchestrating a fight between his son and another teen, but stepped in when his son decides he's had enough -- brutally beating the other boy."~~13News~~

    "Johnson is an ER Tech at a local hospital. He's suspended pending the outcome of the investigation."~~13News~~

    Okay, just because this mom likes to get high doesn't mean that her baby does too.   Nevertheless, Jessica Callaway thought of a way to calm her baby down that should nominate her for unfit mother of the year.

    "A 21-year-old mother was arrested by Gilbert, Az., Police on Saturday after she allegedly tried to calm her infant daughter by blowing marijuana smoke in the girl's mouth."~~Huffingtonpost~~

    I can't wait to hear those comments that will be forthcoming about how she is just a little misguided, but look like Callaway is well-trained in those little white excuses and ahead of the game because she said she was just having a bad day. Smh! Another fine example of parenting skills by whites?

    Come on now people, we can do better than this.  Don't you think it is time we get our houses in order in ALL America communities and not just single out the same ole black scapegoats. 

    I finished reading "The Help" and I got sorta a different take on it than everyone else did. Since I have a lot to say about "The Help" I've decided to write about it for my next topic.   Hint, I did not get no warm feeling from it or see a white hero/heroine come to save those poor ole black folks either.  More like a white woman out to exploit for her own self-serving purpose.  However, I'll tell y'all about my view of "The Help" in my next topic.