Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The GOP Way!

So, Rick Perry is the GOP hopeful pick, well, it figures since the GOP party is the party of the rich and aristocrat. Why expect anything less from a party that caters to rich folks and is the "death squad for the poor, senior citizens, fatherless, and middleclass. 

Speaking of Perry, the psuedo Christian, he is a leader in stealing from those who are underprivileged to balance the budget.  Surprising enough, so far we haven't heard of any people dying of heat strokes, except on the job and the homeless in Texas. 

Nevertheless, for the governor to steal  funds that subsidize the high cost of electrical and heating bills in order to balance the budget is evil.

"Texas Representative Sylvester Turner said the state is "stealing from the elderly and poor to fill their coffers."~~Ellen Y. Chang~~

"We are using their money as an 'under table tax' to balance the budget," he said."~~Ellen Y. Chang~~

What's even worse and could be fatal in some cases, especially for the elderly and those suffering from serious illnesses already is this:

"Many of these people are not turning on their air conditioners," he said. "They are more scared of their bill."~~Ellen Y. Chang~~

Maybe, this is Perry's way of generating jobs for the undertaker, but he sure is NOT looking out for poor people and seniors or middleclass folks whom Perry he is suppose to serve too.  Nope, you gotta have plenty of moolah in order for Perry to serve you, so that he can get his cut.  Instead of calling him Mr. Goodhair, they should call him "Bloody Perry" because he sure doesn't mind have blood on his hands.


Anonymous said...

Granny, don't you think you are being a little hard on Perry? I mean, he is doing the best he can. His heart is in the right place for Texans. How do you think he got elected?

We live in a capitalist country. Naturally capitalists gravitate to where the money is. What good reason does a capitalist have to share or give to the poor? None. Money is more important than people and those who have the money shall rule. That is how capitalism works.

Surely you are old enough to know that?

Redeye said...

" Instead of calling him Mr. Goodhair, they should call him "Bloody Perry" because he sure doesn't mind have blood on his hands. "

All of THIS!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...



Anonymous said...

Granny, why are you always smh at me? don't you love me?

when are you going to invite me over for dinner? Do you still live in Oakland near the Bakery on San Pablo?