Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tribute to Sam Cooke

Since the President and First Lady are giving tribute to Motown for "Black History Month," I thought I'd give a little tribute to Sam Cooke. What people seem to forget is that Sam Cooke was the first black soul singer to own his own record company and that he paved the way in the music industry for entrepreneurs like Berry Gordy and cleared the way for other black singers.

Cooke was born in 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. His father was a preacher. When Cooke hit the music scene he had a choir boy image and was one of the best soul singers who ever lived. Muhammad Ali was one of his closest friends. He grew up poor and used singing as his hustle to make a few nickels here and there. As a professional singer, he had one hit after another and was very popular at the time. A few of his songs, for example, “Chain Gang” and “A Change Gone Come” were songs about Jim Crow, but Cooke made them soulful hits. He was active in the Civil Rights Movement.

Cooke’s death shocked the nation because he was murdered in a motel and the circumstances surrounding his murder were rather unpleasant and tragic.  He was thirty-three when he died.  Nevertheless, the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death still raise questions to this day. Two funerals were held for Cooke in which around 100,000 people showed up to moan and pay their respects. One well-known celebrity that sung at his funeral was Ray Charles. Cooke was loved by his fans.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

American Land of Liberty...Cough, Cough! Snicker...Snicker!

Today I was thinking about a puzzle and the word "liberty" and what it truly means.  Liberty as defined by American Heritage:

a.  The condition of being free from restriction or control.

b.  The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.

c.  The condition of being physically and legally free from confinement, servitude, or forced labor.
d.  Freedom from unjust or undue governmental control.

e.  A right or immunity to engage in certain actions without control or interference.
Yup, that's what true liberty means.  Think about it, and I mean seriously think about it. So, now, I ask you are Americans really experiencing true liberty?
Democrats are still being threatened. Smh!  Having a passion for country and all is cool, but some folks take it to a dangerous extreme.  That's not good for this country, but then I told y'all folks don't let those Republicans get back in or it would be all bad.  Do you hear me now? 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jim Crow Texas

An innocent man Anthony Graves spent 18 years in jail and now Texas is denying him compensation because of "wording" in his release papers.  Yup, Texas has come up with a  new way to take away innocent people of color's freedom.

The Texas justice system has come up with a new way to screw over black men who are innocent.  Black Americans  face it,  we're living in the NEW JIM CROW era.  America the land of the FREE does not include black people in the FREE part if you live in TEXAS.  Well...what do you expect with a governor like Rick Perry who is a confederate sympathizer. 

Texas appears to be a little backwards and evidently does not like diverse communities since they have a history of locking up innocent black men.  Graves is not the first black man that was found innocent in Texas.

It was just a few months ago that Texas was rewriting history and leaving people of color out it. Deep in the heart of Texas are some racial preferences for incarcerating innocent black men.

This man has spent 18 years of his life in prison and now Texas wants to renege and refuse to obey the law to compensate him for those wasted years of his life.  A man did not break the law, but the state of Texas is breaking a law and denying him what is rightfully due him.  It is something wrong with the justice system if they can lock an innocent man up, take away 18 years of his life, and then spit in his face when they realize that they made a mistake.  Folks there is no justice like Texas' injustice!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heffa Sitdown!

Would someone please tell Sarah Failing Palin that she is no Hillary Clinton. Why on earth Palin seems to think that she has what is takes to be President of these United States of America is comical to say the least.

Well...that's being polite. Naaah...forget being polite. Fact of business, she is too dumb to be the President and that's the bottom line. Whatever gave her the notion that all it takes to be President is spouting out some little nice-nasty juvenile slogans or hurtful words, and talking more country than Ellie Mae on the Beverly Hillbillies does not cut it. Nope, I'm afraid not.

She lacks class and is not refined, which is a few qualities anyone running for President should have. GWB might have mispronunced a few words or got a little mixed up in grammar here and there, but GWB did have a little class. I mean come on now, for goodness sakes, a President has to sit down and talk to other world leaders.

After all, people we do not want a President embarrassing us with phrases like "You Betcha" or "Hows' that crown working out for ya, Queenie" when greeting the the Queen of England or telling dignitaries from other countries that she can see Russia from her backyard. Nor do we want a President winking their eye at other world leaders.

She does not get it! People want a President that has above average knowledge, which she is sorely lacking. To tell you the truth, her knowledge does not even rise above barely passing at third grade level. In addition, she suffers from illusions and is a gold-diggers. People do not want a gold-digger in charge of the taxpayer's money.

How she conned the people of Alaska into letting her be their governor is similar to watching one of those reality shows...Flavor Fav comes to mind, unbelievable.

Now, all of a sudden she wants to teach journalist because she has a degree in communications. Yup, Palin has all of a sudden promoted herself to expert/Professor of Journalism overnight in her little pea-brain mind. Whatever that heffa is sipping on, she needs to regroup and come out of that coma she is in. Expert in journalism or Professor of journalism, she is not! Palin is not even an expert in???  Hey, just what is she an expert in???  NOTHING, but running her mouth!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Need A U-Haul Movement

What the heck is wrong with President Obama?  Has someone kidnapped the Barack Obama that ran for President and replaced him with a clone?  Because it looks like to me he is more interesting in winning the approval of the wingnuts than he is the people who put him in office.

I've been trying to hold my peace, but enough is enough!  Heat is a mandatory basic need for people to survive.  Well...Mr. President I sure hope you got a big enough refrigerator in the White House because the poor might have to come live with you until the cold weather ends.  I'm just saying. 

If he adds cuts to the energy program to the budget, he won't have to worry about anyone coming out to vote, especially seniors and poor people because they'll all be froze like popsicles.  With people out of jobs and losing their homes, many of the what used to be the middleclass will be in the same shape.

Does the president  realize that the weather has been extremely cold in the United States?  Oh I forgot, the White House has nice big fireplaces all thoughout the White House and the electric bill is paid by the taxpayers.  Heat is the last worry for the President and Congress because Capitol Hill and the White House is warm and cozy, not to mention AirForce One, and those Presidential Limousines while chilling and drinking wine.

What we need is a "U-Haul Truck Movement" where all the poor people and senior citizens rent a U-Haul truck and not march, but ride to the White House, and move in. 

Why would politicians think that it is wise to cut energy program when the price of heat and electricity have tripled. Senior haven't had a cost of living raise for the last couple of years.  I don't know what report those folks up on Capitol Hill are reading, but it must be the one from the 1920s because it sure isn't the one for 2011. Matter of fact, all of those reports must be for the 1920s. 

What other big ideas do our politicians have in store for us?  I mean should we go back to horse and buggy too since the price of gas is rising.  Should we go back to the old fashion splitting logs for heat?

Politicians have no ideas.  The only solution they come up with every time is cuts for the poor.  Yet, they can come up with billions for a war that the American people did not want or ask for and money for elections. Cuts for the poor is not any well thought out solution, it just the same old repetitious suggestion that has been used so much until it is like a broke record and the poor know it by heart.  The name of the song is Its Gone Be Painful." That's always the clue to poor people that the politicians are getting ready to snatch away what little crumbs they have.

For once I wish politicians up on Capitol Hill would come up with an idea and I'm talking about a fresh, real idea, good idea, instead of the same mentally lazy, stale ideas over and over. Nothings changed!  It's the same playbook and outdated manual that's been used all throughout history by every single politicians.

Why do politicians hate seniors, poor people and fatherless children?  Looks like they are not too fond of the middleclass either.  Well...what used to be the middleclass that is.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Sister Tribes In Africa - Read First!

Did you know that most Africans who live in Africa can recognize what tribe some black's ancestors belonged to by looking at them?  Well, that is what I was told back years ago by someone who was from Africa. I knew where a couple of my ancestors originated from in Africa, so I tested that person on it. Therefore it might be true because most Africans recognize what tribes other Africans are from. We all have some of our ancestor's features in us because a man and woman become one.  So, I thought in the celebration of Black History Month, I'd do something different. This video has music playing in the background.

Just for fun, see if any of you sisters can recognize by looking at these African sisters some of your features or maybe one that bares resemblance to someone in your family. For those who have mixed heritage you can still try too. You might see one of these sister's that look like an aunt, a sister, a cousin, your mother, or a grandparent. Who knows it might be a clue as to which tribe your ancestors came from.

Black History Month

The Honorable Thurgood Marshall