Monday, May 21, 2012

Scary Black Dude!

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of Zimmerman's supporters complaining that none of the pictures of Trayvon are recent. Okay, so I decided to post a recent picture of Trayvon taken a few weeks before he was MURDERED.

This is the young man that Zimmerman's supporters have labeled a thug and big scary looking black dude. He looks like an average teenager.  I don't know too many young males that put on a suit and tie to go to the store in the rain, unless they work in a office and are on their way to work.

Heck,  I guess I would look suspicious to Zimmerman if he saw me in my housecleaning gear.   Yep, head rag, sweats or jeans, big baggy T-shirt, a HOODIE, and flipflops. I pay good money for my clothes and I'm not about to mess them up mopping, dusting, and scrubbing. Leave it to Beaver's mom was full of dung.
Evidently, Geraldo and Bill O'Reilly must think that black young boys should wear a suit and tie.  It's okay for everybody else to wear hoodies, except black people because they look like thugs if they wear one.  So, my two-year great-grandchild is a thug because HOODIES mean black people are thugs.   Geraldo and Bill are full of dung too.  Granny--->giving both of them major eye rollage!
It's a few things wrong with that going by appearances, innocent people are targeted and wind up dead.  Because according to Geraldo's stereotype, all BLACK males are SCARY.  It wouldn't matter if Trayvon had been dressed in a suit. 

Nope!  Because they would find something wrong with that.  There was a time when all Black males dressed in slacks and suits, but that didn't stop them from being harrassed by the police or stereotyped.  So, should black males just wear their birthday suits and call it a day? 

Has Geraldo or Bill looked in the mirror lately?  I mean since we're judging people by their appearance someone should tell them how they look.  Geraldo looks pretty scary himself with that ridiculous mustache. 

And Lord knows if they can stand the sight of Jesse Lee Peterson...I'm just saying.  Peterson could audition for a part in a monster flick and they wouldn't even have to apply any makeup. 

I don't cuss, but Geraldo and Bill can pluck themselves and the horse they rode in on!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Con Artists, Haters & People Who Cling To Their Guns

Oh no, this baby momma who was sleeping with her boyfriend in her mother's house didn't!  And Bristol Palin is a bully to boot.  Picking on children. Well, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  Bristol is the product of an unstable, dysfunction, sucessionist family full of con artists that fall under the category of golddiggers with her mother being the number one crook.

It seems the Palin family will do anything to make a quick buck and stay in the limelight.  She needs to go sit her tail down and hush because people still think that her mommy's so-called last baby might be hers and maybe a product of incest. You never can tell about these backwards folks that try to push their way into high society. 

I'm glad that President Obama and First Lady have too much class to lower themselves down to the Palin's trashy level and attack children.  In addition, the President and First Lady raised their two daughters properly and you won't hear of  Malia and Sashia trying to make an unethical quick buck and pretending to be something they are not.

Btw, Bristol, maybe, you and your silly, semi-illiterate mom should use some of that money you made in your political lying scams and buy an education.  Your mom could use one. I'm just saying!

What is wrong with these people?   Is this supposed to be a compliment or a  insult?  This is Philistine, disrespectful,  and uncultivated regardless of what your political affiliation is.  Pluck Newsweek!

I wonder if white folks will riot if Zimmerman is found guilty and President Obama is elected?

It must be the water in the South that is making these southern white folks cling to their guns and the birther theory.    And all this time I thought the South was a peaceful laid back place.  No wonder some of those Southern politicians come up with some of the most assine proposals. Yeah, it must be the water in the South or too much sun.  Granny-->scratching her head.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I haven't really been able to focus in on blogging lately. It's not that I don't have a lot to say. There has been plenty happening in America to talk about .

Yesterday, I spent the whole day at the hospital. My baby sister had a stroke, her brain is swollen along with a couple of other complications. Today, she was airlifted to Stanford Medical Center.

In addition, for the last couple of years I've been dealing with a lot of sickness and death of my loved ones repeatedly and nonstop lately. The ones that died, lived a full life.  However, that does aleviate the pain I feel in my heart.

I'm a family oriented person who loves family, and I miss them. Our family is close knit.  Those that live in other states, we keep up with one another through telephone and Internet. Growing up, we had our friends too, but we mostly hung out with family.

What I consider another traumatic experience for me is I let my daughter talk me into getting my hair cut short. Believe me after wearing my hair long for so many years that in itself is traumatizing to me. :) The woman cut my hair way too short for my taste. In fact, she cut it so short you can smell my brain. No, you cannot actually smell my brain and that is just a saying that I have. However, in the last few days I've gotten use to it and it is a sophisticated look.

Nevertheless, the world does not stop turning, so I am going to talk about a couple of things that have caught my eye in the news.

I was reading where some skinheads were preparing for a race war. However, what really caught my eye about this one is the fact that they were hoping to use deadly toxin ricin as one of their choice of weapons. Evidently, the mastermind of this plan is not very bright.

"The racists were training with AK-47′s, stockpiling weapons and allegedly planning to manufacture ricin, a substance the U.S. government considers a weapon of mass destruction."~~DailyMail~~

"Faella believed there was an inevitable race war coming and he saw American Front as being the protectors of the 'white race.' And he wanted to be ready."~~DailyMail~~

Faella, I guess it is inevitable if you're one of those who has been inciting it. Faella, evidently was not taught when he was a child never to start fights because you could wind up on the losing end of it, especially if you have the wrong motive for starting it. It does not always turn out like you think.

Jesse Lee Peterson is at it again with his hate aimed at women now. Apparently, Peterson not only is a self hating black man, but he hates women too. Well, that's to be expected of those on the right. They tend to be mysogynist.  Ladies you do know where the GOP party is headed with this. Their intentions is to strip women of all their rights.

I doubt if any self-respecting female would give Peterson a first or second glance because he is a hateful, vicious, evil, and bitter man.  Besides which, he is ugly as sin.  Plus, he is Sean Hannity's puppet and yes man who wears out his knee pads for Hannity.

However, this is the not first time Peterson has had negative comments about women. Nope! He suggested once on CNN  that women should be physically abused and one time he called women whores

Well, looks like Paul Ryan's budget has passed the house.   Smh!  I totally agree with Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) when he said this:

"How do we reconcile more money for bombs while cutting money for bread?" asked Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio). "The real deficit that we are dealing with here is a moral deficit, and it's time that we face the truth."

Paul Ryan will go down in history as an asshole who sucked up to the rich.  Did he take out the part of that bill that benefits his own family?  Starve poor people to feed greed should be Ryan's motto.

Granny has a solution to trim the budget.  My proposal is that we eliminate the GOP Party out of Congress by voting every single one of them out of office come November.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arianna Huffington is so full of dung.  She had the nerve to say that President Obama’s ad depicting that he got Osama Ben Laden was despicable.  Arianna is so full of dung.  Other Presidents can list their accomplishments, but I guess in her book a BLACK President is not supposed to list his.  That’s strange coming from a woman that sounds like she has a mouth full of snuff every time she opens up her mouth speaking Greek vernacular.  I’m just saying.   
Allen West has really been showing his black behind lately.   He should be a no-no on people’s guest list because he doesn’t know how to act and likes to badmouth the guest.   Well…I’m not surprise.  He is crazier than a road lizard. 
West is not alone though.  Nope!  Practically the majority of the rightwing folk’s elevator is stuck on the thirteenth floor.  Take Joe Welsh for instance.  The rightwing folks have used the race card so much, until it’s maxed out.   I mean come on folks.  We hear these types of outbursts from them all the time and regularly now.  The GOP has gotten so bold with them, until the people have become immune and expect it out of them.  Let them get it all off their chest.
Now, this story here tops the cake.  The one regarding Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage.  Apparently, that’s a problem for GOP Rep Scott Brown.  You cannot get any more American than Native American.  They are about as real American and Americans can get!  Okay, so is Brown is implying that she is not European white enough and therefore, not acceptable for the position?  Talk about color arousal issues, the GOP really has some color arousal issues. 
The GOP party is not the only ones having 1950s nostalgia.  Nope, a UK company is having a little bit of its own brand of nostalgia—African Americans like Diana Ross with Afros used as Brillo pads.  So, next we’ll be seeing them create black dolls shackled in chains or picking cotton?  Some of you white folks have a sadistic, sick sense of humor.
I swear Florida has some very sick people living there.  These two people here got drunk and acted like their seven year old granddaughter was a U-Haul trailer attached to their SUV. This is too sick to repeat.  I hope they lock them up and throw away the key.