Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Con Artists, Haters & People Who Cling To Their Guns

Oh no, this baby momma who was sleeping with her boyfriend in her mother's house didn't!  And Bristol Palin is a bully to boot.  Picking on children. Well, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  Bristol is the product of an unstable, dysfunction, sucessionist family full of con artists that fall under the category of golddiggers with her mother being the number one crook.

It seems the Palin family will do anything to make a quick buck and stay in the limelight.  She needs to go sit her tail down and hush because people still think that her mommy's so-called last baby might be hers and maybe a product of incest. You never can tell about these backwards folks that try to push their way into high society. 

I'm glad that President Obama and First Lady have too much class to lower themselves down to the Palin's trashy level and attack children.  In addition, the President and First Lady raised their two daughters properly and you won't hear of  Malia and Sashia trying to make an unethical quick buck and pretending to be something they are not.

Btw, Bristol, maybe, you and your silly, semi-illiterate mom should use some of that money you made in your political lying scams and buy an education.  Your mom could use one. I'm just saying!

What is wrong with these people?   Is this supposed to be a compliment or a  insult?  This is Philistine, disrespectful,  and uncultivated regardless of what your political affiliation is.  Pluck Newsweek!

I wonder if white folks will riot if Zimmerman is found guilty and President Obama is elected?

It must be the water in the South that is making these southern white folks cling to their guns and the birther theory.    And all this time I thought the South was a peaceful laid back place.  No wonder some of those Southern politicians come up with some of the most assine proposals. Yeah, it must be the water in the South or too much sun.  Granny-->scratching her head.


Mildred said...

Good post, Granny.

Hard to know what the Palins want. No matter what, they are distractions. I'm hoping we can stay more focused on folks like the Koch Brothers, Soros and Joe Ricketts and broader trends like globalization.

truthbetold said...

Granny, I've read your blog but never commented before. You are spot on about the Palin's and most Republicans for that matter.

They are media whores and will do just about anything to make a fast buck.

Funny how AmeriKlan loves this family but hates Mrs. Obama for asking kids and their parents to eat healthier!

Granny, please visit my Blog called
diaryofanegress.com. I honestly and openly talk about real life issues in AmeriKlan society.

Mainly blacks issues but all needed in order to understand this weird place called AmeriKlan.

Anonymous said...

Granny PLEASE! put up a new post. This one isn't cutting it and you KNOW if I say it, you should follow. I can't get any relief on nobody's blog. This really sucks.

depressed Negro

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Thanks Mildred and truthbetold!

truthbetold, I'll add a link to your blog in my blog list.

Anonymous, LOL! I plan to put up another topic soon. Don't fret! Just give me a minute to regroup and relax my mind.