Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is There A Psychiatrist In the House?

The more I read the latest of Glen Beck and Teabagger's  insane babblings and what they are about the more I think that they might need to see a good head shrink.  And to think they represent those on the right's values and ideals. Scary!  Or are Americans that stressed out that they are just not thinking straight these days.

As a child I would sometimes spend the summer with my grandmother. I remember back then how my grandmother would sometimes take in boarders who were family members or friends.  They were family or friends who had moved from the South to the West Coast in search of employment, a better life, and to escape the severeness of Jim Crow.   She would give them a temporary place to stay until they could get on their feet and secure their own place.

Anyway, I remember one cousin who was an alcoholic. The stress caused from racism had drove him to drinking heavily.  Alcohol was his stress reliever.  However, his drinking heavily caused him and even bigger problem...alcoholic "Delirium tremens" and he would have hallucinations whenever he stopped drinking for a few days and would say some of the craziest things. 

Glen Beck reminds me of that alcoholic cousin with all his blackboard and chalk conspiracies.  The only difference is my cousin wasn't a danger to our American society as a whole because we kept him in the house whenever he had his little hallucination moments out of other people's sight.  However, Fox We Make Up Lies News likes to show Glen Beck off as a so-called savior of the people who is warning us and trying to save us from our President who he claims is a "Socialist" and "Muslim" and "Communist" that is out to destroy America.  All of these are hallucinations which stem from Glen Beck.

Then there are the other candidates that the teabaggers are backing like Christine O'Donnell, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman, Ron Johnson, and don't forget the Miller guy in Alaska and a few other wierdoes.  After Levy's interview on MSNBC yesterday it makes me think that those folks in Wasilla, Alaska don't believe in reading newspapers or require that their schools teach government civics classes.  I guess they don't think they need them seeing how they can see Russia from their backyard.

The one dude that is really scary is that Paladino who is running for governer in New York with his thuggish mannerisms.  He reminds me of one of those characters in a mobster movie.  Well...considering the background of his aides he might be a real-life thug.

What disturbs me is that these GOP candidates are against government.  Okay, so why would anyone who is against government run in the first place?  Do they not realize that the positions they are running for are government positions?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Call Cuzn Pookie and Dem Tha Party Is On!

Okay, folks its time to call cuzn Pookie and Dem and tell them that the GOP party is giving away free chicken wings and a ride in a Hummer Limo ride to vote. Y'all know us black folks just luvs us some free food. Pass the word, it's time to party. Don't forget to tell dem to bring their own forties and marijuana. Fo real though!

And don't forget to tell y'all crazy Uncle Joe that stays drunk 24/7 who still has those Vietnam flashbacks and thinks he is still in the war and his freeloading partner Willie. What would a good ole chicken wing feast be without y'all two tons of fun Aunt Bertha who will eat you out of house and home if you let her. Oh yeah, and send a notice to the homeless shelters and homeless people on the street.

Don't forget that no good for nothing Leroy up the street who will steal everything not tied down who is affiliated with those chop shop folks. Free chicken wings, you can't beat that and a free ride in a Hummer Limo. Tell them the party is on! And you know those twins Roshaunda and Yolanda, Omar and Fast Black gone want to bring they Rap CDs to test out those speakers on that Hummer while they party.

When the chicken is gone, the Hummer dismantled and prepared for the chop shop, and Uncle Joe done had one of those Vietnam flashbacks, and the drivers done took off running somewhere. The party will be officially over.  Don't forget to holler voter intimidation or is that bribing the voter real loud so the camera men from the news department can film you getting out of a Hummer? So your friends can see you rode in style.  Show them GOP folks that us black folks know how to drop the "no snitch policy" too.

Apparently, those GOP folks think that all they have to do is offer us black folks some fried chicken and a ride in a Hummer to get our vote. And that's it, that's all! Yup, they think that blacks will sell their sold to the devil for some chicken and so that we can floss in a Hummer like we doing big thangs now. I mean did they have to dig real deep in the intellectual think tank to come up with that asinine belief?

So, that's how they won those black conservatives over to their side.

Black people have been here since the 1600 and 1700s and white folks still do NOT know us. They just think they do. Apparently, those folks on the right need to take a class to teach them how not to insult black folks. Hey...with the economy bad and all, that might be a good small business investment to open a school with training on how not to insult black folks and really offer a sincere promise of help on some issues that we as blacks are concerned with. On second thought, we better let them stay stuck on stupid.

The GOP's Laundered Accessories!

The GOP has made a pledge to America. But hey...wait a minute, are they offering change or recycled ideas? The GOP is full of Dung!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exploring Race and America's Future

Today I wanted to announce an event that will take place online.  Forgive me but this is a cut and paste thingee, but I asked for permission from the org. and was given the go ahead.   Besides, I thought it would be better to let them present themselves and explain what it is about: 



Six-week online book club will join opinion leaders, equity advocates, and ordinary people in a national conversation on race a  other critical issues facing our country today

September 8, 2010 – New York, NY – Today, three national civil rights leaders announced the launch of the “Race and America’s Future Virtual Book Club,” a six-week online book club exploring the challenges and opportunities facing our changing nation – and what we can do about them.

Inspired by the new book Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America’s Future (written by PolicyLink Founder & CEO Angela Glover Blackwell, USC Professor Manuel Pastor, and Asian-American civil rights leader Stewart Kwoh), the virtual book club will engage people from all ethnic, cultural, social and political backgrounds in an open, honest, and meaningful discussion on race.

“By 2050 people of color will be the majority in our country – and yet there remains so much work ahead to fix the deep-seated, inequities that persist in our economy, our institutions, our schools, and our communities,” said Angela Glover Blackwell. “America needs a national dialogue on race and, although this virtual book club won’t carry that weight by itself, we do hope it will spark real discussion across the nation and in our communities.”

Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 29th (and every Wednesday through Election Day), this online conversation will explore crucial issues facing the country today, as America pushes towards 2050, when people of color will comprise a majority in America. The weekly topical discussions will include:

Sept. 29: Are We Post-Racial Yet?

Oct. 6: Color Lines: Growing and Accepting Diversity

Oct. 13: Race and the Economy

Oct. 20: Urgent Challenges: Immigration, Incarceration, and Climate Change

Oct. 27: New Leadership for now and 2050

Nov. 3: Equity is the Superior Growth Model

Each topic will be accompanied by key questions from the authors, helping guide the conversation – but not limiting it.

Hosted through EquityBlog, these discussions will be critical as the November elections approach, and America’s leaders work towards a more equitable and inclusive recovery for all people.

“A successful recovery requires that we all engage and work towards pragmatic solutions that make it possible for all people to participate in America’s resurgence. I encourage you to join us and be a part of this critical dialogue on race our nation so greatly needs,” said Glover Blackwell.

"Race can be an incredibly difficult subject to talk about – which is exactly why we must do so as openly and frankly as possible,” said Manuel Pastor. “Having these conversations in a way that is personal and candid -- but with a focus on the policy agenda that follows -- will help lay the groundwork for a national agenda that leads with equity. We hope that the ‘Race and America’s Future Virtual Book Club’ will be a useful step towards pushing this conversation in the right direction, and helping us all reach common ground on today’s most divisive issues.”

"Before we can develop policy frameworks that address the many struggles disparately impacting people of color --- high unemployment, impoverished communities, poor health and schools --- we must deeply understand why race is a common denominator, and is a key to find real and lasting solution to these growing disparities," said Stewart Kwoh.

For more on the “Race and America’s Future Virtual Book Club,” please visit Equity Blog.

For more on the book Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America’s Future” and the authors, visit

PolicyLink is a national research and action institute advancing economic and social equity by Lifting Up What Works.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rerun Day!

Today is what I call Rerun day.  In other words, the topic today is a documentary "Rerun."  Well...that is it might be a rerun to some and others...maybe not.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Tha H... Is Wrong With You!?!

Whenever my dad read about or heard or saw someone doing something dumb he would always say, "Some people if you put their brain in a bird it'll fly upside down backwards."  And he would shake his head. while I was doing my daily routine of reading different newspapers I came across some articles of people doing dumb stuff that fits into that category.

A woman was mugged, but her mugger didn't get too far.  Well...that's one less mugger on the streets. Thank you Jesus! Btw, her mugger might be serious about "getting money," but his brain, well...

I see the folks in Philly are very passionate about keeping the air clean.  Yup, they are willing to bare all to promote clean air. Anyway, you got to give it them though.  At least they're trying to do something to prevent smog. Maybe, Texas and L.A. should follow their lead. Do clothes pollute the air?

Some people have a generous and giving spirit.  Nothing wrong with that. In fact, that's a good human quality to have  You won't believe what turned up in the Goodwill's collection box. I bet this generous spirit is a rightwinger.

Those young people in Montana don't sound like they're too technology savvy.  Most young people out this way can dial telephone numbers to text messages in their sleep and don't miss a beat or should I miss dial a number.

Okay...some folks need to learn that drinking and zapping don't mix.  Like my daddy said, " Some folks if you put their brain in a bird, it'll fly upside down backwards."  Smh!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If Your A Person Of Color Don't Run For President

Yup!  I said it.  I know that doesn't sound very encouraging for people of color.  However, mainstream America does not want anyone nonwhite up in the "White House"...especially if your black.

After the first black president was elected in 2009, Americans exhibited what must have been a false jubilance.  Americans were so proud and excited that they had elected a black man for President of the United States of America.The night it was announced that Barack Obama won the elections, every group of people was represented and they were unified in victory. The air was filled with electricity and all spirits seemed lifted.  It was something that no person of color thought they would ever see come to past. 

Barack Obama wasn't the average American black man descended from a slave.  He was biracials with a white American mother and a pure African father from Kenya.  A man with impeccable character and impressive accomplishments and just to name a few he was:  Harvard graduate with honors, an inspiring orator, editor of the Harvard Law Review, a law professor, and civil rights attorney.  President Obama married a Michelle Obama who also was an accomplished black woman.  The President and First Lady raised two beautiful and well-mannered girls.  They were regarded as the idea family. He has kept quite a few of his promises and is working on other ones.

America had all of a sudden become "post-racial" and all the history of the ill-will of the past towards black people had suddenly been erased.  Racism had finally ended at least that is what white folks were claiming as their victory for electing a black man.  But then, the enemies begin to show their fangs and bit into the minds of Americans injecting their venom in strong doses.

First,  jubilance and unity died.  The coroner's report for them read too weak to survive the poison.  Second, support and enthusiasm died  from the President trying to make health care available to everyone.  Third, the conspiracy virus,quack media smear influenza , and  attempted assassinations and threat bug struck at the same time.   Fourth, next was the racism plague.  Fifth, adverse side affects within his own party begin to take affect. Six, hope and change were put on life support. Finally, the media pundit specialists, anxious to pull the plug, were called in to give their diagnosis.

Americans sat out in the waiting room.  Some wanted the media specialist to pull the plug.  Others said there might still be a chance that hope and change could pull through and recover.  The crabs in the barrel, Teabaggers, those nostalgia, anti-civil rights folks, Fox We Make Up Lies followers were shouting pull the plug...pull the plug.  While those with still a glimmer of hope were being drowned out by all the shouts from the pull the plug crowd.

That's how they treat people of color who run for President.