Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Tha H... Is Wrong With You!?!

Whenever my dad read about or heard or saw someone doing something dumb he would always say, "Some people if you put their brain in a bird it'll fly upside down backwards."  And he would shake his head. while I was doing my daily routine of reading different newspapers I came across some articles of people doing dumb stuff that fits into that category.

A woman was mugged, but her mugger didn't get too far.  Well...that's one less mugger on the streets. Thank you Jesus! Btw, her mugger might be serious about "getting money," but his brain, well...

I see the folks in Philly are very passionate about keeping the air clean.  Yup, they are willing to bare all to promote clean air. Anyway, you got to give it them though.  At least they're trying to do something to prevent smog. Maybe, Texas and L.A. should follow their lead. Do clothes pollute the air?

Some people have a generous and giving spirit.  Nothing wrong with that. In fact, that's a good human quality to have  You won't believe what turned up in the Goodwill's collection box. I bet this generous spirit is a rightwinger.

Those young people in Montana don't sound like they're too technology savvy.  Most young people out this way can dial telephone numbers to text messages in their sleep and don't miss a beat or should I miss dial a number.

Okay...some folks need to learn that drinking and zapping don't mix.  Like my daddy said, " Some folks if you put their brain in a bird, it'll fly upside down backwards."  Smh!


Blinders Off said...

Here is a good "What The Hell Is Wrong With You"...,0,5007030.story

In St. Louis robbers got away with millions of dollars in a ATM company heist. The girlfriend of one of the robbers went on a shopping spree at Walmarts paying for her purchases with the bank bands still wrapped around the money...She is definitely a bird flying upside down :)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yup, she definitely qualifies as a bird flying upside down backwards. Smh!

Reggie said...

I guess that this is the real news huh?

My grandfather used to always say "he don't have the sense that God gave to a jackass".

Black Diaspora said...

Granny, the world is upside down and flying backward.


I think the gooney birds have taken over, and the rest of us are mere spectators.