Friday, September 24, 2010

Call Cuzn Pookie and Dem Tha Party Is On!

Okay, folks its time to call cuzn Pookie and Dem and tell them that the GOP party is giving away free chicken wings and a ride in a Hummer Limo ride to vote. Y'all know us black folks just luvs us some free food. Pass the word, it's time to party. Don't forget to tell dem to bring their own forties and marijuana. Fo real though!

And don't forget to tell y'all crazy Uncle Joe that stays drunk 24/7 who still has those Vietnam flashbacks and thinks he is still in the war and his freeloading partner Willie. What would a good ole chicken wing feast be without y'all two tons of fun Aunt Bertha who will eat you out of house and home if you let her. Oh yeah, and send a notice to the homeless shelters and homeless people on the street.

Don't forget that no good for nothing Leroy up the street who will steal everything not tied down who is affiliated with those chop shop folks. Free chicken wings, you can't beat that and a free ride in a Hummer Limo. Tell them the party is on! And you know those twins Roshaunda and Yolanda, Omar and Fast Black gone want to bring they Rap CDs to test out those speakers on that Hummer while they party.

When the chicken is gone, the Hummer dismantled and prepared for the chop shop, and Uncle Joe done had one of those Vietnam flashbacks, and the drivers done took off running somewhere. The party will be officially over.  Don't forget to holler voter intimidation or is that bribing the voter real loud so the camera men from the news department can film you getting out of a Hummer? So your friends can see you rode in style.  Show them GOP folks that us black folks know how to drop the "no snitch policy" too.

Apparently, those GOP folks think that all they have to do is offer us black folks some fried chicken and a ride in a Hummer to get our vote. And that's it, that's all! Yup, they think that blacks will sell their sold to the devil for some chicken and so that we can floss in a Hummer like we doing big thangs now. I mean did they have to dig real deep in the intellectual think tank to come up with that asinine belief?

So, that's how they won those black conservatives over to their side.

Black people have been here since the 1600 and 1700s and white folks still do NOT know us. They just think they do. Apparently, those folks on the right need to take a class to teach them how not to insult black folks. Hey...with the economy bad and all, that might be a good small business investment to open a school with training on how not to insult black folks and really offer a sincere promise of help on some issues that we as blacks are concerned with. On second thought, we better let them stay stuck on stupid.


Justice58 said...

Hi Granny!

Hope all is well with you today. Granny, what are your thoughts on Bishop Eddie Long?

I can't imagine what his wife, family & members are feeling. I'm sad.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hi Justice:

I hate to say it, but so far it is not looking too good for Bishop Long. This is not the first scandal his name has come up in. Although, it is the first sex scandal.

His family is more than likely embarrassed and tore up behind this. They are paralyzed with shock, hurt, and anger.

We just have to wait and see. If it turns out to be true, he has made it bad for others and they'll be using him as O.J. example if you know what I mean. We are living in a time when the church is under persecution already because of some of bad things that have been exposed in some of the leaders of mega churches and it makes those who are really
living a righteous life look bad.

People fail to realize that preachers are human too and they are not without flaws. We have to accept the fact that some of them can sometimes do bad things too, and whatever is in the dark comes to the light.

Speaking for myself, I've never been into mega churches for several reasons. I like those small churches where they really are living what they preach and people are held accountable.

When too much money is involved and not used for the purpose it was intended, it leads to corruption and it tends to change God's intended purpose to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help the poor. It is not suppose to be a money venture or a business to help the preacher live a life of luxury. Instead it is suppose to be to help lead folks to Christ and help provide for the widow, fatherless, and poor.

kid said...

Hi Granny,

I followed those links to the article and wonder what's wrong with our people in Louisiana?

°º§DƏLLA§º° said...

I imagine it going something like this..





GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey Kid, I think it is in the water. You know they deregulated that too during Bush's reign. Remember back when they said the water had been polluted with Pharmaceutal medicine? I think folks is highly medicated and don't know it. LOL!

@Della, that was funny. I am sitting here laughing so hard until I got tears in my eyes.

Gurl, you know they are talking about that man up one side and down the other. His ears are probably burning up because he is those black folks prime topic right about now and it ain't nothing nice.

Anonymous said...

Granny, "Black people have been here since the 1600 and 1700s and white folks still do NOT know us. They just think they do."

Well, Whites know enough about us to keep us buffaloes for a long time going back to slavery. You might think this is stupid, but we have a lot of hungry folks who WILL go for some free food and a ride home in a limo. Besides, they got the idea from their "go to" guy Michael Steele.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Nah, they don't know us, they know stereotypes. So, do you feel that you fit one of their stereotypes?

All black folks don't like chicken or flashy cars, but now we might have a few that will fall for that offer and yes they could be hungry.

Our[blacks]only downfall is that we do not stand UNITED like other groups of people do. We have some that are willing to sell their soul for money, others who are ashamed of who their color, and some who have forgotten where they come from, etc.

Michael Steele is pitiful,I don't dislike him though, but I do feel sorry for him. I even feel compassion for him when those that he works for humiliate him publicly like they do. However, that is the bed he chose to lie down in; therefore, he put himself in that predicament. If he likes it, I love it. Nevertheless, I still feel compassion for him.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I meant to say...who are ashamed of their own color.