Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strip President Obama Of His Citizenship?

Since the election in 2009, the GOP party has showed themselves with clarity that they are the party of no, racist, party first and people last,  party of corporations,  inciters of violence and treason, and the list goes on and on.  However, their last stunt tops the cake.

Apparently, the Iowa GOP has come up with a plan to strip the President of his citizenship.  Never in history has a President been subjected to so much lack of disrespect, constant threats of violence, racial slurs, uncooperation from his own party, usurping of authority, and constant plots to end his Presidency. Is it because he is black?  What is wrong with those folks on the right?  Are they now so desperate that they've now come up with a plot to try and strip him of his citizenship.  When I thought the GOP party couldn't sink any lower, they show me a new low.

Okay, first they told folks that he was not an American born citizen.  We went through months and months of the "Birther" conspiracy.  Now, they're saying that they want to strip his American citizenship.  So now, which is it? How do you strip American citizenship from someone you've claimed for months was not an American citizen?  Why does the GOP hate President Obama so much?

At some point Americans have got to open up their eyes and see that the GOP party is bringing this country down and causing unnecessary division with their  messy and petty ways. At what point in time do the American people tell the GOP enough is enough?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are The Folks Over At Fox Nation Planning A War?

There was no need to do a survey to see how many blacks watch Fox News.  I could have gave them that information off the top of my head and saved them the time and trouble. After all, why would black folks want to watch a phony news outlet that hates them with a passion and wishes them ill.  Nevertheless, it is always good to keep a real close eye on the enemy and that's why I always make it my point to visit the Newshounds Website.

Apparently, those trigger happy folks over at Fox Nation are riled up over the Arizona immigration ruling today. In fact, they're over at Fox Nation boldly and openly discussing their plans to take violent action.  Why the FBI haven't taken action and rounded those crazy folks {make sure you read the screen grab to that link] up is beyond me, unless they've infilitrated the FBI.  I mean that is the only way possible to make sense of people being allowed to make threats towards the President of the United States of America and Democrats..  Isn't it a federal crime to make threats towards those who hold federal offices. 

What part I don't think they get though is do they honestly think that anyone is gonna stand still and let them use them for target practice? Did they stop making guns and ammunition after those crazy folks over at Fox Nation stocked up?  My parents always taught me to never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Yup, and that is some good advice too.  That's a lesson those crazy folks over at Fox Nation haven't learned, since they love to broadcast how much violence they're planning on committing towards Democrats and the President if they don't get their way.

Please let's not forget how those commentators over at Fox love to incite violence and treason by throwing a rock and trying to hide their hand.  Notice that I said "trying".  Because frankly speaking, they're really not doing too good a job of it.  Yet and still, they'll get away with it as they did in the past when that abortion doctor was murdered. 

Too bad, none of those folks inciting violence, committing those violent acts, or threatening to commit violent acts are people of color.  We all know if  they were brown or black people they would be singing those songs, "ByeBye Baby" and "Daylight Come I Wanna Go Home" if they were people of color.  Or better yet, the Swat Team, FBI, DEA, Armed Guards, and every law enforcement agency in the country with an armored tank would  be kicking in their door pumping them full of bullets.  If any of them managed to survive those bullets then they would be tried in the court of opinion over at Fox We Make It Up News. 

And to think some folks actually believe that white dominance and privilege is a myth.  Why don't you tell that to Shaneka and Tyrone, graduates with degrees, who didn't get that job they interviewed for because Tom the white parolee was hired instead. Or Jamisha and Pooky, students in high school, that the reason their not getting a decent education is because of the way the education system is rigged. The urban schools they go to don’t have as much money as the schools in the white suburbs. This is because the country has decided that much of the money for schools should come from local property taxes. So in communities where the houses and businesses are less expensive, the schools don’t get enough money to provide a high quality education. Or why don't you tell it to Lamont and Jose who will wind up in prison with harsher sentences for first time offenses or drug charges instead of those diversion programs that Timmy will be recommended to. Oh yeah... while you're at it, tell Oscar Grant's daughter that too.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Same Old Dung, Different Day!

Well good people I am back from my vacation in the deep, deep woods in Cherokee County, if you want to call it that, which was my first time ever and last visiting that place. It was more like a nightmare vacation away from civilization—no television or radio, just bugs, snakes, Bambi, and the regular old wildlife inhabitants. Not to mention, someone stole my luggage; therefore, granny is sorta doing the 60s and 70s thingee right about now.

For you youngsters that don't know what I mean by that—not exactly streaking(naked), but lets just say nothing but a birthday suit on underneath. Yup, I’m doing the women feminist thingee, only I am not burning my bra or being free, intentionally, as they called it back then—mine were stolen. And well…being an African American woman the humid heat did not quite agree with the chemistry of my hair. Since, my hair equipment tools were among those items stolen; well…I am now sporting an Angela Davis natural with an odd slanted geometric shape.

Other than that, I am glad to be back in the city where the nearest store is not 35 or 40 miles away, and to see people pass by walking or driving or hear the laughter of children outside playing, be able to watch television. Heck, I don’t think I’d even mind hearing the sound of gunfire right about now. Nah, scratch that last part. Y’all have to excuse me; I think the heat must have really gotten to me. Although, the few people I met on very rare moments were friendly and nice, so all wasn’t lost. But if I could have clicked my heels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I would have been back home a couple of days after I left. Nevertheless, there is no place like home. Let me repeat that—there is no place like home!

After I got back, my computer was acting up again, so I had to do the usual to get it back in working condition. When I got my computer back in tiptop shape, I sat down and did my regular routine of surfing the Internet searching for a topic to write about. I see that we’re still living in “Post-Racial” America. Yup, racism is still alive and thriving in America.

You would think that Fox News would give up doctoring and editing tapes to frame people as racist, but I guess not after reading that story about Shirley Sherrod. I mean the ACORN and Reverend Wright tapes should have been enough to convince them that what is in the dark eventually comes to the light. But then, Fox News is getting stale in their deceptive practices. Their deceptive and trickery methods are beginning to smell like year old rotted fish. Most people with an ounce of good sense can smell Fox’s deception and lies before they hear them.

In a few more days, we’ll know for sure that Officer Mehserle in the Oscar Grant killing will go Scott-free with a slap on the wrist. Police with his mentality can continue killing young unarmed men of color using that same old tired excuse, “I THOUGHT he had a gun” without any repercussions behind it. And the hunting game for unarmed men of color to be pumped full of bullets will be back in season again. My suggestion to men of color is invest in some bullet proof vests.

Apparently, Mehserle wrote a letter of apology and told his lawyer to make sure that it gets out to the public. I guess Mehserle does not feel that he owes the woman who birthed Oscar in the world an apology, since he has never apologized to her before or after the trial, which lets me know that he is full of BS and trying to save self with a more lenient sentence than he has already received. I could have told him to save the ink, because he does not have to worry about spending any time in prison for his crime. After all, he is a police and they get patted on the back, promoted, and transferred to another department when they commit murder on unarmed men of color. Now had the victim been white, he might have something to be concerned about.

Then there is the story regarding Senator Jim Webb, which quite frankly, I do not know how to take. He admits that blacks are not and haven’t gotten the full benefit of Affirmative Action, which is who it was supposed to mainly benefit in the first place due to slavery and Jim Crow. On the other hand, he thinks that the ones that have benefitted from it the most are Hispanic/Latino immigrants [what I’m reading between the lines] and that it has marginalized white people and that white privilege is a myth. Okay… So, now he thinks they should end Affirmative Action and other diversity government programs for “all” people of color because according to him, whites are getting the worse end of the stick. Didn't Affirmative Action end when Reagan and Clinton were in power?

Last time I checked whites are still in power. owning, and running everything, including the White House, because President Obama sure is hopping and dancing to their tune as if slavery never ended. The unemployment rate for blacks is higher than any other group of people. Modern day school segregation still exist, so does housing redlining, the gigantic income gap between whites and blacks is still intact. Police brutality is thriving and in full bloom. I could go on and on, but I’ll cut it short by saying that modern day Jim Crow has taken the place of the old Jim Crow. Even those two Oreos, Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerly, think that Affirmative Action should end, that is, except in the occupational positions they themselves hold or anything pertaining to them.

As for Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, I only have five words for both of them, “PUT A SOCK IN IT!” Security at that hospital in Milwaukee must have been asleep on the job when a woman can walk into the maternity ward and have a cat fight with one of the patients after they’ve given birth. I know the security for public transportation is not worth two dead flies and my stolen belongings are proof of that. Did I mention that  I wasn't the only one whose luggage to came up missing?

BTW, I see some folks are still into the watermelon slurs. Someone needs to let white folks know that not all black folks like watermelon. I for one can’t stand watermelon. Although, I love cantaloupe, grapes, and peaches, and I am not too particular about fried chicken either. Oh well, I guess they shouldn’t mind being stereotyped with Quiche and food that is bland.

BTW, did I tell y’all that I missed each and every one of you a whole lot? From me with lots of love to all of y’all a big hug and kiss.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We Are Oscar Grant!

First, I'd like to say that I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning and going on a vacation, which I'm looking forward too. Yup! I plan to spend time in the country and just enjoy the tranquilly of rural life. Second, I won't be posting a picture or any links with this short topic because my computer is acting up again. Third, as I watched the verdict announced for Mehserle in the Oscar Grant Trial, I can't say that I was surprised. Nope, not at all! In fact, I expected it or straight up acquittal seeing how that is the history of post-racial America when it comes to people of color's lives, especially when those who are supposed to protect and serve us kill unarmed people of color. That type of scenario hasn't changed since slavery and probably won't.

My heart and prayers go out to Oscar Grant's family, not that it will bring Wanda Johnson back her son or Oscar's daughter back her father. Nope, that is water under the bridge now even though the water is murky. There is no need for people of color to pray or hope for and expect justice in America because they are not gonna get it. A young man is dead and Mehserle's life will continue on and he'll probably even get hired again on some police force in another city. That's usually the way things work in America.

What did people expect? I mean after all, the trial was rigged with relatives of police, hints were given earlier on, and...well face it, the trial was for show purposes only. It's not like the DA put up the best defense on behalf of Oscar's family. And the defense paid a video expert to come and tell lies with a straight face. People of color knew this was coming because we've witnessed this time and time again throughout history. Why even bother to have a trial in cases like this. They should just cut out the BS trials and go ahead and just pat those cops that kill unarmed people of color on the back because that is what they are basically gonna do anyway. Mehserle's girlfriend and baby will be taken care of by other law enforcement officers.

By the way that really wasn't Mehserle on trial, but was really Oscar Grant's trial. That was obvious by the way they tagged it with name "the Oscar Grant trial". Oscar was the one on trial. Not Mehserle! So much for males of color attempting to turn their life around.

Mehserle shot an unarmed young man of color in the back and people are angry because he shot Oscar in his back while he was lying face down with hands behind his back. That is what blew the lid off a keg of dynamite. People are angry with the verdict and it is not just people of color. This time it crosses all color lines. The reason is Mehserle murdered Oscar in front of witnesses and the whole world has watched that video. There is no justification of Oscar losing his life nor is there any justification for the verdict reached today.