Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strip President Obama Of His Citizenship?

Since the election in 2009, the GOP party has showed themselves with clarity that they are the party of no, racist, party first and people last,  party of corporations,  inciters of violence and treason, and the list goes on and on.  However, their last stunt tops the cake.

Apparently, the Iowa GOP has come up with a plan to strip the President of his citizenship.  Never in history has a President been subjected to so much lack of disrespect, constant threats of violence, racial slurs, uncooperation from his own party, usurping of authority, and constant plots to end his Presidency. Is it because he is black?  What is wrong with those folks on the right?  Are they now so desperate that they've now come up with a plot to try and strip him of his citizenship.  When I thought the GOP party couldn't sink any lower, they show me a new low.

Okay, first they told folks that he was not an American born citizen.  We went through months and months of the "Birther" conspiracy.  Now, they're saying that they want to strip his American citizenship.  So now, which is it? How do you strip American citizenship from someone you've claimed for months was not an American citizen?  Why does the GOP hate President Obama so much?

At some point Americans have got to open up their eyes and see that the GOP party is bringing this country down and causing unnecessary division with their  messy and petty ways. At what point in time do the American people tell the GOP enough is enough?


msladydeborah said...

This indicates that they are far more fearful than they want to openly admit. They've been trying to do everything and anything to return the nation back to their ideas of how America should be.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

MsDeb said it. . . "fearful." I'll add pitiful. We are so polarized in this country. . . we gotta communicate.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


It is nothing more than a distraction ploy because midterm elections are close. Smh, honestly, I think that the whole GOP would be willing to stand in the middle of the streets buck naked on Time Square if they thought it would help them win the elections.


They are pass pitiful, they give pitiful a new meaning. :)

We might as well change the word politics to politricking in regards to the GOP. BTW, did y'all watch the View? Elizabeth was grinning like Chinchilla wrapped in Mink when the President was on, but then she put on her plastic face for Hannity and called President Obama "crafty" Hmmm...I wonder what her definition for Cheney and Bush's administration was. Smh! I told y'all that she was gonna have a list of questions to ask President Obama care of Hannity.

Earthing Strip said...

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