Sunday, July 25, 2010

Same Old Dung, Different Day!

Well good people I am back from my vacation in the deep, deep woods in Cherokee County, if you want to call it that, which was my first time ever and last visiting that place. It was more like a nightmare vacation away from civilization—no television or radio, just bugs, snakes, Bambi, and the regular old wildlife inhabitants. Not to mention, someone stole my luggage; therefore, granny is sorta doing the 60s and 70s thingee right about now.

For you youngsters that don't know what I mean by that—not exactly streaking(naked), but lets just say nothing but a birthday suit on underneath. Yup, I’m doing the women feminist thingee, only I am not burning my bra or being free, intentionally, as they called it back then—mine were stolen. And well…being an African American woman the humid heat did not quite agree with the chemistry of my hair. Since, my hair equipment tools were among those items stolen; well…I am now sporting an Angela Davis natural with an odd slanted geometric shape.

Other than that, I am glad to be back in the city where the nearest store is not 35 or 40 miles away, and to see people pass by walking or driving or hear the laughter of children outside playing, be able to watch television. Heck, I don’t think I’d even mind hearing the sound of gunfire right about now. Nah, scratch that last part. Y’all have to excuse me; I think the heat must have really gotten to me. Although, the few people I met on very rare moments were friendly and nice, so all wasn’t lost. But if I could have clicked my heels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I would have been back home a couple of days after I left. Nevertheless, there is no place like home. Let me repeat that—there is no place like home!

After I got back, my computer was acting up again, so I had to do the usual to get it back in working condition. When I got my computer back in tiptop shape, I sat down and did my regular routine of surfing the Internet searching for a topic to write about. I see that we’re still living in “Post-Racial” America. Yup, racism is still alive and thriving in America.

You would think that Fox News would give up doctoring and editing tapes to frame people as racist, but I guess not after reading that story about Shirley Sherrod. I mean the ACORN and Reverend Wright tapes should have been enough to convince them that what is in the dark eventually comes to the light. But then, Fox News is getting stale in their deceptive practices. Their deceptive and trickery methods are beginning to smell like year old rotted fish. Most people with an ounce of good sense can smell Fox’s deception and lies before they hear them.

In a few more days, we’ll know for sure that Officer Mehserle in the Oscar Grant killing will go Scott-free with a slap on the wrist. Police with his mentality can continue killing young unarmed men of color using that same old tired excuse, “I THOUGHT he had a gun” without any repercussions behind it. And the hunting game for unarmed men of color to be pumped full of bullets will be back in season again. My suggestion to men of color is invest in some bullet proof vests.

Apparently, Mehserle wrote a letter of apology and told his lawyer to make sure that it gets out to the public. I guess Mehserle does not feel that he owes the woman who birthed Oscar in the world an apology, since he has never apologized to her before or after the trial, which lets me know that he is full of BS and trying to save self with a more lenient sentence than he has already received. I could have told him to save the ink, because he does not have to worry about spending any time in prison for his crime. After all, he is a police and they get patted on the back, promoted, and transferred to another department when they commit murder on unarmed men of color. Now had the victim been white, he might have something to be concerned about.

Then there is the story regarding Senator Jim Webb, which quite frankly, I do not know how to take. He admits that blacks are not and haven’t gotten the full benefit of Affirmative Action, which is who it was supposed to mainly benefit in the first place due to slavery and Jim Crow. On the other hand, he thinks that the ones that have benefitted from it the most are Hispanic/Latino immigrants [what I’m reading between the lines] and that it has marginalized white people and that white privilege is a myth. Okay… So, now he thinks they should end Affirmative Action and other diversity government programs for “all” people of color because according to him, whites are getting the worse end of the stick. Didn't Affirmative Action end when Reagan and Clinton were in power?

Last time I checked whites are still in power. owning, and running everything, including the White House, because President Obama sure is hopping and dancing to their tune as if slavery never ended. The unemployment rate for blacks is higher than any other group of people. Modern day school segregation still exist, so does housing redlining, the gigantic income gap between whites and blacks is still intact. Police brutality is thriving and in full bloom. I could go on and on, but I’ll cut it short by saying that modern day Jim Crow has taken the place of the old Jim Crow. Even those two Oreos, Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerly, think that Affirmative Action should end, that is, except in the occupational positions they themselves hold or anything pertaining to them.

As for Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, I only have five words for both of them, “PUT A SOCK IN IT!” Security at that hospital in Milwaukee must have been asleep on the job when a woman can walk into the maternity ward and have a cat fight with one of the patients after they’ve given birth. I know the security for public transportation is not worth two dead flies and my stolen belongings are proof of that. Did I mention that  I wasn't the only one whose luggage to came up missing?

BTW, I see some folks are still into the watermelon slurs. Someone needs to let white folks know that not all black folks like watermelon. I for one can’t stand watermelon. Although, I love cantaloupe, grapes, and peaches, and I am not too particular about fried chicken either. Oh well, I guess they shouldn’t mind being stereotyped with Quiche and food that is bland.

BTW, did I tell y’all that I missed each and every one of you a whole lot? From me with lots of love to all of y’all a big hug and kiss.



I know how you feel, it's like they admit there is a problem but because the current fix doesn't work in the best way they want it to lets just scrap it all and go back to when we had all the benefits, excuse me? So because the program isn't perfect and some but not everybody is getting help we should just go back to white people getting help? yeah no thanks, fix the current not going back to the old.

As for fox news they are in the same position rush was in when he first started. We are in a new area, people still aren't sure how to act or react yet so if you saw Van Jones comments from Netroots Nation he's basically right. Until we realize and relegate fox news to gossip rag status we will be forced to deal with their lies. We are all still unfortunately in that stage where we listen to them.

We should have stopped a long time ago, but as we did not stamp them, hannity, o'reilly, rush and beck out a long time ago we are forced to deal with them now that they have had a chance to get their snow forts of a decent size.

as for travel thats why I keep most of my shit with me, close and I keep a watchful eye on my shit. I ain got time for people to be riding off with my belongings. But hey somebody is probably winkin at you since you are au naturale underneath your clothes.

Stereotypes will never die we grow up with them, mentally create more and pass them along. It doesn't matter if people show us the truth many of us will run back to the comfort of our stereotypes because "they're just saying that trying to make a liar out of me". Man have we allowed this world to become screwed up

Oh and as for web hinting that he isn't down with hispanics or latinos he wants to make sure he stays nice with the more conservative elements in virginia he knows where his bread is buttered

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey Primaldata:

I enjoy reading your comments, and that part about "somebody is probably winkin" had me blushing. *wink* :)

Roderick said...

Granny, it's good to see you've returned from your vacation.

I'm sorry that your luggage was stolen and the heat made you miserable but as you can tell all hell broke loose while you were gone.

Black Diaspora said...

Sorry your vacation was a "nightmare." Going all "nature" is not what it's made out to be. I know: I'm from the country, and I can still remember the snakes, the wood ticks, and lice.

It took hours to remove these bloodsuckers whenever we ventured into the woods. The snakes would keep their distance, that is, unless they were going for the chickens in their coops.

"Okay… So, now he thinks they should end Affirmative Action and other diversity government programs for “all” people of color because according to him, whites are getting the worse end of the stick."

Someone asked the question to a complaining white that believed blacks were benefiting at the expense of whites: "Since blacks have it so good, and whites have it so bad, would you be willing to become black to take advantage of all that black privilege?"

Well, that put an end to that complaint: Not one white soul was willing to go, not even for a day, "Black Like Me."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey Roderick and Diaspora:

Yeah, that back to nature thingee is not for me. I've lived in the country before too, but not so deep in the woods that there was no television. I saw a snake and coyote while I was there and got bit by a few bugs.

Blinders Off said...

Welcome back Granny!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Thanks Blinders, I pray that all is well with you.