Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mr. Goody Two Shoes

Since, Black History Month is almost winding down. I’d like to share some of Goody Two Shoes—Rick Santorum’s history. Mr. Goody Two Shoes likes for folks to think that he is an upright Christian. Well…he is upright, alright, upright on the top of the list of America’s three most corrupt Senators list.

Santorum maneuvered millions of dollars in earmarks to clients of American Continental Group, a lobbying firm. In return they donated $14,000 to him. After he left office, he received from them $65,000 for legislative policy consulting services. In 2010 and 2011 collected $142,500 from Consol Energy.

Universal Health Service in Puerto Rico paid Rick a handsome amount or $395,000 after he left the Senate and he was appointed to that companies’ Board of Directors. While Mr. Goody Two Shoes was in the Senate he pressed for precise laws to increase Medicare payments in Puerto Rico. Did I mention that Universal Health Service was sued for Medicare fraud, which was settled out of court along with certifications suspended or cancelled at several of the facilities?

When Santorum took his position in the Senate, he was not wealthy. However, in 2007, he brought a 5000 square feet house on 5 acres of land and paid $2,000,000 in Great Falls, VA. Not to mention, he accumulated 5 rental houses. But he’s rich now. Thanks to favors he extended to those who rewarded him financially while he was in the Senate. He brought all these properties after becoming a Senator.

I’m sure everyone remembers Tom Delay’s K-Street Project. Mr. Goody Two Shoes gave Delay his full support and had a hand in permeating lobbying groups with Republican loyalists, which he received $500,000 from lobbyist.

Billions were handed out in earmarks to special interest. He put 54 earmarks worth $154 million in the Defense appropriation bill that went to special interests and in return they donated over $200,000 to his campaign in 2006.
It must be the money!

Mr. Goody Two Shoes had a few issues with those in his own party as well that I’m sure they haven’t forgotten. He leads the call to get rid of them if they don't vote the way he wants them too is what it sounds like.  He has a duplicitous personality and is as crooked as that crooked road in San Francisco.  The Catholic Church needs to give him his own personalized confessional booth at the Catholic Church with a 24 hr priest on duty because I'm sure by now he utilizes that booth quite often.

He does not mind ripping off those who serve our country either.  No sirree bop!  Apparently, he suffers from that "Blah Welfare Queen Myth" mentality and lets us know that he would President to of "ALL" people. He made it plain that he does not want to help us "Blah" people" by giving us none of other people's money. I hate to be the one to tell him, but part of that money that he has in the past conveniently handed out so generously to those special interests folks happens to be some of us "Blah Peoples" tax money too. 

Us Blah people were never expecting anything from you Rick, nor were any poor or middleclass folks of any other color for that fact.  We know you down with those special interest folks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'll Play The Blues for You

Honoring Black History Month, I thought I’d do a topic on the blues, which is very much a part of our history. W.C. Handy was the first known black man person to write the blues. However, the blues goes back to slavery time when the slaves worked in the field. West African slaves sung the blues to get through hard work in the fields.  Here is link for the history of the blues.

“Following the end of the Civil war, black men had few options other than back-breaking manual field labor or becoming a traveling minstrel. Many chose the occupation of traveling minstrel playing raucous, all-night country dances, fish-frys, and jukejoints. These musicians relied on their physical stamina and mental repertoire of many blues songs. Although the lyrics of many blues songs are soulful and melancholy, the music as a whole is a powerful, emotive and rhythmic music celebrating the life of black Americans. The lyrics of the songs reflected daily themes of their lives including: sex, drinking, railroads, jail, murder, poverty, hard labor and love lost.” ~~Stephen B. Pendrak, Scanton University~~

Therefore, I present to you a few blues videos and hope you enjoy.  On the videos that say watch on youtube, just click on the link inside the video screen and it will take you to the video.
Albert King

B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland

Muddy Waters

Howling Wolf

Little Walter

ZZ Hill

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Post-Racial America Was A Joke!'s an odd twist of what it is like to live in post-racial America.  Last night, the story of an interracial couple was viewed on HBO, the Loving Story.  Here is 2012 and the racial issue hasn't been solved yet.  That's because there are a lot of people who hate.  They hate people with different skin colors and different sexual orientations.

"A crime and politics blogger living in Austin, Texas, claims he was cuffed and detained by police for simply walking home with his five-year-old granddaughter." ~~

Here is a man walking with his granddaughter.  The girl is not frightened or crying or acting like anything is wrong.  However, this man was arrested for walking with his granddaughter who is heaven forbid to some! She takes her skin color after her black parent; therefore, there is no skin tattletell sign that she is bi-racial, which is not as unusual as some folks might think.

There are many dark-skinned bi-racial offsprings that exist.  I know this because there are many within my own family tree. Bi-racial children range in various skin colors just like black people range in various shades of color.

Speaking of hate, the GOP party of NO, must really have it in for women.  First they want to highjack your uterus and now, well...this...  If your a woman that's having some violent domestic problems, don't look for any sympathy from the GOP party.  Nope, instead looks like you better start enrolling in some self-defense courses or maybe keep a pot of hot grits handy.  Nevertheless, I can't help but wonder which of those on the GOP side of the fence are beating their wives or girlfriends. I'm just saying!

Black and Brown men alert!  Looks like the Corporations have come up with a slick way of being slave owners.  It is no secret that prisons are modern day plantations.  If this comes to past, look for the arrest rate to go up and also innocent people arrest rate as well.

Attention states with a corrections budget crunch: the Corrections Corporation of America is here to help. The Huffington Post reports that the for-profit prisons giant sent letters to 48 states offering to buy up their prisons in exchange for a 20-year management contract and the guarantee that the facilities would be at least 90 percent full.~~Ryan Reilly, TPM~~

In addition to the potential loss of state jobs, Fasano said that another issues raised by the privatization of prisons is that companies can “cherry pick” only the prisons which are less costly (meaning they have younger, healthier or less-violent inmates).~~Ryan Reilly, TPM~~

Notice that they want young healthy men.  I wonder do they plan to have slave auction block sales.  Next, they'll want women prisoners to use as breeders to produce more healthy slaves so they can make a profit.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The War Against Workers, Poor, Middleclass, and Women

True to Republican values, the war against those who are not in the Billion and Million dollar bracket continues.  Of course, women are included because the GOP party likes women they can control and that cannot peek game. You know those cheating, steppin out games. Nonetheless, the House Republicans want to really stick it to you folks with jobs.

"A little-noted provision in the House Republicans' controversial energy and transportation bill would strip several thousand workers within the rail-industry of their federal minimum-wage and overtime protections, potentially making low-wage jobs pay even less." ~~David Jamieson, Huffingtonpost~~

"It amuses me when [House Speaker] John Boehner says there are no earmarks in there," Stem said of the bill. "This is an earmark for a handful of wealthy people who own these companies. This is a windfall." ~~David Jamieson, Huffingtonpost~~

"Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who was a Republican congressman before taking the helm at the department, last week declared it "the worst transportation bill I've ever seen during 35 years of public service," saying it "hollows out" the department's top priority of safety and "guts" the administration's transportation efforts of the last three years." ~~David Jamieson, Huffingtonpost~~

"The $260 billion, five-year bill calls for more highways and toll roads to be paid for with offshore drilling. In addition to cutting funding for bike and pedestrian projects, the bill would slash subsidies for Amtrak by 25 percent; privatize food and drink vending on Amtrak trains while guaranteeing such sales with taxpayer money; and substantially increase the size of trucks allowed on roadways, a potential boon for the trucking industry but a change that's opposed by environmental groups."~~David Jamieson, Huffingtonpost~~

The Republicans are obsessed with playing the racism game, obstruction game, rich flunkies game, the birther game, and trying their best to destroy the fragile economy.  All because they want that man of a darker hue that's  in the White House to fail.  Without a doubt, they do not like black people, women, people with jobs, grandma and grandpa, or poor people.  But they sure do love white supremacist and having klan rallies. 

I won't give but a few lines to mention that their rappers sucked, and y'all know if granny thinks they sucked, they sucked! You know, deep down inside they want to be like those black rappers, but they lack that cool finesse that comes natural. Those wannabe rappers should stick to the hokey pokey. I'm just saying!

Finally, I'd like to say to Whitney Houston's family that you are in my prayers.  I pray that you are surrounded by people who will immerse you in love and  give you comforting words to uplift your spirits during your hour of grief. "Weeping endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." ~~KJV~~

Note to Readers:  I had to put the moderator on.  The trolls kept playing games, changing identities, and trying to flood the comment section.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is not the nursery and granny does not have the time or patience to babysit imbecility.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marie W. Steward

Marie W. Steward was born 1803, in Harfford, Connecticut as a free person of color. At the age of five her parents died and she was forced to become a servant. For ten years she served a clergyman. She did not receive a formal education, but she taught herself to read by reading books in the clergyman's family library. When she turned 15 years old she left the clergyman's house and supported herself doing domestic work as a servant and continued to educate herself.

She married James W. Stewart in 1826. She did not only take his surname, but his middle initial as well. Her husband was a war veteran that served in the 1812 war. He was wealthy. James died three years later in 1829, but he left her a wealthy inheritance that she was cheated out of by his executors, which resulted in lengthy court battles. It was during that period that she had a religious conversion and dedicated her service to God.

Marie and David Walker who wrote and published, David Walker's Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World became good friends. He was very influential in forming Marie's ideology of freedom, activism, and self-elevation.

The first African woman born in America to lecture publicly was Maria Stewart, a free African American woman residing in New England, who was an outspoken abolitionist and advocate of educational opportunities for African American women. She also spoke out against slavery and white Christians who allowed it to go unpunished. She never relented in her condemnation of the colonial society for its hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness.

Inspired with the spirit of God and His word, Maria became an exceptional writer, lecturer, and recognized as one of the most brilliant African American women in the 1800s. She absolutely refused to discard her passionate quest for African American unity, the need for African support, and the importance of why Caucasians should assess their Christian hypocrisy. Maria Stewart, like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, IDA B. Wells, and Fannie Lou Hammer, spoke and acted with a God given determination, and resoluteness that made people with an unjust character shudder.

The following are excerpts from a speech she gave at the African Masonic Hall in Boston on February 27, 1833; it is important to reflect on her well chosen, impassioned words:

African rights and liberty is a subject that ought to fire the breast of every free man of color in these United States, and excite in his bosom a lively, deeply, decided and heartfelt interest.

When I cast my eyes on the long list of illustrious names that are enrolled on the bright annals of fame among the whites, I turn my thoughts and ask, where are the names of our illustrious one?

We have made ourselves appear altogether unqualified to speak in our own defense, and are therefore looked upon as objects of pity and commiseration. We have been imposed upon, insulted, and derided on every side; and now, if we complain, it is considered as the height of impertinence. History informs us that we sprung from one of the most learned nations, or continents of the whole earth; from the seat, if not the parent of sciences; yes, poor despised Africa was once the resort of sages and legislators of other nations was esteemed the school for learning, and the most illustrious men in Greece flocked thither for instruction.

She continues by stating, “The unfriendly whites first drove the Native Americans from their much loved homes. Then they stole our fathers from their peaceful and quiet dwellings, and brought them hither, and made bond men and bond women of them and their little ones; they have obliged our brethren to labor, kept them in utter ignorance, nourished them in vice, and raised them in degradation; and now that we have enriched their soil, and filled their coffers, they say that we are not capable of becoming like white men, and that we never can rise to respectability in this country. They would drive us to a strange land, but before I go, the bayonet shall pierce me through....

Had the free people of color in these United States nobly and boldly contended for their rights, and showed a natural genius and talent although not so brilliant as some; had they held up, encouraged and patronized each other, nothing could have hindered us from being a thriving and flourishing people. There has been a fault among us. The reason why our distinguished men have not made themselves more influential is, because they fear that the strong current of opposition through which they must pass, would cause their downfall and prove their overthrow. And what gives rise to this opposition? Envy. And for what has it amounted to? Nothing.

These were Mrs. Stewart's unflinching words. It must be stated that African American women throughout the whole of the nineteenth century, north and south, organized themselves into local groups to undertake, or support educational and social welfare activities in the African American community.”

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Real Voter Fraud Culprits

We all should know by now that the GOP party does not know how to play fair.  They've been screaming voter fraud when all the time it looks like they've been the ones committing it.  Add voter suppression to that list and well...there you have it.

Another song they've been singing lately is that President Obama is racist.  However, I don't see anyone in the President's administration or him for that fact saying stuff like this.  Or trying to bring in racist divisiveness like this into politics.

The Republicans claim that the President does not care about America, but the President has been asking the Republican Congress to do this, but well you know the old block and obstruct game. Nevertheless, the President also ask them to do this, but well...

The Republicans said that President is weak on terror, but the President did this.

And all the Republicans want to do is this.  Oh yeah, and this.  But the main thing the Republicans want is this.

We went through eight years of this.   Need I say more.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Joseph Henry Herndon

The late Joseph Henry Herndon, a Negro man, was born on March 19, 1840 in Gilliam, Louisiana. Before his death, on November 25, 1924, he gave a monetary donation of $12,000 to the Caddo Parish School Board.

The amount was given in order that a school would be built for Negroes in the northern area of the parish. Mr. C.E. Byrd was Superintendent at that time. Mr. Herndon’s contribution and his strong belief in the educational process benefited the lives of many children both black and white.

Also, sharing this belief was his nephew, David Tyson. It was the visionary Mr. Tyson who was later instrumental in carrying forth the wishes of Joseph H. Herndon’s Estate of which Mr. E. B. Herndon was the Executor in 1926. On July 2, 1953, the site of 80 acres was purchased for the school from C.W. Lane Corporation for the amount of $28,000.00. The property is located on the Gamm Road in Belcher, Louisiana.

Construction began on February 2, 1955 and was completed before the projected date of September 1956. Mr. Roscoe H. White was Superintendent of the Caddo Parish Schools when Herndon High School opened in 1956. Note: The amount of Mr. Herndon’s donation of $12,000 grew to $125,000 in 1955 due to inflation, accumulated and compound interest.

Mr. Herndon’s wealth can be attributed to an inheritance from his parents, John Frederick Herndon and Lue Patsy Herndon. They became wealthy from various investments in real estate, farming cotton, buying gold and having oil wells on their properties.

Joseph H. Herndon was able to continue his parent’s legacies of wealth. In addition, he made other wise investments when he purchased U. S. Savings Bonds. The first bank in Vivian, Louisiana was the recipient of his financial support and deposits.

Even though he was a man of wealth, for most of this life he lived humbly in a small community between Vivian and Gilliam, Pine Island. His home was a simple frame house, he wore patches on his pants and his kitchen floor was clay dirt.

Before his death, he built a brick home in Texarkana and resided there until his death in 1924. He is buried in Rodessa, Louisiana at the Tyson Family Cemetery, Sugar Hill. Herndon High, which is now Herndon Middle Magnet was named after this legend. ~Tyrone and Margarite Tyson~~

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GOP Party Trying To Kill Us Softly

Important Announcement:  Don Cornelius the Soul Train icon has committed suicide.

I guess you folks heard about the "Gasland Journalist" ordered to be arrested by the GOP House Representatives.  The GOP does not believe in the Constitution, let alone understand or know what it says. No surprise there.  But look at it this way, they're giving you a preview of what it would be like if they get back in power.

Why would they not want to the public to know?  Think about it, they want to end the Environmental Department.  GOP wants to end certain agencies.  But their ulterior motives are to silence them while they make the environment unhealthy and unsafe.  Education is also on the list because they want Americans to be uneducated and ignorant.

I was thinking out the box and Beyonce song "Let Me Cater To You" came to mind.  There is another way that song can be applied.  Yup!  The GOP party caters to the rich.  They want to fetch the rich's slippers and run their bath water.  In other words, they want to bend over backwards to please the fat cats by making their wallets bulge while the middleclass and poor suffer.

Face it folks the GOP party are strung out on rich folks.  They are the House of Representatives for the rich and the rest of "We the people" can get lost.  They don't mind messing up the environment if the rich say so.  The GOP party did not mind messing up the Global economy, since it was in the riches favor.

Just imagine how it would be with more Supreme Court Judges like Roberts, Thomas, Scalia, Alito on the Supreme Court bench. The GOP activist judges who rule in favor of GOP policies like the ruling they made on political contributions.

Romney said that he is not concerned about the majority of people.  He needs a wake up call on the majority of people's economic status because it is not the rich or the middleclass.  I guess he didn't read the memo about poverty rose back when they had a GOP President.

Boehner does not feel any compassion for you homeowners who got played by the banks in the mortgage scam.

As has been noted, the GOP party only cares about catering to the rich.