Sunday, February 12, 2012

The War Against Workers, Poor, Middleclass, and Women

True to Republican values, the war against those who are not in the Billion and Million dollar bracket continues.  Of course, women are included because the GOP party likes women they can control and that cannot peek game. You know those cheating, steppin out games. Nonetheless, the House Republicans want to really stick it to you folks with jobs.

"A little-noted provision in the House Republicans' controversial energy and transportation bill would strip several thousand workers within the rail-industry of their federal minimum-wage and overtime protections, potentially making low-wage jobs pay even less." ~~David Jamieson, Huffingtonpost~~

"It amuses me when [House Speaker] John Boehner says there are no earmarks in there," Stem said of the bill. "This is an earmark for a handful of wealthy people who own these companies. This is a windfall." ~~David Jamieson, Huffingtonpost~~

"Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who was a Republican congressman before taking the helm at the department, last week declared it "the worst transportation bill I've ever seen during 35 years of public service," saying it "hollows out" the department's top priority of safety and "guts" the administration's transportation efforts of the last three years." ~~David Jamieson, Huffingtonpost~~

"The $260 billion, five-year bill calls for more highways and toll roads to be paid for with offshore drilling. In addition to cutting funding for bike and pedestrian projects, the bill would slash subsidies for Amtrak by 25 percent; privatize food and drink vending on Amtrak trains while guaranteeing such sales with taxpayer money; and substantially increase the size of trucks allowed on roadways, a potential boon for the trucking industry but a change that's opposed by environmental groups."~~David Jamieson, Huffingtonpost~~

The Republicans are obsessed with playing the racism game, obstruction game, rich flunkies game, the birther game, and trying their best to destroy the fragile economy.  All because they want that man of a darker hue that's  in the White House to fail.  Without a doubt, they do not like black people, women, people with jobs, grandma and grandpa, or poor people.  But they sure do love white supremacist and having klan rallies. 

I won't give but a few lines to mention that their rappers sucked, and y'all know if granny thinks they sucked, they sucked! You know, deep down inside they want to be like those black rappers, but they lack that cool finesse that comes natural. Those wannabe rappers should stick to the hokey pokey. I'm just saying!

Finally, I'd like to say to Whitney Houston's family that you are in my prayers.  I pray that you are surrounded by people who will immerse you in love and  give you comforting words to uplift your spirits during your hour of grief. "Weeping endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." ~~KJV~~

Note to Readers:  I had to put the moderator on.  The trolls kept playing games, changing identities, and trying to flood the comment section.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is not the nursery and granny does not have the time or patience to babysit imbecility.

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