Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wannabe Blacks!

Apparently, those folks over in Montreal, Canada don't do much Sun tanning, so I guess they've come up with a not so new way to be BLACK. 

The elitist white students at Hautes Études Commerciales, the Université de Montréal’s business school. claimed to be honoring Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, a five-time World, and three-time Olympic gold medallist by painting themselves with blackfaces.  What takes the cake, is that the University's head honchos do not see anything was wrong with it.  Therefore, they came up with the same old tired excuse and false apology they always use when they know that it was meant as an insult.

"But the University has defended the students saying the freshmen were assigned an ambassador and sport for the day and had to dress up in costume according to the ambassador."~~Jamaicaobserver~~

Someone needs to send those white folks over in Montreal a memo to let them know that they do not have to paint themselves with blackfaces to kick it. Nor do they have to pretend that they did not know that it was offensive.  Stop lying and just be your ole racist self.  They must be following our American racist lead. America does have a way of corrupting people's beliefs and giving out false apologies. 

"Along with donning the colours of the Jamaican flag, several students also covered their face, arms and legs in black paint. The colourful attire included at least one Rastafarian hat, one green underwear patterned with monkey faces, and a stuffed animal that students carried around."~~Jonathan Montpetit,The Canadian Press~~

"When one of the group members noticed Morgan, he allegedly yelled: "Look guys, we’ve got a real black!" He then turned to the crowd and continued chanting: "Smoke some weed! Yeah mon! Yeah mon!"~~Jamaicaobserver~~

Well...I guess Jamaicans could  return the so-called friendliness by honoring those Montreal students by painting their faces white when Montreal comes to visit.  And they could shout...Smoke METH and DRINK A KEG OF BEER!  Yeah dude!  Nothing like a friendly game of sports to show sportsmanship.


Anonymous said...

Granny, Canadians are not racists. Don't confuse them with white Americans. They were only trying to honor the Jamaican runner. There was nothing wrong with that. Jesus, Granny. You make something out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

Man the color line is everywhere in the West. It's just the way it is and it' won't be changing. Why should Whites change it? They like feeling superior.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 4:45:

You do not honor black people with stuffed monkeys. One more thing, Montreal is one part of Canada that is racist. You're thinking about Toronto, Canada, which is not and welcomes people of color.

Anonymous said...

I found Montreal to be a great place. While there, I did not encounter any prejudice at all. However, when I returned to the SF area, I knew I was back in the states. The east bay area rivals the South when it comes to racism against Blacks. Even the Mexicans are prejudiced against Blacks.

the only group of people who seem to respect and accept Blacks are the people from the Pacific such as the Philipines. Otherwise, most don't care for us.

While here in the Bay Area, I wonder at the fate of Blacks and their continual demise. The frightening thing is no one cares.

Mack Lyons said...

It's well-known that dressing up in "blackface", which is effectively what these folk have done, is offensive and generally in bad taste, even if you're trying to pay tribute to someone by doing just that. Granted there may have been a few who genuinely didn't know any better, but most of the people there knew better, but did it anyway.

ch555x said...

Woefully or willfully ignorant...:/

Black Diaspora said...

Here's the test: Would these students have honored Usain Bolt in black face, if the paint took years to wear off?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Black Diaspora:

Now, that is a test that I would sincerely like to see them take. I'd even pay for the paint.