Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Can't Our Government Officials Share In the Pain?

Every time I hear the phrase "it's gonna be painful", what comes to mind is that the only ones that are feeling the pain are the downtrodden and poor.  However, our government officials always seem to glide through the pain as untouchables.

Government Jerry Brown must be having some of those 70s flashbacks and reliving in the past.  He needs to wake up and realize that we're not living in the past and more cuts for the poor won't cut it.  The Governor of California seems to think that cutting programs that will affect the poor is the only way to save California and trim the budget. However, programs for the poor have been sliced and diced so many times throughout the years by every single elected government official who had the power to do so, until his next propose cut should permanently eliminate the poors safety net.  Included in those cuts are a skeleton called education.

Although, he is not alone in his assessment on how the budget should trimmed.  Nope, the Republicans want to do some slicing and dicing to a select group themselves to trim the budget to guess who?  You got it...the poor.  Yet and still, Corporation are the biggest offenders of government waste, big spending, "Corporate Welfare."  But well...face it folks, our government officials don't want to rock the boat with those lining their pockets for upcoming future elections.  Naaah!  Instead they'd rather play it safe and cut the so-call fat from the already anorexic poor.

Instead they choose to mess with those on the lower rung of the totem pole who do not have a voice in our society and who there is little defense for.  Raising funds for elections are more important to them than some poor starving child eating or having a roof over their head.  Our government officials seem to be more worried about and interested in winning and raising money to run in elections that are years away than in solving the unemployment problem. 

When it comes to elections and prisons, it appears that is when competence and their skills come into to play.  However, solving the unemployment, foreclosure problem, ending the war in Afghanistan, our economical problems are so far on the back burner, until it is as if they do not intend to do anything about those problems except let them run their course.  

After all there isn't anything for them to worry about because special interests such as big Corporations have them in their pocket.  They do not have to worry about health care, housing, unemployment, or going away to physically fight a war, and most of all a paycheck.  Nope, not at all!  

Congresspersons can keep on living the life of Riley as long as they just stand behind the lectern stand, shut down government, filibuster, and use every other government trick in the book to stall on doing anything for "we the people" until the next election or the coming of Jesus, whichever comes first, and won't feel any of the pain they want the less fortunate and working folks to always feel.

If our government officials really had our interest at heart they would stop playing those tossing back and forth games they play on a daily basis and share some of the pain with us for a change.  It wouldn't hurt for them to trim and cut some of their health care services and take a pay cut.  In fact, how they're paid should be change from a set rate to a commission.  Put and end to Congress leave with pay when they take off for those recesses.  Yup! Let them earn their money for a change.  When and if you really think about it, they are getting paid to not do anything.  At least not do anything for the American people that is.  It's enough pain to go around and they ought to feel some of that pain in their pockets too.


Black Diaspora said...

What irks me Granny is this: Those who created this economic mess, rapacious bankers, are now living high on the hog (lucrative bonuses) after our tax dollars rescued them (bailed them out because they were too big to fail), and now the government at all levels, local, state, national, are moving to make us (the lowly taxpayer) pay again for the banks' sins of gambling with our money by proposing draconian cuts to entitlements (social security and Medicare) at the federal level, and, at the state and local levels, education, or what have you.

Will they listen to the people if they go all Tunisian on them?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Granny until the little people in this country wakeup and realize that they have been hood-winked,the politicans will continue business as usually!

Desertflower said...

That's a good one Granny! It's always for us that that "it's going to be painful" and we're the one's that have to "make the sacrifices" While politicians live high on the hog. Don't see them helping out the country that feeds them with sacrifices, oh no. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Granny, you got it all wrong, as usual. The corporations have suffered immensely and now it is time for EVERYONE to do their share. Nobody is getting away scott free and you know it. You just like to knock those who are well and your followers are "jealous".

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


If they keep it up, folks might go Tunisian on them.


The little people need to hurry up and open their eyes up before it gets worser than it is already.


Well put, I couldn't have said any better than you just did.


I got it! You're practicing your act for Comedy Central.

Anonymous said...

Granny, you should be posting about those second-grade kids in Oakland giving each other oral sex while in class. Yep, your town and your school system and your children are the worst in the nation. It is pathetic.

Can't you Oakies do anything right?