Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attacks Against the Elderly

What is up with some of these folks nowadays?  First, we had the Pharmaceutials charging the elderly prices so high for medication, until they had to choose between eating and getting medication that they needed. We got that worked out, I think, that is if the GOP does not get their way and repeal the health care bill. Second,  we had those who are suppose to protect and serve beating up, tasering, and killing the elderly. And looks like they finally put a halt to that so far (granny is crossing her fingers).   Third, white supremacist attacking and severly beating up the elderly. Fourth, politicians are using the budget as an excuse to cut in-home health care for the elderly.  Fifth,  we have some politicians trying to figure out a way to steal grandma and grandpa's check,  privatise Social Security, so that wall street can get their little grubby hands on it.  Six, we have some sick person taking out the elderly with an uzi.  Finally, now we have some sicko raping an 80 year old woman who happens to be their in-law.  I tell you us old folks are up against some tough obstacles to climb if we want to finish living out our days in peace, free from harm, danger, and folks trying to figure out ways to steal from us.

We need some stricter laws to protect the elderly and some of those laws might need to include protection  from the government.  When it comes to elderly folks, a line ought to be drawn in the sand.  Btw, which reminds the person/persons that keep sending me that fake winner of a contest email.  I am not senile, nor do I suffer from dementia, nor am I gullible, and I am not that little unsuspecting old lady you can take advantage of either.  Read my profile, the part that says "been there, did that, done that.  In other words you are not fooling with a dummy. I've been around the world more than once and have learned and experienced more than you could ever imagine.

Anyway, I thought I would share this video with you to get our minds off of the tragic mess that has been happening lately.   Btw, he has written and performed another jazz song called "Late At Night" that jazz fans need to hear.  Therefore, I'd like to give the brotha a shout out and little recognition. Check out that other song to that link I've given.  It's nice.

Barack Leads American: By Nathaniel Calaway from Nathaniel Calaway on Vimeo.


Black Diaspora said...

That was nice, Granny! Thanks.

I've got admit, though, during the refrain, "Yes we can!," I could hear bone-head Boehner's ill-mannered chant: "Hell no you can't!"

And this guy is now speaker of the house.

Tell me how a society treats both its young and its old, especially its old, and I'll tell you what kind of society it is.

We have seen elderly women beaten for their purse by men, and, recently, by a woman.

In some instance these elderly women are fighting back, and are winning.

Let's not forget that two of those that died in the Tucson Arizona massacre were septuagenarians, and one was a nine year old child.

StillaPanther2 said...

Sister Granny...amen on the "brick","been tyhere, done that". Shame people jump you on just your age/looks. See that
MLK day was hi.jacked by this need for post racial existance. Happy to see/hear from you. Continue the struggle.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey BrotherStillaPanther2:

You know it is always a pleasure to hear from you.

Well...some folks don't realize that there are many seniors who have a purpose in life and that the Lord blessed them with a sound mind.