Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abraham, Farrakhan, and Beck

Abraham Foxman was for Glenn Beck before he was against him and for him after he was against him.  Okay, Abraham I guess your okay with Glenn Beck being chummy with white supremacist  and spooning out bigotry in big doses as long as he claims to support Jewish people.  He is just a little misguided at times so he can easily be excused for his racist propaganda and divisiveness according to you because he supports Jewish people.  What about supporting other groups of people as well wouldn't that fall under what is right and fair too?

Which brings me to a question I have for Abraham.  Why didn't you excuse Farrakhan's statements as misguided?  After all, he did try to make amends with you and made several attempts to sit down with you and have a man to man talk. However, you've went out of your way to continously condemn and destroy him. Why wasn't any forgiveness for being misguided extended to Farrakhan by you?

Beck turned around and attacked you for speaking out against him for attacking Soros; he used an accusatorial tone towards you with a veil threat of revealing some of your hidden activities and  funding of Soros and you changed your tune quick. Some of your own people are starting to question your credibility. Is it  also okay with you that he uses anti-semitic comments, seems to have a Hitler fetish, smears nonwhite folks, and those he considers different from him?

Why can't the brothas get a little love and forgiveness too?  And why does Beck gets a free ride?  Come to think of it, Al Sharpen, Jesse Jackson,Tony Martin were all labeled anti-semetic, and so were quite a few others. Tony Martin fought back with his book.  Farrakhan decided to fight back with a couple of books of his own.  Al Sharpen and Jesse Jackson chose to ignore and go on about their business.

Thinking back, President Obama must have been added to that list, because Eric Cantor went over to Israel and usurped the President's power and met with Israel's leader regarding the President's stance against building those settlements in the President's first term.  The President wrote some books for his daughters and now those books have come under attack because he wrote some positive things about Sitting Bull and Billie Holiday . 

America is supposed to be a melting pot with diverse cultures of many groups of people that make up this nation.  Yet, the only groups of people who seem to be being pushed out of the melting pot and constantly downgraded in their contributory accomplishments are nonwhites.  They seem to be the only ones who are targeted for negative reinforcements. When it comes to hateful remarks aimed at them the beat goes on and so does bigotry.

Rick Sanchez was fired from his job and labeled not too bright and a few other things because of the statements he made on CNN about Jewish people.  Beck smears Jewish people and gets to keep his job as long as he smears nonwhite people, including middleclass and poor whites, and others that they deem different from them who believe in equality and justice for ALL. Arsenio Hall's talk show host career ended after he had Farrahkhan on his show.

It appears that  freedom of speech draws the line in the sand when it comes to Jewish people.  There is always two sides to every story.  Does the criteria considered in determining hatred only apply when someone points out  flaws, faults, and wrongdoings of Jewish people? Is hatred towards other groups supposed to be regarded as trivial?  After all, we're all supposed to be human beings aren't we? Isn't all hate the same? 

However, people like Beck and Rush Limbaugh are allowed to spout out hate speech, divisiveness, and are regarded with high esteem that they are not worthy of at all just because they support Jewish people. You yourself said that you support Beck, so does that mean that you stand with him in hate for others?  I support Jewish people too, but I do not support hate and wrongdoing. Nor do I support the intentional divisiveness, racism, and hatred that Beck and Rush manufacture and are able to get away.

Before I am labeled, which I could care less, let me say this in my defense.  I am a woman that truly believes that ALL men were created EQUAL and are entitled to be treated fairly with dignity and respect that includes Jewish people. I do not believe in the supremacy of any group of people over another.  I strongly believe in the humanity of every single human being on this earth.  There is only one SUPREME BEING and that is GOD.  I believe in what is right, just, and all human beings whether they are black, white, brown, yellow, or red are entitled to be treated equally; all have the same right to pursue happiness and the American dream. There is good and bad in each human group. None of them have a patent on being perfect.  It is not hard to get along with people, nor is it hard to find something good and positive about people.  Finding flaws, negatives, and faults in all groups of people, is easy too because we all have them.


Redeye said...


Redeye said...

PS, remember how the media made then candidate Obama renounce, reject and repudiate Louis Farrakkan and Rev. Jerimiah Wright?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yup, I remember, but I wonder does the media remember because there are a whole lot of people waking up that remember too who have question marks popping up in their head. Something ain't right!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

My computer is acting up again. So, I'll be offline a day or two working on repairing it. Therefore, I won't be able to reply to any comments made or make any, until I get it fixed.

Black Diaspora said...

Granny, is it also anti-America to praise Nat Turner for resisting slavery, or pointing out that some of the Founding Fathers owned slaved?

What unmitigated foolishness! What pandering to an evil past!

What further proof do we need that a black American president can be attacked at will in the name of patriotic adherence to a lie, as long as that lie vindicates whites, and the human atrocities that were committed on their behalf.

Had Obama praised Custer, identifying him an American hero that cleared the way for the Westward Expansion of this nation, from sea to shining sea, by exterminating the indigenous people in his way, he, himself, would have been praised.

What's next: Will President Obama be called upon to defend slavery, and Jim Crow?

Have they no shame!

Redeye said...

They have no shame because they are allowed to and encouraged to have no shame.

"And they want us to sing God Bless America"?

Anonymous said...

Granny your topic is right on time.

The wingnuts are acting flamboyant in their display bigotry.

Ex: Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes h apologized to the Anti-Defamation League for telling The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz that NPR is run by “Nazis

ADL Director Abe Foxman said, “I welcome Roger Ailes’ apology, which is sincere as it is heartfelt.”

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Nope, they don't have any shame at all. That's for sure. Just think, they have the nerve to claim that they love America, but they disrespect President Obama, his wife, his kids, his mother-in-law. Respect for the highest office in America does not apply when the leader is nonwhite. They're full of dung and the truth is not in them.


Yup and salute the flag too. Heaven forbid if you tell the truth about them. Look at how they demonized Reverend Wright. Those folks need Jesus!

Anonymous 2:53:

Their bigotry has always been on display. People were not paying as close attention as they are now since President Obama was elected.

However, I keep telling folks that it's the same old dress with different accessories to make it look, but it's not.

Anonymous said...

Granny, you are so wrong about Fox News. I hope you will be big enough to apologize to Fox.

bk said...

You are right Granny that Farrakhan is a racist, and you are brave to call him out. I'm glad that you are starting to see that Glenn Beck has a good message for our people. I've changed my mind too and gotten right with God. You better watch out for all the racist negros who are going to call you an Aunt Jemima. Keep standing for the truth!