Tuesday, November 9, 2010


November 2, the people voted, oops I meant some of the people voted for the candidate of their choice.  I am not really surprised at the way things turned out.  Nope, not at all.  After all, so many people couldn't see past selfishness, impatience, racism, and their strong indoctrinated MSM political pundent's addictions.  The day after November 2, many people have woke up to find themselves on a sinking Titanic.

Nor can we forget about certain groups that wanted President Obama to stop whatever he was doing and work on their individual group's need.  People wanted him to wave a magic wand and do what they wanted overnight never giving consideration to the fact that he walked into a HUGE mess that almost booted this country into another depression.  They couldn't visualize him as this picture displays him on the left.  Or could they fathom how busy he was trying to solve the disasters left by the last administration.  They really did want him to be the "magic negro."

No use crying over spilled milk.  One of the problems was BACKSTABBERS lined up with their knives and scissors.  However, I warned the people back in January that the President had backstabbers in his own party.   Evan Bayh was 100% behind the President during the Presidential elections.  It was all good when he thought that he might get that VP spot. However, it didn't work out that way.  Yup, he was supposed to be one of President Obama's closest friends.  In the beginning during the presidential campaign he was all for Health Care Reform.  He wasn't the only one though because there were many more. Now Evan wants to tackle Social Security.

President Obama was the main Democrat that went out, showed support, and campaigned for Joe Liebermann when he was running for re-election. The other Dems did not bother with supporting Liebermann.  To show his gratitude, Liebermann campaigned against President Obama and campaigned for his opponent John McCain and gave him a few problems after the election was over.  Hillary loves her job and is content in it, but the Clintons well...I've often wonder which one of the Clintons came up with the bright suggestion of the President appointing their leftovers for his cabinet, since President Obama admired Mr. Clinton so much.

In addition, the Democrats let the Republicans stall getting the health care bill passed to give them enough time to villify it with the help of MSM.  Furthermore, they let the Republicans play BS games to block all of the President's appointees for different positions and most of them still haven't been confirmed leaving the President's administration crippled. 
"The roll call of last night’s essential vote on health care reform shows that the following 34 Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against the legislation:" ~~Irregular Times News Unfit for Print~~

"John Adler – Jason Altmire – Michael Arcuri – John Barrow – Marion Berry – Dan Boren – Rick Boucher – Bobby Bright – Ben Chandler – Travis Childers – Artur Davis – Lincoln Davis – Chet Edwards – Stephanie Herseth Sandlin – Tim Holden – Larry Kissell – Frank Kratovil – Dan Lipinski – Steve Lynch – Jim Marshall – Jim Matheson – Mike McIntyre – Mike McMahon – Charlie Melancon – Walt Minnick – Glenn Nye – Collin Peterson – Mike Ross – Heath Shuler – Ike Skelton – Zack Space – John Tanner – Gene Taylor – Harry Teague"~~Irregular Times News Unfit for Print~~

"They howl about “Obamacare” (a fictional name) and speak of health care reform as a fascist-socialist-totalitarian-secular-Pelosibot disaster. It’s clear that in the minds of Republican fundraisers, the 2010 election season was about rejecting the health care reform that passed earlier in the year. But is that what was in the minds of the voters?"~~Irregular Times News Unfit for Print~~

Nope, the people weren't against the health care reform, they were upset at the Democrats for not standing up to the Republicans and fighting back.  They wanted them to take off the kid gloves and put on their boxing gloves. The people wanted public option included in the health care bill.  In addition,  they wanted President Obama to stop compromising with the GOP and let his manhood voice shine through. In essence the people who supported him wanted him to put that size 11 and 1/2 shoe down.

In the beginning, those professors at Harvard University threw a few knives themselves.  But that is to be expected since the majority of them were Republicans.  The one strong trait that the Republicans have is browbeating and bullying tactics. The Republicans belief is that you agree with them or else. GOP tactics are similiar to strong-armed tactics of organized gangstas sending out hitmen.  If you don't agree with them they'll go out of their way to destroy you through character assassinations with the help of MSM, mainly, Fox We Make Up Lies News. Well...that is if you want to label Fox a news station because it is anything but that.

Rupert Murdoch the  Don over at Fox We Make It Up News along with his Lieutenant Roger Ailes peddled, through their character assassination hitmen, deception and lies off as news to guillible people who lead sheltered lives, Timothy McVeigh and Ruby Ridge type folks that hate government; or those fake Christians that believe Jesus fought in behalf of the rich.  I'm speaking of those Christians that would stab Jesus in his back for the love of money...the modern day Judas.

When the wicked rule, the poor suffers.  Eight years should have taught the people that lesson, I guess it didn't. Nevertheless, the bible said, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
However, it's the poor and downtrodden who will be the ones to pay the biggest price behind this last election.  The rich and corporations will be rewarded and the middleclass will join the poor in status.

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