Friday, January 22, 2010

Black Folks Are An Endangered Species

The earthquake in Haiti will remain engraved in my memory for the rest of my life. I can’t even put into words how depressing, vexed, and tense the events of the last two weeks have left me. The horror and the lost of so many lives stirred up so many emotions within me. It had me asking the question, why? Over and over... Why did this have to happen to Haiti, my people, who've already suffered more than people can imagine? I know it doesn't make sense to question a natural disaster and devastation it leaves behind because man has no control over it. An earthquake and any type of natural disaster can happen anywhere in the world.

Yet and still, I will never forget the cruel, cold-hearted, thoughtless, and callous remarks made regarding the victims of Haiti by those who chose to make it out of a political point scoring moment or just out of downright mean-spiritedness and though I wish no ill any other human being; I will have no sympathy when the shoe falls on the other foot.

As I watched the so-called rescue of Haitians, why is it that I get the impression that black people are under attack and targeted for ethnic cleansing? It seems as if those who wish us ill have decided our fate and feel that it is their given right to play God, judge, and jury over us. They've made up their mind that those of us with a darker hue of skin should all be destroyed by any means necessary—the earth is not big enough for us and them too. Under what authority did they get the right to decide other human beings fate? As if they are the reigning supreme beings who breathed life into all human beings.

I remember reading, watching, and hearing about the horrors of ethnic cleansing that went on over in Europe and even in Africa and how shocked and appalled I felt. Americans watched and listened in horror. Yet, the USA is guilty of that crime as well. Only theirs comes under many different, subtle disguises called birth control and police brutality, environmental racism, the infiltration of drugs and guns smuggled into minority neighborhoods, and even man-made A.I.D.S. Resistence Records made and distributed racist video games called "Ethnic Cleansing" and "White Law" inspired by the Turners Diaries around 2000 and still do as far as I know. Was this a manuel or guide to help them make preparations to do a little ethnic cleansing or was it putting the idea out there to see how many were willing to take them up on their subliminal message?

The Anti-Defamation League publicized the existence of the game and unsuccessfully lobbied the developers of Genesis3D to change their licensing conditions to prohibit the use of the engine to develop racist games. They have also lobbied the Interactive Digital Software Association to encourage their members to adopt such policies. Stuff Magazine named Ethnic Cleansing the 40th most controversial video game of all time in January 2003. ~~Wikipedia~~

How many times do you hear words such as these coming from angry whites? "Thugs, welfare recipents, stop blaming whitey, stupid nigger, worthless race, black have too many babies, gangs, too much black violence, stop playing victim, the race card, inferior, etc.? Like a broke record these words have played over and over and over.

Throughout history black people have been ridiculed, degraded, put down, humiliated, dehumananized. If I took to heart everything said about us, I wouldn't even know my own family, my friends, or blacks that have been successful, since all blacks are seen as and lumped in one boat as criminal misfits and not as individuals. Instead I would view them all in a bad light. The good and bad in all human groups does not apply to blacks. We're recognized as ALL bad, corrupt, incompetent, lacking intelligence, and lacking moral values. In spite of the many achievements of blacks, our accomplishments are dismissed as mediocre, or worthless. We hear too many times the declaration that "Affirmative Action" is the cause of our achievements instead of our intelligence.

Those are the cheerleading sections, those in the audience of the gladiator stands screaming for blood, black people's blood, building up the momentum for ethnic cleansing. This is nothing new, the thirst for black people's blood has been going on since slavery. What is even more sickening is that some of own people are helping them execution style and through poisoning our neighborhoods with drugs.

I once read a book and watched a movie called, "Thank You For Smoking", and at first I thought to myself that whoever wrote this story needs another occupation. But then, it hit me, what the story was all about—population control! Only in America, it appears that the population that they wish to control is black folks.

As I watched the news regarding Haiti, I observed something very troubling to me. A white man who had been rescued was being interviewed. He had the same injuries as those Haitians that are dying of, a cut and broken legs. Yet the same injuries because of lack of antibotics is what the Haitians are dying of. In fact, all of the whites rescued and had, basically,the same injuries and were treated with antibotics and all of their limbs have been saved. Yet, the Haitians are dying of the same injuries because of the claims of no antibotics being delivered to them and losing their limbs. No x-rays taken to diagnose if limbs could be saved.

There are nightly reports of how the medical supplies needed are stacking up and held up at the airport and even visuals of the crates of supplies just sitting there unattended and not moving anywhere. That along with quite a few other things I've observe needs looking into. However, I doubt that will happen and if so it will be a grand performance of trying to get to the bottom of it and in reality not a darn thing done about it except that it will be dismissed as lack of coordination or some other excuse.

Herod must be proud of his offsprings. I am speaking of those who think it is their appointed duty to dictate who should live and who should die. Which ethic group is next if their goal is accomplished? Death of the poor will not make the rich...richer! Because the poor we will have with us always.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Granny you and I were thinking along the same lines and honestly I'm afraid so many of us are asleep at the wheel and can't see the forest for the trees.For many here in Pittsburgh the natural disaster in Haiti doesn't even move the meter of concern,thats because as I travel the streets of this city,it doesn't look too much different from Haiti!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Have you read this yet?

Anonymous said...

Thank God finally, what in this world is going on in HAITI? people have raised Million;s of dollar, where is that money going to? this is what I would like to know? people are laying around on the street's as if they are thrown away like a pile of RAG'S! I don't know how much of this I can take! and not to mention Limb's being CUT OFF! I heard this on TV yesterday, and if that is not enough, they give these poor people VODKA to ease their pain! the DOCTOR'S CLAIM they don't have PAIN MEDICATION to give these people! do you think, for one second I believe this mess? NO!

The President said he was giving HAITI a Hundred Million dollar's! has HAITI received it yet? these people are called REFUGEE'S by the MEDIA! and all you see is WHITE FOLK'S in CONTROL! a HAITIAN man was shot in his side by a White soldier! I don't like this at all!

I do not want to believe HAITI is being run by WHITE RULE! where is that BLACK GENERAL that helped to put a little calm back to NEW ORLEAN'S during KATRINA?

YES, Medical supply's are just laying around and for what? I don't know who the President put in charge, but, they are NOT making sure the PEOPLE of HAITI are being treated like HUMAN BEING'S!

Did you know a CITI GROUP BANK is about to open up in HAITI! as if these poor people have a bank to put money in or let alone borrow from! and did you know, their are UPRIGHT HOTEL'S in HAITI! you mean to tell me, people have been living in TENT'S and people should have been able to go to these hotel's to stay?

I don't know what's really going on, but, something is not RIGHT!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I thought that all the hotels had crumbled in the earthquake. Yes, that is a good question, why is Citi Group Bank about to open up in Haiti?

You remembering me saying that I watch HGTV a lot. Well, I noticed that a lot of white CEOs were buying vacation homes over in Haiti and all over the Caribbean Islands in different places there lately, especially close to beaches.

Did you notice that it is mostly the young children they are cutting off limbs?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Granny thanks for the link,Cynthia Mckinney has always been one of my favorite people out here in the heartland.She along with her father(Billy Mckinney)has always shaken or upset the applecart of politics in Atlanta and the State of Georgia.Most Black folk treat them like the third rail on a subway track.But truth will always set you free!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I used to watch CSPAN a lot and remember when she was in the house. She is very outspoken, does not bite her tongue, and fights for the poor,middleclass, and what is right. She was not afraid to speak out about what is really going on and wrong. The GOP was in control of the House and Senate back then.

The GOP even went so far as to tell her that she couldn't mention President Bush and VP Cheney's name during the House meetings. You see, she was challenging them about a lot of stuff that came out later anyway that people wanted them tried and convicted for and was warning people about what was really going on. After Katrina happened, she exposed their hand and they didn't like that one bit. They couldn't have that. She was very courageous and didn't let that stop her and would find a way to bring their name up anyway.

So, they made up their mind to frame her, turn people against her, and give the false impression that she was belligerent or crazy. She was neither! The real reason is they wanted to shut her up because she was exposing them a little too much for their comfort and people might start asking questions. That incident with the capital police was a setup.

She is a fighter for what is right and truth.!

Black Diaspora said...

Granny, I hear your pain and your frustration.

Too many Haitians aren't getting aid and they're not that far from the staging area.

When asked if aid workers had been around, many are answering in the negative.

And yet still others have gone days without food and water, and no one is providing.

In a few days, I'm going to blog about this, and give attention to some other concerns I have.

Roderick said...

I have been wondering also about the reasons supplies have been unable to reach Haitians.

Many of the excuses have been that the port was badly damaged and the roads are in really poor condition.

When someone suggested that the supplies be air-dropped some claimed that it could not be done for fear or riots.

But I have agree with Granny that something doesn't smell right. Also I have read on several sites that the U.S. will eventually take over Haiti. For what reason I have no idea. Maybe that is why some foreign countries have been upset that their vehicles with supplies have not been allowed to land..they know something is up.

Anonymous said...

Who is trying to take over HAITI? and for what reason? no, granny, I heard the media say the doctor's were cutting off people limb's, I assumed they were talking about Adult's! but, JESUS, they are cutting off little children BODY PART'S!!! who is trying to CRIPPLE HAITI! the children are the FUTURE of HAITI, so, so THEY are trying to TAKE the well children OUT of HAITI, but, leave the Crippled children behind to WAIST away, oh, I see, if you are MAIMED, chance's are, it will be HARD for you to make a living in HAITI! Granny, I don't want to believe, what I just wrote!

I notice a WHOLE LOT! trust me I do, it seem's to be a RUSH to get the children OUT of HAITI and place them in WHITE FAMILY'S, what is going on with that? most white's in AMERICA don't like BLACK FOLK, and you mean to tell me, they want to RAISE BLACK CHILDREN!!! I am glad this is being Exposed, because, I don't think many black's knew about this!

When the EARTHQUAKE happened, it was very obvious that the WHITE'S had a way OUT! as if, SOMETHING was planned just in CASE! let me STOP GRANNY, seem as if, someone is Clearing the way for something!

I am NOT in a position to ADOPT any child, let alone a poor HAITIAN child, and most of our people are in the same position, but, I know it is NO WAY in this world, they are NOT wondering what is REALLY going on! these people are FIGHTING against HEALTH CARE to help people in need!

The President has NOT put the RIGHT PEOPLE in charge in HAITI!and he has to STOP being SLOPPY when it come's to BLACK PEOPLE, and yes, Cynthia is SMART, but, she is too SMART for WHITE FOLK'S, but, she is the type of BLACK person, that is needed on the President's Staff!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I don't want to believe what I am hearing, reading, and seeing but I too think that something doesn't smell right. I am hurt over the situation in Haiti.


I understand where you going with this but I would like to believe that some of those white folks that adopted those children did it out of a sincere and loving heart. However, there have been some concerns raised lately and also I read something else concerning the children of Haiti and that is in my next topic.


Keep me in prayer because I am truly hurt over the lives that have been lost in Haiti that shouldn't have been. It ticks me off to hear how they've turned away help from other countries who are making a sincere effort to help save lives. This is not a time for a show and photo opportunities, the most important thing is saving those people's lives. Everyday I check the missing and found list for surnames of those kin to me. It is not looking good at all.