Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Enemy Called Ignorance!

If Ron Paul is an example of how the Congressmen/Congresswomen think on Capitol Hill, people of color can forget about equal and fair treatment or justice. After all, in Ron Paul's book, Blacks are animals and Martin Luther King Day is "Hate Whitey Day". Ron Paul's logic is a little unbalanced seeing how Martin Luther King did not preach hatred of anyone. Too bad I can't say the same for Ron Paul. Yup! Ron Paul was badmouthing Martin Luther King who was a man who believed in nonviolence. Did I tell you that Ron Paul has ties to different white supremacist and neo-nazis folks and organizations?

There is no denying that Ron Paul is a piece of work and a full pledge racist. How did a man who does not represent all of the people get sent to Congress seeing how those up on Capitol Hill are supposed to be representing the people in their state or district? According to Ron Paul, Black people are not people in his book, they are animals. It sorta gives you a glimpse of what those that voted him in political office think about black people since his newsletters do not hide any of his true beliefs.

If I were Mr. President, I'd have the Secret Service men watching Ron Paul day and night and pray that Ron Paul hasn't infilitrated the Secret Service with his white supremacist friends. And it wouldn't be a bad idea to have him stripped searched on a daily basis. I'm just saying! That Ron Paul is not exactly people of color friendly and that includes half-people of color. Mr. President you can't trust those folks up on Capitol Hill nowadays because quite a few of them are longing for the good ole boy days of Dixie and cotton and Ron Paul is definitely one of them. One thing is for sure, the President really believes in keeping his enemies close. However if you ask me Ron Paul is a little too close for comfort.


mattie said...

Granny, you are right, these people are Bold! if you area REP/CON and you are a RACIST you will get elected in 2012, that's why RON PAUL won over the TEA PARTY folk's, so, what doe's that really tell you about the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT? they are RACIST! and so are the BLACK FOLK that support them!

I am not shocked by anything anymore, these people come up with new stuff every single day! and they say it's because of the HEALTH CARE BILL! well, they have really found a scape goat, the President and First Lady are called Chimpanzee's because of a HEALTH CARE BILL!

Clarence Thomas WHITE WIFE is on the bandwagon now, she has joined the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT, she is going after a black President, but, yet, she is married to a Black man, oh, I forgot, her husband is black in SKIN TONE only!

Yes, the President should have these WHITE MAD MEN and WOMEN on a WATCH LIST! they are DANGEROUS!!! these people are the worse HUMAN BEING'S, we have roaming around in this country! these people will do whatever it take's to stay in Power!

Granny, I use the word (SUBHUMAN) well, are these people acting like Stable minded human being's? NO? their behavior fall's under the category of a Rabid Dog! a Rabid dog foam's at the mouth and find's someone to ATTACK! well, these people are carring the Disease of their Rabid Ancestor's, didn't they go out looking for Black folk to Destroy! Yes?

Granny, in due Season our people will wake up and get it together, but, how are we going to live amongst a segment of White Racist American's that, will forever be Planning and Plotting the Demise of the Black population in America! cause, these people have made it plain that they (Plan to make our life a Living....)for as long as we exist in their so called (America)!

mattie said...

Granny sorry about my error's, but, I am so sick and tired of people and their never ending Hatred!