Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are Black People Being Shortchanged?

I haven't put my sidebar back up yet or got my blog back to the way it originally looked yet. Some parts of it are on a USB and I haven't found it yet. I couldn't tranfer my followers over to the new blog because it wouldn't let me. Nevertheless, I am still working on it and will get it back to normal hopefully by this weekend.

While out shopping, I noticed that our streets are being repaired in different parts of my city and in other cities. It is about time and long overdue. Lord knows the streets are in need of some serious repair. In addition, I was sick and tired of driving over chuckholes and rugged roads. Furthermore,riding over bumpy roads and potholes everywhere I went made me feel like I was riding in a horse and buggy instead of a car. Anyway I am glad that we're finally getting our roads repaired. Nevertheless, can someone tell me where are the Black people at?

It appears that the stimulus money for the jobs has gone out but I haven't seen one black face working on any of those jobs repairing the streets. Nope, not one! I've seen plenty of black people in unemployment lines but none working on those type of jobs. There is a union hall not too far from me, I saw black men standing around there too. Why are none of our black men working on those construction jobs that were suppose to reach into our black community as well? Yup, we were suppose to be included in on the stimulus package jobs.

There are plenty of black men looking for a job. In fact, quite a few have mentioned to me that they were trying to find a job. There was a stimulus job application site set up last year something that struck me as odd was the fact that not one black man was in that long line that went a couple of blocks around the corner. Therefore, I came home and made a few telephone calls and had others to make some telephone calls to pass the word around that they were taking application for stimulus jobs. No one black that I talked to that day was aware of it. No announcement had been made on the radio or local news or in the local newspaper regarding it. However, another strange incident occurred later on that evening. They finally announced it on the radio but it was too late.

Apparently, black businesses have noticed that blacks are being left out in a sense or they are being shortchanged. If it was an application to spend time in prison, blacks would have been given top priority consideration, but when it comes to jobs as always they are the last ones hired and first ones fired. Moreover, the stimulus job package is beginning to resemble the "New Deal". Blacks were excluded from the "New Deal" too. Overall, Blacks are being shortchanged with the stimulus job package.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You would think the Black Congress folk would have been on this issue of jobs and money flowing into their districts,but those folks are too busy throwing parties to realize folks are hurting out here.Glad you are back!

cactusrose said...

That's exactly right. We hear about the "stimulous" etc..but where, where? As you well say, it seems to ne a top secret and not anounced.
Here in Puerto Rico, the same thing happens, only here the ones that are sucking up to the mayors get the goodies. Some of these people have family members with two and three jobs each! While the neighbor down the street gets nothing!

A Black Panther Forever said...

Sister further the conversation about "where are the Blacks"? Black young men are not prepared for the construction industry. Labor cramp their style. Here on the East Coast young Blacks would rather work in telemarketing (play-pen with all the women}. Very seldom do I see any young men with tools and the look of a construction worker. We as a people must return to the basics. No more factories are in the future. Brother Booker T. Washington spoke about working with our hands so as not to antagonize the white race. Maybe now we must redirect our efforts in arenas of work that entails some sweat. Being a nurse, I would love to see Blacks return to the health field where there are MANY jobs in certain areas. VA hospital for sure. My father was an auto mechanic and all my male siblings as well as myself HAD TO learn that trade. None of us did it for a living but now many years later we are still able to fall back to that trade. I am saying this to say that at present I have many tools and portable computers...BUT... when I offer to teach some young unemployed males...there are no takers. Dealing and twirling brings in more. A sad state of affairs. In ending, sometimes I think the conspiracy is now on automatic. StillaPanther2

mattie said...

Granny, a lot is going on, This is what Tavis Smiley was talking about, he wanted to know, was the President going to make sure the Black community would be treated fair! well, we are not, and it has nothing to do with what a Black man doe's not want to do, it has to do with them being Purposely excluded!

CNN did a piece on Police Department"s being closed down, well, at one department, the majority of the employee's were black, well, the people in the community were protesting, they had strange look's on their face's, one thing I know, when something is Not right! Black people may not speak, but, their facial expression's will tell the story!

I try not to make something out of nothing, but, Police department's and School's are being shut down, they say it is lack of money, No! something is Fishy! wasn't stimulus money given to some of these state's? as a matter of fact, when the Stimulus bill first passed, the Republican's were getting money for their state's, but, yet, they would not spend it, well, if you don't spend the money where it is needed, people will go without, and that mean's lack of Job creation, lack of employment for the people, how can the stimulus package be affective if their are No job's for the people! this was the reason the Stimulus package was created!

Remember the Republican's motto is(where are the Job's)! and remember, who will be angry if they don't get a fair share of Job's, Black people! so if thing's don't change by 2014 for African American's, who will they be angry at? the President, do you think they will think twice about voting for him in 2014? YES! is this what the Republican's are banking on? I wouldn't put it pass them! those people are trying to Shut down America!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I had that same feeling that they are been purposely excluded. There are a few incidents that have been coming up lately that have caught my eye.