Tuesday, March 2, 2010

America Should Just Declare A National Racist Day And Get It Over With!

America should declare one day out of the year "National Racist Day"? Yup, I said it! Think about it folks we might as well. It is no secret around the world that Black folks are the most hated people in America. Instead of apologizing for racist statements or actions, they can donate money to Black Colleges or towards building black only cities, give up a few states and designate them as black only states to make amends. Meaningless apologies have worn out their welcome.

Counting all the meaningless apologies Black folks have been given 365 days of racist remarks, cartoons, hanging nooses, and behavior aimed at black people, we blacks folks get the picture. Oh yeah, we sure do. All of the little coded words "We want our country back" and "We need to get back to the constitution, what the framers of the constitution had in mind." Blacks know and understand what the framers had in mind and that black folks were not exactly what the framers had in mind either. We get the so-called veiled hints that we are not welcomed in the USA. It doesn't make a difference that our ancestors helped build this country with free labor, blood, sweat, and death. Nope! Nor does it matter that we pay taxes, vote, and were born citizens in this country.

Over at NewsOne, one of the posters couldn't have said it any better and hit on target with what their underlying motive for all of the coming out of the racist closet is all about:

"I believe that these guys (Cheney, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Beck) have a cut off your nose to spite your face mindset. They along with senate minority leader (Boehner) would rather have this country bogged down during president Obama’s tenure in order,to make people doubt before ever electing a person of color to office again. The old (”Well we tried this before, and look what happened”)process.They’re willing to “Charge it to the game” during this administration. Investing in the future. Pathetic!" ~~MisterRicky~~

That is exactly what it is all about whether they want to admit it or not. You see, only 40 something percent of whites voted for President Obama. If my math is correct that leaves about 60% or 58% who didn't.

Imagine how those daily insults and behavior is going to get when those people who focus on skin color find out that there is a good chance that we might be having a food shortage in the near future. They've gotten so caught up in insulting and degrading black folks that they didn't take note or give serious thought to the fact that it snowed in forty-nine states. Seeing how this is planting season, if my memory serves me correctly, snow melts, results in mud, and you can't plant seeds in mud. Oh well, if the bad economy, unemployment, and a Black President brought out all the hidden racist out the closet, just think what a food shortage will bring out.

We can't count on the media to give fair representation of Black people. Nope! MSM has a one track mind type of program when it comes to Black people. Only the negative and criminal element in Black communities will get the spotlight on MSM. After all, our issues are of no importance to MSM because they will go out of their way to smear, slander, and kill the influence of any black folks making too much money or those trying to help the their community. Look what they did to ACORN. Can't have too many black folks with fat bankrolls or anyone helping black folks. No indeed, because money is power in America and helping black folks is not allowed.

Therefore, we ought to just have a "National Racist Day" and let them get it off their chest once a year. Let them line up and say what they really mean and feel. Instead of meaningless apologies that black people have grown tired of let them donate to black colleges if they really mean it.


Black Diaspora said...

They want to say that it's because of the economy that we're seeing a dramatic rise in hate groups, but we know the truth: It's the rise of a black man to the position of president that has many of them hatin' on him and us.

Granny, I'd give racists one day to get their hatin' off their chest, but it's like that Lay's potato chip commercial, "betcha can't eat just one." Well, one day would never do them. It would just whet their appetite for more.

Anonymous said...

Granny, it is beyond me, why your Blog is not filled with comment's, for you are NOT wishy washy, most Black Blog's are afraid to tell the God's honest truth!

One thing I notice, it seem to be, the Younger Black Blogger's that are complacent, they dismiss Racism! they refuse to see the full picture, I think they are afraid to deal with in your face Racism! they thought getting a good education would give them a pass into the White's only Club! well, electing a Black President should open their eye's to 2012 RACISM! and they should Debunk each and everything the RACIST throw at our people, but, they will not!

Yes, it is getting bad by the day, the REP/CON will be using the N word sooner or later, oh, I forgot, they already are, but, they use CODE'S word's to cover up what they really mean!

Granny, these people are Not playing! the MEDIA use's the Racist to do their dirty work for them! they are the one's responsible for building up the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT! FOX NEW'S is not alone in their RACE BAITING!

Chris Matthew's and Wolf Blitzer are in lock step with BECK and Limbaugh! as a matter of fact, MSNBC hired Glenn Beck's producer, so what doe's that tell you, well, they want that producer to do their format similar to Glenn Beck's format! I have ran out of name's to call these people!


cactusrose said...

That's a great idea Granny, but on second thought, and as has been expressed, I think it would open the floodgates.

My thoughts are that as long as there is economic disparity (aka capitalism) in this country, and people are fighting over resources, there will be hatred among different groups of people.

Anonymous said...

give up a few states and designate them as black only states to make amends. Meaningless apologies have worn out their welcome.

The Nation of Islam has been calling for this for years. Why aren't you a member?

Anonymous said...

Granny, did you hear about the update on those Stepper's, well, it was an uproar, and it was said, that it was a Error or something in the Vote's, so, they gave one of the Black group's a Hundred Thousand Dollar's as well, but, the White group is still runner up, well, as long as the Black Stepper's won something! the money will go toward's their College.

Where you at? where you been? what's going on with you?

Everyday is a RACIST DAY! they have declared it to be so!


A Black Panther Forever said...

Sister Granny...good post. Grand idea that will not see the light of day. Too much to lose on the part of the dominate. When we are gone to the other side...there will be few that will continue the fight for equal chances. The feelings that you/I/others of our time period have comes frm living in times whereby there was no hold back to racism. Some days I feel let "bygones..be bygones", then some "in your face mess" bring that stuffed bad feelings to the surface. Unfortunatly, feelings can't be passed on to the now generation. this concept of the post racial period in America can only be pushed by the majority. This majority did some brutal acts that they want to flee from. Thisday will only be beneficial to the oppressed...therfor it a grand idea that will not be tabled. I don't find fault in that because just think what old Panthers/civil rights fighters will be doing on that day...let old dogs sleep. I am so glad to click on and "see u". StillaPanther2