Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is Our Kids Learning?

Yeah, I know the title, but I was having a little Deja Vu and for a minute thought about George W. Bush. So, I decided to dedicate this article in honor of him. Anyway, I came across an article that made me wonder if this is why our kids are not learning?

Nowadays, with all the budgets cuts school is almost non-existence...for those that are not rich that is. Well, at least that is the direction we're heading in out here in good ole sunny California(BTW, Sunny California is a myth). Arnold has our schools on life support and possibly dying of that closing down schools death in the future here in California. Nevertheless, we have enough problems in California schools due to the budget axe that keeps on chopping, chopping, and chopping away. In fact, I believe Arnold missed his calling as lumberjack the way he is hacking away at all of our vital programs.

Although, this topic is about a school it is not about a school in California. Therefore,I can say...Thank you Jesus! I say that with a little prayer thrown in for good measure, a rabbit's foot, and fingers crossed because you never can tell what might happen at schools nowadays. Keeping hope alive is getting harder by the day. Anyway, I'm glad that far as I know none of our teachers have went this far that is yet. You never know what the recession might bring.

I understand and know that we have a crisis going on with funding for schools these days. But hey! Are we lacking books in sex education too? Apparently, some schools these days are offering hands on experience in sex education. I guess it is cheaper than buying books. Some teachers are improvising and letting their creativity shine through in a way that is not making them look too bright upstairs, which is another price we have to pay for lack of money.

This particular teacher must have gotten her teaching credentials at "Shorty Johnson's Fool and His Money Club" because she wasn't exactly teaching any of those type of courses you learn at a higher learning institute to teach the younger minds. Well, I bet that school never has to worry about male absentees or dropouts, especially, if they have her for a teacher.


Anna Renee said...

Lawd a mussy! What is the world coming to? These people don't have their politically correct thinking caps on--for that matter, their thinking caps, period!

Black Diaspora said...

I think we're too stuck on just one kind of IQ. You know, the one that measures a person's "cognitive capabilities."

And even when you take into account the other distinct types of intelligence--psychologists have identified seven of them--one intelligence still seems to be missing, the one that doesn't enjoy the same prestige as the others, but could be considered to be just as important, if not more so.

The missing IQ: Commonsense.

"Having or exhibiting native good judgment." The natural ability, then, to make good decisions, taking into account context, possible outcomes, and a host of other variables that may expose you, or others, later to physical or mental pain, stress, or anguish.

The emphasis here is on "native good judgment," and not just on "judgment" alone. We can all judge, but we don't all seem to have the natural capacity, or ability, to make "good judgments," that is, to make decisions or choices that eliminate or reduce negative outcomes.

This faculty doesn't seem to exist in all in equal measures.

Tiger Woods comes to mind, and a host of other folks.

These teachers may have exhibited "cognitive capabilities" in order to obtain employment, but, if there existed a commonsense test to measure their commonsense IQ, they would have scored too low to be hired for such a responsible job as teaching our children.

I would think that that job would call for commonsense, as well as cognitive sense.