Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Much For Post-Racial America

The night Barack Obama was elected President of the Divided States of America, we kept hearing now that the people have elected the first African American in history to the highest office in the land that we were now living in Post-Racial America. Yup, that's what we were told. What I want to know is how can I tell?

In all honesty, America is beginning to resemble the Jim Crow era little by little, only difference is African Americans are allowed access to public places, no longer do they have to sit at the back of bus, we can vote...or maybe, I should say we can vote for now. Because Tancredo believes that would be one way to keep those black folks out of the White House. I am willing to bet that he is not the only one thinking that. The mobs of the past are like the teabaggers of today using different terms but the meaning is the same.

Anyway, back to what I was commenting on regarding the subtle and not so subtle similarities of Post-Racial America. During the Jim Crow era, blacks folks were beaten and lynched. It didn't matter if the victims was a man, woman, or child. The only criteria required was the victim's skin color. Has much changed in Post-Racial America? Not really, the criteria for their victims hasn't changed and nor has the number of villians it takes to pull it off. No, not at all! Those whose job it is to serve and protect has not changed that much either from the days of the Jim Crow era either.

What about MSM is there any difference in how they present their views of the news? Nope! They are still as biases and non-objective as ever. Only they've taken it to a new level and attack the President of the USA with threats openly and without restraint and no one holds them accountable. The treason laws are still in place but in America they only apply if the President is not a black man. Even the President faces discrimination on a daily basis with Congress working against him and not with him because of the color of his skin.

We had black folks who would sell-out their own people back during Jim Crow if the price was right. Nothing has changed in that aspect either. We still have them. There are female and male sellouts who would sell their own momma out if the price is right. Their only concern was always looking out for number and forget everyone else.

We can just continue to shirk it off and dismiss the writing on the wall which is in plain view for all to see. Nevertheless, don't celebrate just yet because we haven't arrived at post-racial America. And and the way things are shaping up it appears that history is trying very hard to repeat itself. After all, poisonous snakes breed poisonous snakes!


Anonymous said...

Granny, this is Generational Racism, and it's sad, but, this should be a WAKE UP call for our young people! God is allowing them to take a look at the PAST! they heard about it, read about it! watched movie's about it, but, now they have to come face to face with it! they cannot be sheltered! and God know's I wish they could, some of our young people are Striving to become productive American citizen's, and yet, they are being told they are NOT (REAL AMERICAN'S)!in other word's they are being told day by day (we don't want you in Our Country)

I remember when the President won the election and gave his speech, I was shocked to see so many Young Black people crying, I guess they thought RACISM was over! but, I also remember seeing, thousand's of YOUNG White people supporting Mccain and Palin! I could not believe any Rational minded young person would agree with anything Palin would say! but, yet they did and to this day, they support her! this is where Generational Racism come's in at! we are teaching our
young people to go forward and the RACIST are teaching their young people to in live in the Past.


Blinders Off said...

Yes, what we are seeing at the Tea Party rallies is Generational Racism...just look at the signs of of the young girls and boys who are still in diapers.

Black Diaspora said...

Granny, Angela is aligning herself with a group that applauded when Tancredo talked about literacy tests for prospective voters.

Doesn't she know that she would be one of the first at the poll to receive the test, if Tancredo had his way?

From the HotLine: I have in on good authority, that the president is discouraged by all the setbacks to his healthcare reform efforts, as well as to his overall agenda.

He's feeling as though he's failed.

I know that you're one of his continual sources of prayer, but he could use an e-mail, fax, or letter of encouragement, and a redoubling of our prayer efforts.

Roderick said...

Black Diaspora said...From the HotLine: I have in on good authority, that the president is discouraged by all the setbacks to his healthcare reform efforts, as well as to his overall agenda.

He's feeling as though he's failed.

Well it's all Obama's fault.

His biggest problem is his inner circle. These people are from Chicago and no nothing about D.C. or how it works or the people who make it work.

Clinton made the same mistake by bringing his Arkansas staff to serve him at the White House.

Plus Obama doesn't understand that a good campaign staff doesn't always translate into a good governing staff.

As far as his personal failure. He hasn't been tough enough on conservative Democrats or Republicans and now we see the results--the centerpiece of his presidency-healthcare is about to bite the dust.

Obama's first sign of weakness was when he bowed down to that crooked racist cop Crowley. The leader of the free world, the man who has the code to the nuclear football got punked by some cracker beat cop who told the world that he didn't even vote for Obama? Negro please.

Then Obama invited him to the White House for some beer so the good white folks of America wouldn't be mad at President Obama. LOL

And Obama expected Congress to respect him after that? Hell to the naw.

Now he's depending on 'weak as water' Reid to push health care through the Senate and Pelosi who always acts as if she doesn't know where the heck she is to get a compromise bill through the House.

Lawd have mercy!!!

MardenWGBH said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Black Diaspora! you know, the President can sign an Executive Order any time he get's good and READY! and if need be, he SHOULD!

Roderick, why are you sounding like me when I get UPSET with the President!

Now, is most of this the President's Fault? YES! he took his behind to Washington thinking he could TRANSFORM some old Decrepit WHITE MEN! that being John Mccain and the rest of those Shrewd WHITE MEN! these people are out to drive the President STARK RAVING MAD! these old men are RUTHLESS! and the President has to become RUTHLESS! because if he think's for one ounce of a second, these WHITE people are going to allow him to lead this country without a FIGHT, he is sadly mistaken!

The White REP/CON has to answer to WHITE FOLK! if just one of the REP/CON Vote's YES for that HEALTH CARE BILL, that's it for them, we won't see their face's anymore! this is about White's trying to hold on to Power! they have never been in this Position before! so, they are fighting to the end!

Look at the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT? who do they remind you of? they remind me of the CIVIL RIGHT'S MOVEMENT in the SIXTY'S! thing's are REVERSE now! we fought to Gain Power, they are Mobilizing to Keep POWER!

Six Hundred white people at a TEA PARTY CONVENTION, What, that's all! now if it was SIX MILLION, well, the President would have a problem and so would we!

That HEALTH CARE BILL should have been PASSED during the time TED KENNEDY was alive, but, look, what did TED get for his LABOR in the VINEYARD? a BIG FAT SLAP in the FACE!!! and I mean BIG! how in this world, can a BLACK MAN roam around AMERICA and get the Majority of WHITE FOLK to VOTE for him, but, yet, he cannot FORCE, FORCE and FORCE, and PUT the FEAR of GOD, in just ONE WHITE person, so they can help pass that HEALTH CARE BILL! I mean come on people, why is this Black President NOT being the ANGRY BLACK MAN by now! could it be, because he just is not Black enough! and trust me, I don't like saying thing's like this, but, something is WRONG!

The sad thing is, the WHITE people that voted for him, want the HEALTH CARE BILL to PASS! that's why they voted for him! they wanted change! and now look, he is about to meet with Rep/Con! about the Health Care BILL! and he set it up! once again he gave in to the WHITE MAN! oh, yes! you better believe he need's much Prayer and LAYING on of HAND'S!


Roderick said...

iseeiseeRoderick, why are you sounding like me when I get UPSET with the President!

Or maybe you sound like me.

Anonymous said...

Well some FOLK'S over at FIELD'S call me Crazy! LOL LOL LOL! NO, I just refuse to be believe the REP/CON are still Standing! and why is that? well, they are GIVEN PERSMISSION to remain Standing! and by who? the President of the UNITED STATE'S of RACISM AMERICA!

The moment the word TEA PARTY MOVEMENT was mentioned, the President should have made sure, it was strictly about Drinking Tea! but, yet, it was allowed to Thrive and Prosper!

I am sitting back waiting and watching for the day, when the President will Realize he doe's NOT have to look the REP/CON way! let alone meet with them and try to bargain with them! but, NO, he want's to Win them over, as if they will Break Rank's! these are the people that stood by Bush has he made up a WAR! did they break rank with him? NO! and Bush did a Wicked Deed! so what doe's that tell you about the type of people, he is dealing with!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Granny, Angela is aligning herself with a group that applauded when Tancredo talked about literacy tests for prospective voters."

Nah, say it ain't so, not Angela. This is my first time hearing that. What in the world is she thinking and especially coming from the state of Arkansas that was beyond racist after slavery ended. It must be the water! Smh!


"we are teaching our young people to go forward and the RACIST are teaching their young people to in live in the Past."

Amen, amen, and amen again! You summed it all up to a tee.


I feel ya! Like Roland Martin said it's time for President Obama to go gangsta on them. President Obama is a gentleman and so was one of my uncles. However,he my uncle are different in one aspect, my uncle would have let them know where to get off at and wouldn't have taken any mess off of them. My uncle didn't play!


Yup, it's a history rerun!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I'm sorry, I misunderstood you and thought that you were referring to Maya Angelou. LOL! You have to excuse me today, I haven't had but a couple of hours sleep. I went to bed late last night and had to get up real early this morning so my mind is a little foggy today. LOL!