Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Another Unhinged Day In America

A habitual occurrence of violence is taking place in schools, at the workplace, in homes, on public transportation, and now even in churches all across America. It was ironic that three teenagers picked Valentine's Day to boldly walk into a Sunday church service and shoot it up. Then there was the professor who killed her co-workers over tenure. No place is safe these days, not even the church which used to be off limits and sacred ground and even the hardest of gangsters abided by that unspoken rule. Not anymore!

Yet and still, there is more brewing on the horizon besides those acts of violence that is not being taken serious enough and apparently dismissed as just some loonies acting big deal. Well, I hate to be the one to tell ya but loonies can be violent too and usually they commit mass violence. Those loonies are gonna be instrumental in tearing the fabric of this country totally apart and ripping it to shreds believe it or not. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Yesterday, a man flew his private airplane into the I.R.S. office building in protest of government and taxes. Don't overlook the fact that he hurt and endangered innocent people's lives behind his differences with the government and almost caused another 9/ll disaster. In addition to his deranged mind,there are different groups with his derange mindset springing up who are determined to start a civil war in America. Furthermore, there are those who are openly threating the President of the USA. Has America become uncivilized because we have a black man for President?

While checking out various news and blog Web Sites, I came across an article regarding another threat made on the President. Why am I not surprise? Nor am I surprised that the perpetrator is a white supremacist. Nope, not at all! I mean it is not like they've been hiding their intentions from anyone. Nor have the teabaggers, Fox News, or any of the other folks belonging to hate groups. They've made it plain as day, they don't want a black man in the sacred White House. These people are insane and they haven't changed their mind in wanting to harm the President.

In addition, it seems that the John Birch Society is back. The Southern Poverty Center labeled them a "Patriot" and in my honest opinion, the Southern Poverty Center was off target on their evaluation of the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society was against civil rights. In addition, Ben Klassen at one time belonged to the John Birch Society. Klassen hated nonwhites and Jewish folks with a passion

Ben Klassen was the author of "The White Man's Bible" and also was a Republican State House Representative in 1966. He lost that seat when he ran for State Senate in a special elections. He was, also, the campaign manager for George Wallace, but he turned on Wallace because Wallace had failed to mentioned segregation in one of his speeches after he had promised segregation always and forever and that ticked Klassen off and he fell out with Wallace over that. Klassen committed suicide later on.

What is troubling is that all of these different hate groups such as the neo-nazi, neo-cons, neo-McVeighs, the Palin's secessionist group, and John Birch Society have been forming allegiances with each other in the teabaggers coalition. They claim that the teabagger's coalition is about taxes and smaller government. However, anyone paying attention and with eyes can see that it really is about that black man in the sacred WHITE HOUSE.

The Presidential election is over with and the people's decision was to put Barack Obama in the White House. Now, we might not agree with some of the policies he is making or not making. And it appears that we expect more out of him than any other President we've had in history? Truthfully speaking, we've made him our "Scapegoat President."


Hathor said...

Truthfully speaking, we've made him our "Scapegoat President."

I like that.

Black Diaspora said...

Here's what's strange: For the most part, this is a white country. That is, whites are the majority and enjoy all the perks that go along with that.

Yet, it's not blacks (who are clearly in the minority) that are calling for secession, forming militia groups (The Black Panther Party doesn't count.), or calling for the restoration of the Constitution.

White's have had their way for the longest, and that's still not good enough for some.