Saturday, February 13, 2010

White Privilege Real Life Monopoly Game!

Only in America can white folks kill their brother, police record vanish, serve no jail sentence, graduate from Harvard, work as a teacher at Alabama University, and kill three faculty members. Is white privilege the reason the justice scales lean more to one side?

Lady Justice is known to Black folks as "JUST US". The reason is that the law is, mostly, followed and practiced on "JUST US". JUST US Black folks that is. When Blacks commit a crime, we're labeled animals, scum of the earth, etc. However, when whites commit a crime they're labeled the "good neighbor" or all of a sudden, it is time for a newly discovered mental disorder to come out.

In America, if a black person had killed their brother whether an accident or on purpose, they would have gotten life or a death sentence. We would have been bombarded with pictures of that black person dressed in jail attire until they lock them up. Not only that, their whole family would have been interviewed, as well as researched all the way back to the 1800s. There is nothing about them and their family you would not know.

Of course, by now, we would be having a court of opinion trial. Naturally, the verdict would be guilty before proven innocent. A couple of days later they would be serving their time in prison and the key would be thrown away. School records all the way back to kindergarten or preschool would have been picked with a fine tooth comb. Only in America can a white person kill someone in their family, serve no jail sentence, case is dismissed, and not even a referral to a probation officer is made.

Black folks had better not have so much as a traffic ticket in their past. If they do they can hang it up, kiss freedom goodbye, and make their burial plans in prison because it will be a "until death do us part" prison sentence. Forget about second chances if you do manage to get a sentence less than life as far as employment goes. Only white folks can get a job when they get out of prison. When Black folks get out of prison, they will still be doing life prison sentences on an "installment prison plan". In other words, they will be reincarcerated for not securing a job. Nevermind, the part about employers refusing to hire Black folks with a record. They only hire white folks with a record. That is the golden practice here in America. BTW, those same rules that apply to Blacks, apply to all nonwhite folks.

While I am sort of glad that the woman who killed her white supremacist husband case was dismissed. I can't help but suspect that if she had been black or any other minority that would not have happened. The rule, "You still broke the law" and "You still have to pay for your crime" of premeditated murder would have came in to play. No exceptions to the rule unless your white of course.

It is sort of a rigged game to keep the prison stats all black. The object of the game is for white employers to refuse to hire Blacks with a record, which activates parole violation, and results in a return trip to prison to put in some more time on that "life in prison installment plan" tailored just for nonwhite folks. Like the game "Monopoly" you need a get out of jail card. The only thing is that those are whites only cards.


Anonymous said...

Granny. a man in my church has suffered for year's, because of his Prison record, he can't get a good job because of his record, I think he used to be in a gang, but, that was year's ago, and to look at him now, you would never tell he was in prison, but, yet he can only find low level job's, it's as if they Punish Black men! well, what was I thinking, of course they do!

I remember looking at MSNBC, they show those prison program's on the weekend, in one state, the prison was built to look like the inside of a SLAVE SHIP! I am NOT making this up! the prison was packed with BLACK MEN! not a White face prisoner in sight! these Black men looked as if they were trapped for life! some of the men sound as if they were Screaming out for help! this did NOT look right at all!

I will never forget what the White Warden said, his word's were(these men are NOT here to be Rehabilitated! so we don't spend money on trying to get them to enter back into Society! his last word's were, these men are here for Life! and trust me, he meant every word he said!

Yes, when it come's to Black men, it is a double standard, White men can commit some of the worse crime's you can imagine, and they get out in a couple of year's or they don't do anytime at all!if they do get time, and get released, a job is waiting for them! not only that, but, some will roam around in society and Kill people, and then after they have killed up enough people, then they Finally get caught! this go's on all the time!


Anonymous said...

Not a White prisoner in sight!


RiPPa said...

Hey Granny,

I haven't followed this story, but I was speaking to my mother earlier tonight on the phone and she brought up the point you raise with this post. This woman for all we know may have been a closet psycho. Which is scary when you look at how far up the food chain she got.

Good post as always.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Granny telling the truth about the criminal justice system should be a full time job for black parents,so many young people out here believe that the system has changed.Nothing has changed about the american justice system but how the game is played.The game is rigged today as it was yesterday,the only difference is it now has cherries on top to hide the cake that's within!

cactusrose said...

Granny, as I read your words I was seeing the system at work here in PR also! Same exact thing! They incarcerate the men and leave the women and children bereft of a husband and father! they destry the family. As you well state,the elite here, all of whom are the white Spaniard ruling class, get off scott free on just about everything.
My granpa used to say "prisons are for the poor"

StillaPanther2 said...

Sister Granny...I was dismayed to find out that the state of VA denie food stamps as well as public housing for released ex-offenders. This system is so slanted toward continuation of punishing the offenders. Like one commenter just stated: its imperitive to let our young people know that getting in trouble is a life long anchor. Being a Black male in the ice (sic) age, I can attest to how small infractions can be lifelong punishment. Upon coming from the war, in 1070 I had the misfortune to take a friend I had not seen in three years to a store. While waiting for him to come out the store-it ws suppose to be a pit stop- I saw him run past my car. I was charged and convicted with misdemeanor shoplifting even though I had nothiong in my car nor went in the store. I appealed that case for a year ,,in those days... what a white man said in court was the gospel. Now 38 years later, I still have to put that bogus infraction down each time the question is- "have you ever been convicted of any..?". Are you also aware that seeing that misdemeanors are not "in acourt of record"- this infraction is not able to be removed. In Va, 1 out of 100 felonies are dont depend on that avenue for relief. One more thing... with the high percentage of Blacks being falsely convicted on these highl scrutinized cases by error...think maybe the lowers cases got to have a wider margine of error for more false convictions. One day I will comment about my legal situations as a Panther. My 70s was....

StillaPanther2 said...

To the Anon... that picture of the Black males was the "bull-pen" for Richmond, VA. All the Black males had their shirts off and they have about 120 males in a pen designed to hold 40. That image will stay in your mind for a long time. Being a Black male with young adult sons, I am so fearful, because I know society AND the system sees me/my sons as them. I dare say over half of these guys are in for not being able to post those bogus bails. Which now the bail/bondsmen dont what to have released/pretrial progams,,,because they want to make money off bonds. I wish all Blacks realize we are just "crop" for the system. Too many people make money off of our misdeeds.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I'm with you panther,the whole system is a trick for those not educated about how it works.I sometimes hear so of our young men and women brag about how they can do five years standing on their heads.When I hear that line I in turn just shake my head!

Reggie said...

Yeah, like Richard Pryor used to say "you go down to the courthouse expecting to see justice and that's all you see "just us".

The story is rather disturbing, apparently this woman has anger issues and they've manifested themselves at least a few times in her life.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Prisons are modern day Plantations. People need to read the constitution and all the amendments. The thirteenth amendment says this:

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, EXCEPT as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

People tend to overlook or ignore the word "EXCEPT" in the 13th amendment. But it is telling you right there that it is abolished IF you DO NOT commit a crime. Of course involuntary servitude refers to white folks. However, slavery applies to nonwhite folks. In other words, it is like it was back in slavery days blacks were slaves for LIFE, but whites only served so many years in indentured servitude and were given freedom. Nothing has changed in America. Capitalism and the politics of America are the same. "Money is the ROOT of all EVIL".

I know the games of America's establishment. Every chance I get I try to teach young people the games so that they can avoid the pits and snares of America's system. Their life and livelihood depends on them knowing them or they are doom to failure.

Children need to be taught the Constitution and all of the amendments until they know them by heart because every law and rule in America is rooted in politics and capitalism and slanted in favor of whites and not in favor of minorities, which includes Hispanics/Latinoes, Asians, Arabs, and Iranians.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

*The LOVE of money is the ROOT of ALL EVIL*

Sorry, I left out the Native Americans and Eastern Indians but they are included in minority too.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Damn those white people. Only black people are put in jail and they're all made to look like monsters, while all of the white people that commit crimes are made to look like angels. You are SO correct.