Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Does Help Mean Exploitation?

We live in a country that likes to boast on its humanitarianism and good will efforts towards other countries. Our country is touted as a country with a magnanimous heart when disaster hits other countries. Nevertheless, can for once, America help a country with a majority black population in need instead of exploiting them?

While surfing the Internet, I ran across a few articles that are quite disturbing. But then, I believe that most of us had suspected some of it or at least had a few question marks in our head concerning the so-called aid relief efforts in Haiti. Like that old saying goes "All that glitters is not gold" and that saying is proving to be in the case of Haiti's aid relief efforts the truth and nothing but the truth.

A few of us had some concerns about the children in Haiti being adopted by so many white folks. Those few were wondering where did all of this newfound love for black children come from since here in America love for black folks is not exactly being shown according to our past and present history. Yet and still, my own biggest concern was children being kidnapped for child slavery which was already going on in Haiti. In addition, children dying of injuries, infections,and losing their limbs behind untreated injuries or delays in treatment.

Why is it that America thinks that helping in disasters in which the majority of the victims are black means:

"More recently, Clinton has been busy setting up investment opportunities for Wall Street corporations to further exploit Haitian labor." ~~Kiilu Nyasha-Poor People Magazine~~

"Haitians need real help trying to dig out victims who may still be alive, not opportunistic posturing and photo ops." ~~Kiilu Nyasha-Poor People Magazine~~

Oh well, hopefully, the real goodwill humanitarian bug will really hit Clinton and Bush and they'll be healed from that spirit of oppressor. At the present, it does not look like that is the case. It seems that smaller countries seem to always outshine us when it comes to real humanitarism and get less credit for it or hardly noticed. But then, if you think about it, it is always those with less who give the most and have a genuine humanitarian spirit.


Anonymous said...

Granny, I will be so glad when everything is Exposed, when it come's to the Haitian Orphan's! who knew this was going on behind the scene's, I surely didn't!

Why was these people trying to Adopt Eight and Nine children at one time? I know these people are suppose to be Christian's, but, we have all SORT'S of so called Christian's!


Black Diaspora said...

Hi, iseeisee. Around 30 kids were being bussed out of the country, and not all were orphans.

And this is just one instance. God only knows how many other kids are being whisked away to lands unknown, for whatever reason.

I think things need to settle down, and the government restored, before children are allowed to be taken out of the country.

I understand there's a problem with organ trafficking as well as children. Here's an online article.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Woe Rachel weep for your children! I keep hearing that over and over every time I think about Haiti. The only thing I am in a position to do right now is sound the trumpet as loud as I can.

To take advantage of a people when they are going through something as disastrous as this and especially poor people is a disgrace and awful. I wish some folks would realize that all money is not good money and to make this out of a profit venture for Wall Street stinks. They are literally trying to squeeze the blood out of a turnip. But then, they have done all Americans the same way with the economy caper. When will it ever end?

Anonymous said...

Granny, I go to God for MERCY when it come's to his people! God is watching us, and he is seeing how the Haitian people are being treated!

A Black Pastor called HAITI a (VOODOO COUNTRY) well, if that be the case, what about America? if God is Punishing Haiti for their Transgression's, why is he NOT pouring down his WRATH on the entire world? for all Country's have Transgressed against God and his LAW'S!

Haiti's Religion is basically Catholic, I guess that' why they have so many baby's, at least they believe in doing something Righteous, I don't know much about Haiti, but, if AMERICA wanted to SMEAR your Country, trust me, they are the one's to do it!

I Pray those poor baby's will NOT be MISTREATED! I am Sick and Tired of seeing poor innocent BLACK BABY'S suffering!

Isabel WGBH said...

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GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Thanks Isabel for that link! That's a nice web site.


The majority of Haitians are Catholics and people of faith. People who accuse them of being a voodoo country are ignorant and know nothing about Haiti but hearsay. However, there is a very small fraction who practice voodoo, not the whole country, that's exaggeration when they call the whole country a voodoo country.

One of my cousins in Haiti was a voodoo priest. He was the only one I knew of over there into voodoo that is if he is still living. A lot of my kin were wiped out in the earthquake or are still missing but they are not into voodoo. The older ones in my family that were raised and lived in America who knew how to get in contact with kinfolks over there passed last year.

Nonetheless, I would be careful if I were some of these folks badmouthing Haitians during their crises because whether they know it or not or believe it or not, it would be wise to leave that alone. They might come down with a sudden illness that the Doctors won't be able to figure out if they piss somebody off that really knows what they are doing.