Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ahh, Here We Go Again Another Bell Curve Test Tube Baby!

Why do some white folks tend to think that they have a copyright on intelligence? Come on now, intelligence comes in all colors...brown, red, yellow, black, etc. I mean it does not take intelligence to spout out hateful BS. It's like a child saying my dad is bigger than your dad. And...? Nevertheless, I knew this Harvard not so bright's remarks about black's intelligence was eventually coming into play. It always does when they think that too many black people are prospering. Can't have those darkies equal in economical standing with those so-called superior white folks now can we?

Some of these white folks need to get over themselves and recognize that they do not have a patent on intelligence. They might have a patent on hate towards their fellow human beings, destroying and stealing other folk's countries, but hey, intelligence like I said comes in all shades and colors.

Nevertheless, white folks like this have a tendency to dismiss other's intelligence in order to make themselves look good. In fact, they are the only group of people that do this. No other group of people go around spouting out this type of bull, because they do not feel the need to build themselves up because of insecuritites. However, insecurities seem to run deep in some white folks makeup.

"I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent."~~Huffingtonpost~~

"African Americans tend to have darker skin. Irish people are more likely to have red hair."~~Huffingtonpost~~

Oh so it's the hair that gives us intelligence is that it. Well, Mr. so-called genius I am a black woman and I was born with red hair and so were other black people. Mr. so-called genius, the color of my hair that I was born with had nothing to do with my brain, it came from some white ancestors somewhere down the line in my family tree.

Mr. genius if you would have taken the time out to study black history or for that fact even get to know some black people, you might become enlighten. However, right now it seems you have a very, very long ways to go in accumulating some intelligence yourself. Genetically, speaking if genes are what determines intelligence, dummy is saying that he is genetically inferior in intelligence because blacks have the most pool of genes. Or did he forget, that blacks have the most buildup of genes from race mixing.


Black Diaspora said...

"Why do some white folks tend to think that they have a copyright on intelligence?"

Good question!

Granny, I think this: It justifies some white folks treatment of others unlike themselves, especially blacks who stand apart from the rest of humanity because of their melanin-enriched skin.

The larger question is this: What is in the psyche of some whites that gives impetus to this drive to believe that they're superior to rest of us simply because their skin is white, and they bear physical characteristics that tend to set them apart?

We've seen it with Jews, blacks, and Native Americans, to name a few, this need to put others under the foot of their influence and power.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Black Diaspora:

Yes, the list does go on and on with those that they feel the need to be superior too. It is a racist tool used to like you said "put others under the foot of their influence" and it keeps racism alive. And has been going on way before the antebellum days. I pray that one day they'll wake up and realize that people are people and there is no such thing as a superior human being. We're all the same! That's why I chose to put up that "Tales of Two Hoods" on my blog as sidebar to demonstrate that there are no differences. It's called human nature. Nor does it matter if they are rich, poor, or middleclass, we all the same.

BTW, I've been meaning to send you an e-mail. You had came across my mind a few times when I didn't see you posting anything.

Black Diaspora said...

"BTW, I've been meaning to send you an e-mail. You had came across my mind a few times when I didn't see you posting anything."

I'd love to hear from you. I sent you an e-mail recently. It's something I've observed. It may be nothing, but then, again, it may be everything.

A Black Panther Forever said...

Sister Granny...Hi, the topic is needed for them. Their time is limited as the "top dog". Rarely do they compare themselves to the Orientals or the Middle Easterners. Being always on the short end, we can be compared and dissected to their pleasure--- we know different. Living in the other America before the "Grand Enlightenment" my people survived all they had and still we are here and could be strong.If that's not smart...something "Harvard" coul not stand. StillaPanther2

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen BrotherStillaPanther:

Like Maya Angelou says, "And yet we rise!"

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