Thursday, May 6, 2010

President Obama Sanford?

White folks don't know when to quit with their BS. First time in history we have a black president up in the "White House", and we're being flooded with racist messages and another old-time message that blacks are considered entertainment to white folks.

Always throughout history they have worked hard at degrading black people with cartoons, in movies, plays, etc. They considered blacks their sick entertainment, and it is sick, because they made fun of black people at the expense of black's dignity and respect. Although, it comes a time when you have to ask the question why do they go out of their way to denigrate black people?What are they afraid of? Why is it necessary to continuously work at denigrating a whole group of people?

President Barack Obama is an intelligent man. He graduated from Harvard with honors and was over the Harvard Law Review. Since he has been in office, he has accomplished something no other President was able to do, and that is pass health care reform. The "Smithtown Messenger" doesn't seem to think too much of the President because they printed pictures comparing past Presidents, and depicted President Obama as Fred Sanford, and I guess Michelle Obama is supposed to be Aunt Esther.

Funny, they have Hillbilly Granny and Ma Kettle(Palin and Bachmann) and all these white folks running around with teabags hanging from the their hats,wearing costumes from the 1700's, and whites doing all sorts of silly ass, ridiculous stuff, and they have the nerve to want to consider black folks as their entertainment. Puleeeeze!

President Reagan was a figurehead up in the White House. We all know he was senile and a fortune teller was really the President. Yet, they heap praises on him like he was so spectacular. Shouldn't they be giving that so-called praise to the fortune teller? Not to mention, Reagan's tickle down economics along with Bush Doofus's economic policies were what got us in the mess we were in. You know the mess that President Barack Obama is pulling us out of, and accomplished turning our economy around.

Again, you have to begin to ask the question why is it so important to them to denigrate black folks? What are they afraid of? Is it because of all those myths they made up about black folks lacking intelligence or leadership qualities or all those other little falsehoods that are coming to the light for everyone to see that white folks are scared of serious competition?


Don said...

All this after America had supposedly become a post-racial America.


There is no need for me or anyone to walk this Earth acting like racism isn't deeply rooted, when we all know that is is. This country was built on free labor and ideas that anyone other than Tom or Becky being less than human, I suppose.

What are they afraid of?

Even though Barack and Michelle Obama are, as you stated, dignified and well respected clearly shows that black skin is black skin and the obvious fear of a black planet, I imagine.

Enjoyed the read.

Bob said...

This kind of snide. insulting, cynical "humor" never stops. & the perpetrators always make the same lame excuses for it. Sometimes they even "apologize."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Don, I'm glad you enjoyed it, come back again sometime.


"Sometimes they even "apologize."


rikyrah said...


I've been checking ever so often, because I thought you were going to have a headline going


about the Arizona law.

you've been saying for forever and a day that they're trying how to figure out a new Jim Crow, and the CODIFICATION OF RACIAL PROFILING INTO LAW - which is all this Arizona law is - is a HUGE STEP in that direction.

as for your post - they are who we thought they were - racist, no good mofos, Granny.

nothing they do surprises me in the least anymore.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I've been a watchman on the wall sounding the alarm for years now. And have lived through Jim Crow and experienced racism in full bloom. They might have changed in the way they present it, but it is still the same old racism with a few added accessories to dress it up and make it look different just like you do an old dress or suit.

I wish I had the writing skills that you young people have to make it more clearer what I see where more of our people and others would get the full picture and fully understand the message I'm trying to get across to them. Now is not the time for you young people to go to sleep at the wheel, slack in pushing back, or sitting back with indifference thinking with the notion "it won't or don't concern me" attitude. It will affect every single minority, women, gays, Jews,and all those that Fox We Make It Up hints at as undesirables. At the root of it is "greed" and people who are power hungry that are filled with evil.

Some of things our President has done I'm pleased with, but there are a few things that greatly disturb me. He needs to recognize and stand up for black people and make double sure that they are included in his policies and that they are really enjoying some of those benefits too.

There is a reason for the rise in militas and white supremacist infilitrating the military. They just haven't figured out yet how to start that race war without a backlash from the majority of people. That's why we're hearing all of negative comments regarding the black urban community and they are highlighting it so much. That's another tool they use to drum up favor with people to justify and excuse their wrongdoing and even murder of innocent people. Examples: Black Wall Street, Katrina, and all of the other race riots of the past.

In the meantime, they are rallying up and recruiting their like-minded troops. And I hate to say it, but some white supremacist have made their way up in government offices, federal, state, and local. In addition,they pulled this same mess back in the late 1800s and early 1900s to deny blacks their rights and the right to vote for the candidate of their choice and put their people in office.

That's why people shouldn't take Palin, Bachmann, and the rest of the racist crew for granted. It's okay to make light of their silliness. But in the mean time, minorities need to be joining forces, standing united, organizing, and counteracting their mess by campaigning just as hard as they did to get Obama elected President. Minorities need to be protesting, standing up for equal rights to maintain them, and come up with some fresh and new ideas to make sure those teabagger folks don't get their people elected in political positions because they mean this country no good whatsoever. They are pushing for a pure aryan type ruling nation.

Anyway, I'll be taking another break because I'm tired physically and mentally. It takes a lot out of me when I have to act out of character and argue back and forth with people who attack me. The negativity vexes my spirit. In addition, being in the midst of a lot of mean-spirited mess,constantly,and all the time clouds concentration and focus.

There are some people that want me to shut up. Probably the reason for them hacking my blog and pc so much.

Stay vigilant and pray!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Make sure you teach your children and grandchildren our history. I'm not referring to school's narrow version of our history either. It's more to our history than slavery, Harriet Tubman, Booker T. Washington, etc. The revisionist are working hard to revise history to tell more lies and keep people in the dark.

Our history and your families history are more important than you think. A tree without roots will wither and die.

Black Diaspora said...

Granny, here's the ugly truth. They're afraid of our black skin. We can blot them out. They can only lighten us up.

This is why "white womanhood" was so well protected. Why they have to refer to us as monkeys and apes--to discourage white-black sexual interactions.

Look at it this way. The white male can impregnate a white and black woman. In both instances children of both races enter the world.

When a white woman selects a black man for procreation--oftentimes she's ostracized by whites--only biracial kids (socially black) enter the world.

As long as she procreates with black men, her choice reduces the number of white children entering the world, and increases the number of blacks.

Were black women to cross over and select white partners to procreate with, the children, although biracial, are still seen as black, not white.

Usually, blacks don't have the same qualms as whites in this regard, although some do.

No other race on the planet threatens them, with total extinction, as much as we do.

On an intellectual, emotional, and visceral level, they know this.

Max Reddick said...

It is kinda funny that in maligning President Obama and his family,they always seem to make themselves look that much more ignorant. And how do you call into question the mental acumen of a Harvard educated president and his Harvard educated wife while celebrating such obvious knuckleheads such as Palin and Bachman.

Recently I overheard I conversation between two older ladies who went on and on about the intelligence of Sarah Palin. I couldn't help but to think that if Palin is their model for intelligence, the two of them must be absolutely down as a bag of hammers.