Thursday, May 13, 2010

" Arizona the Whites Only State"

Face it, schools just want your children only to learn about dead lily, white Europeans as if the world was invented by them, and as if they created this universe. What are the other kids supposed to think? We should have one curriculum for all kids, and that should be to include all great thinkers from all over the world of every color, not just white, to give everybody a sense of human pride. For some reason Arizona and their Governor is more committed to abolishing anything that is non-white.

The point of public education should be "to teach everyone the same curriculum",which includes non-white people's contributions as well. It's easy for white folks to say that we should eliminate all ethnic studies programs when their ethnicity is dominant. The Ethnic classes success is based on inculcating a sense of pride in one's history and culture.

Is the governor using the right rationale by depriving non-white kids of a program that gives them a sense of identity and pride. Go to any major U.S. city and you will find Little Chinas, Italys, Russias, Israels, Egypts etc ... You can't--and shouldn't--suppress people's connection to their heritage and history.

I also think it's disingenuous to call for the abolition of ethnic/cultural studies programs when the kids in those classes are being bombarded with white culture every single day non-stop. I wonder when she plans to sign a Eugenics law? How long before they go all the way, and just outlaw non-whites?

Making laws and banning is and attempt to humiliate and denegrate these people simply because they are hispanic/Latino. I knew it wouldn't be long before they start whitewashing history again. I mean come on now, Texas is already trying to rewrite history and they have deleted all minorities out of the new version. Therefore, only white folks exist, all others are non-existent, noncontributers, and we people of color are a figment of our own imagination.,I guess, Arizona and Texas will put up their "whites only" signs. In essence, they already have with this new law and revisionist books. This is just a modern version of "whites only" if your peel the accessories off it and take a good look at it. It's time to boycott Arizona, and I wouldn't even drive through there, especially, if you not white.


CareyCarey said...


Unfortunately, this has been going on since the formation of the USA. I don't know how old you are,but I didn't see "me" in any of my classes. Well, I was forced to read about Nigg* Jim (Huck Finn), and Tell Kill a Mockingbird. Yep, the brotha died in that one.

These issues are exactly why I do not write very much social commentary. I don't even watch the news. Nope, I might see something on a blogroll, but other than that, it's out of my grove zone.


Race Traitoress said...

Granny, that is one of my all time favorite books you're displaying on this post. The author came to speak at our local library and I got a chance to hear him a few years back.

Arizona is just getting worse and worse.

I popped my head up for just a sec over at FN and promptly got it bitten off. Sometimes I just can't help myself. Oh well.

Hope you're well and enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day. I certainly did.

Black Diaspora said...

"I also think it's disingenuous to call for the abolition of ethnic/cultural studies programs when the kids in those classes are being bombarded with white culture every single day non-stop."

And to make matters worse, those kids are being "bombarded" with lies!

They're being indoctrinated. Let just one of those teachers in their classrooms tell the real story, the unvarnished truth about this country, and how it came to be, and I can promise you--that's one teacher who'll be fired in a Texas chili cook-off second.

We don't want our children, and later adults, to think for themselves. We want our children, and later adults, to think what we want them to think.

We can't have all those independent thinkers out there thinking for themselves, they may end up approving reparations for blacks, and compensations for Native Americans.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey RaceTraitor:

Sorry for slow reponse, but I've been awful busy lately and haven't been commenting much. Anyway, Happy belated Mother's day to you too.

Hello CareyCarey:

Glad you stop by. Come back again.


These people are going crazy is all I can say right now.

Anonymous said...

It the US, therefore they teach US history. U.S. was formed by Europeans; stolen from the natives, but white none the less.