Friday, April 9, 2010

Exercising My Freedom of Speech

Palin you were once a tv weather bunny, and now you're,what are you exactly? And by the way Sarah, how's that losey-quitty thingy workin' out for ya? For a half-term governor to deride President Obama for being a "part-time" senator, that is the very definition of crazier than a road lizard. At least Obama left his senate seat for a reason; the PEOPLE promoted him. What's your excuse, Half-Gov. Palin?

Sarah Palin quit the governorship before her term was up. Spent RNC money for clothing with a very expensive price tag. What about wanting or decreasing funding for special needs children? Nevermind that she has a special needs child herself. Oh well, she never was much of a mother anyway which is evidenced by her promiscuous daughter who has a drug habit who can't hold her boyfriend, but then Palin can barely hold on to Todd Palin. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Did she call the President naive? If I were Palin I would go somewhere and sit down and hush because she seems to have a knack for putting her foot in her mouth. Oh well, she does have a pretty big mouth to accomodate a big foot. I mean come on now, she ran for office of Vice President as the Pit Bull with lipstick and didn't even know what the duties of that position were. Palin does not even know how simple civics works and that is taught in high school. She should try out for the starring role in "Dumb and Getting Dumber," and she could at least win an Oscar. I'm just saying!

What makes her think that she is above President Obama in intelligence is amazingly stupid. President Obama is a Harvard Graduate majoring in Constitutional law, and was Head of the Law Review at Harvard, graduated cum laude, beat the Clinton machine, and became President of the USA fair and square. He is one of the greatest and inspiring orators in history and has gotten done what other Presidents failed to do and that is get a Health Care Bill passed.

How can a woman that took seven years and four colleges to get a degree talk? Oh yeah, she was ran for beauty queen and lost. She was Mayor of Wasilla who failed in building the bridge to nowhere. Okay, Palin got lucky and became governor of Alaska but she quit before her term was up because she saw a quicker way to make money by traveling and lying for handouts in the tune $50,000 to $100,000. Oops, I almost forgot she did get recruited by Fox We Make It Up News the number one lying and treasonous station in America.

She presents herself more like Ellie Mae on the Beverly Hillbillies instead of a polished politician that comes off as buffoonish and trashy. The GOP party should be embarrassed, instead they are in awe and praising her little unsophisticated slogans as if she has passed on to them some new profound wisdom. What would Ellie Mae, oops I mean Palin be without talking gun talk? Folks you gotta hand it to her, that is a little bit of slickness on her part to draw those gun loving, bible toting, SO-CALLED Christian folks on the right with gun talk. Y'all know who I am referring too, the ones in the militas, secessionist,anti-government, and white supremacist groups.

Palin seems to think that making the title "Community Organizer" a slur is cute, but she really needs to back off from that intended slur and smear of hers. Unless, she is so naive that she doesn't know that they are the people that get things done and changed. Whether she realizes it or not, it was "Community Organizers" that worked to get women the right to come out of the kitchen and vote. Community Organizers are the foundation workers who get issues put before public officials. But then, I guess a dumb bunny wouldn't know that. Hey Granny Sarah, how's that whole abstinence thingy workin' out for ya?


rikyrah said...

this is wonderful, Granny. thank you. Someone else who finds her as offensive as I do.

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