Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Could Be Your Mother, Sister, Aunt, or Cousin

Out my way, a young girl 15 years old was brutally raped, robbed, and dehumanized while others watched, cheered it on, and took pictures. When I first read about this horrible story, I thought about my young granddaughters, my nieces, other young girls, and women. In fact, all of the females I am related to or know crossed my mind.

On a daily basis, females are disrespected, abused, degraded, and misused. What I have never figured out is why would males treat women in that way when it was a female who birthed them into this world. Their mothers carried them nine months in their womb, suffered morning sickness, sometimes fainting spells, and most of all severe, unbearable discomfort called labor pains. Yet, we have some men that think nothing of that and will treat females as if they are nothing or like garbage.

Many times you'll hear females being blamed for being the victim, which is just as insulting as taking advantage of them and doing those horrible things to them. Some people's fingers point toward cultural as being the culprit for this type of behavior coming from males. But is it really?


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StillaPanther2 said...

Sister ALL women, I am so sorry to be a man at the moments when I read/hear about such savage acts by (?sub)humans that I gender-share. As a man, I apologise to this young lady and her family. I also apologise to you and other females due to eroding of your safety concerns. I will now shut-up because there is no excuse nor sense to this/these tradgedies. Prayers also to my spouse, sisters and others. I will continue to protect womenhood.

c.c. said...

Granny, I had trouble linking to the horrible story.

You raise such a good point, about culture and women, and that women give birth and raise boys. I don't know the answer, but I do know that I have to teach my girls to be careful around boys and men, and that is a shame.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Amen, that is so true. Whatever slides under the snakes belly has to come across its back too.

All women should teach their daughters and granddaughters to be careful around boys and men.


You shouldn't have to apologize for males who choose to do those types of things. It would be nice if all men were gentlemen and respected women like you. BTW, it wasn't just one of our own people who committed this terrible offense. However, we know who the media will always choose to blast images of front and center in the news and newspapers.