Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Birth of Jim Crow

I swear I thought that these days had ended and we were living in post-racial America.  Yup, blacks would stop singing We Shall Overcome and toast to peace and equality with our white brothers and sisters. All stereotypes would be discarded and replaced with positive uplifting of one another.  We'd start working together on making America a better place for ALL people to live in peace with one another. least that was the fantasy everyone was, simultaneously, having when President Barack Obama got elected.

However, that is not exactly how things worked out.  Nope! Instead old man racism has come out in full force to start some mess and to birth Jim Crow.  The birthing of Jim Crows starts with stereotyping negative images of blacks like this one.  Of course, they need a few "Sellouts" to attack blacks to make their argument legit.  To add weight to their argument they create denigrating, so-called scientific theories regarding physical features and diseases.  Moreover, the intelligence of blacks is dismissed as nonexistent.  Not to mention, sneaky racist whites who grin in your face and behind your back are trying to sabotage you or playing undercover spy.

With the economy being fragile as it is right and opportunities scarce right about now that results in the next ingredients for Jim Crow, white folks begin complaining, especially when think that there is a chance that they might have to start competing with blacks for jobs.  Violence against blacks while hiding behind a badge is another birthing pang.  However, blacks  barred from public places because of stereotypes was when  the Jim Crow baby was born.


Anonymous said...

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Black Diaspora said...

Granny, a hard-hitting exposé. I find the Bill Clinton revelation the most disappointing of all.

It tells me that we're being played by both sides. I've long suspected it, and came pretty close to blogging about it, but it took this slip to drive it home.

Although both sides jockey for position (power), they are, in fact, united on many of the political policies that become legislation, regardless of which side sponsors them--the Right or the Left--or the appearance of a political slugfest.

Both sides have only one concern: How best to sell their united policies to their respective base. This is what goes on behind closed doors, not the political wrangling that we're told take place.

I was hoping that I was wrong: But this open mike all but confirms it.

And for those poor, poor, whites who believe that racism has increased against them, all I can say is this: A perception of a loss of white privilege is not the same as losing it--and that, if you think you've lost it, it's not the same as racism.

You'd think that signs have suddenly mushroomed that say, Blacks Only, or White's Need Not Apply, or Whites Will Be Served Out Back, or The Back Of The Bus Is Reserved For Whites.

Give me a break!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen, Diaspora. I've never trusted Clinton. He is one of those types that grins in your face, while he is stabbing you in the back, but just trying to get up close enough to do some damage.

His policies were the beginning the the Jim Crow Law in the the prison complex, shipping jobs overseas, etc.

Remember back when Obama got elected, I said that it was some in his own party stabbing him in his back. Obama looked up to Clinton, but I'm mighty afraid he need to open his eyes and see him for who he really is a good ole boy.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

They don't call him "Slick Willie" for nothing, you can believe that.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Sorry Granny, but it doesn't surprise me a damn bit, but then again I've been seeing white people smile in black peoples faces and then talk racist shit behind their back for my entire adult life.
The good thing is that having a black president is so unbearable to these ignorant backwoods crackers that they can't hold back and join organizations like the teabaggeres and speak out their racism. It's better to be able to identify them than not.
Just don't ever forget that 52% of American voters voted for President Obama and over 60% believe he is doing a good job right now. That's a lot of white people. . . doesn't make that large minority OK, but it does mean that perhaps, a majority of white people are NOT on the other side.
Glad to see you making posts. Your perspective is always to the point and spot on in my book.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

SagaciousHillbilly, thanks! I'll be leaving next month in a few weeks to go do a little research to tie up some loose ends for my book. I'll be gone for a few months. I swear my book is gone be a doozy.

I brought that book you recommended to me, and I'm in the process of reading it right now. It's an excellent book. Matter of fact, I thought to myself, he and I are on the same page in our assessment of history, the foundation of capitalism, racism, and how they tie in together. If you have any other recommendations let me know. I collect books.

Anonymous said...

"Remember back when Obama got elected, I said that it was some in his own party stabbing him in his back. Obama looked up to Clinton, but I'm mighty afraid he need to open his eyes and see him for who he really is a good ole boy."

Well, the question is WHO can Obama trust? No one. But that's the story of the black man isn't it? Whites will stab the bm in the back and so will Blacks. The only difference is when the Blacks do it, it hurts twice as bad.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


That is so true. I agree with you on that.

Redeye said...

Thanks to the Mainstream Media driven racial stereotypes, this is how they really feel

"It's not a media driven stereo type! It's TRUE incidents that are reported on the news! Race relations are worse than they were 3 years ago since Obama took office! It was suppose to get better it has not!!! BLACKS now feel they don't have to follow the rules because we have a 1/2 white and a 1/2 black president! Oh why is he always refereed to as the first black president and not the first 1/2 president or first mixed president?"

Rebel Flower said...

The only day we had a "post racial America", was on 9/11. That was the day we could all join together in xenophobic religious intolerance. 9/12, everything returned back to normal.