Monday, March 5, 2012


 I do not plan to quit blogging and don’t know what would give y’all that idea.  The trolls don’t faze me! My reason for not wanting a lot of mess on my blog is so that people could come and read or discuss in an intelligent manner instead of a lot of distractions with name-calling and disrespect.  Other than that, my reason for shutting down this blog is so I can move it to another blog forum.  However, it will take me a few weeks because I have to find one that is compatible with the design of this one and set it up.  Moreover, I am having some work done to my office space, which will take a few days, so it will be a slight delay.  Other than that, Granny will be around for a while.  BTW, I haven't been able to check my email in a couple of months, which I'm sure will be a job and a half when I do get to check it. So, I was not ignoring anyone.  Also, to those of you who have asked me to post something for you, I haven't forgot about y'all either and will do that as soon as I get the other blog reestablished, especially the cancer post.