Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hell In A Hand Basket

Don't sometimes when you read the news of things going on in the world today you just feel like going on a news diet. Nah, I take that back a news fast. In the wee-wee hours this morning, I read the news and the article headlines alone were depressing and disturbing.

First I read about a baby that had been missing for a week was found under the babysitters bed in a box. I thought to myself, you can't even trust the babysitter nowadays. That's scary! Kids are just not safe these days. We adults need to practice "It takes A Village To Raise A Child." At least we would have more eyes watching the children and more protection for them. It worked back in the old days. Children were more safer that's for sure.

"She was way back under the bed," he said. "But she was not crying."~~Melissa Nelson-Huffingtonpost~~

"Baker had written a letter to Gov. Charlie Crist's office in August, pleading for help for the baby and claiming her father shook her and both parents did drugs in front of her.Read more at:"~~ Melissa Nelson-Huffingtonpost~~

Okay, then the headlines about the bailout recipients caught my eye. I'm sorry folks but these CEOs aren't exactly making my heart sing with their scheming and conniving ways. Especially, when it is not benefitting the American people. Can we still tar and feather folks and run them out of Dodge? It is time for some audits to take place, tough love, some jail time, a bill to end lobbying period, and to take our money back because these folks are full of dung. While we at it, this administration's economic advisers and treasury folks need to be replaced quick, fast, and in a hurry. Time for some fresh faces and some folks that are not playing the money switcher-roo. Enough is enough!

So, I put aside the news for a couple of hours and come back to finish it off and that's how my heart got broken. I felt like I had been stabbed in the heart. The military people have always been my heroes. Hearing about a mini-mass shooting and murder of one of their own brothers who might be the one to have their back in a war has shaken me up. I didn't want to believe that this could be happening and coming from the very same people that I adored and thought the world of. Not those men who sacrifice their lives and family to protect and serve us. This couldn't be happening. I've come to expect hearing something like that happening here in civilian life because shooting and death is no stranger to us who live a civilian life. I have family in military as well and I am praying that none of mine were at Fort Hood and one of the victims as well as those who have lost their lives and their families.

Maybe, it's time for America and Americans to re-examine themselves. Like in the story of Joshua when they said it's time to search the camp. Well, maybe, it's time for us to search the camp and find out what we're lacking or what we're not doing right or what it is we've done that we need to ask for forgiveness for. One thing is for sure, we as Americans cannot keep on going down this same old road we're traveling in the same worn out clothes. It's time for change!


matw said...

No kidding it's time for a change, but how is it going to happen? I have personally decided to help other people (e.g. tutoring), but that is not going to move mountains anytime soon. And your post described a mountain of trouble that needs to move. My political representatives are stale fish, no mileage there. Just sharing my thoughts and thankful you did the same.

Black Diaspora said...

"[W]e as Americans can keep on going down this same old road we're traveling in the same worn out clothes. It's time for change!" Granny

Granny, we're slow to learn, and even slower to act, once we learn.

We're losing our democracy, and fast. We send our representatives to Washington to work for lobbyists who're paid by large corporations and others who wish to influence public policy.

Until we can stop this unholy alliance--lobbyists and congress--the people's business will belong to those who can pay for it.

As we've learned with the health care reform effort, a little money goes a long way. Our politicians will sell their souls for a few million dollars.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You not kidding, they will sell their mother for a few million and that is sad.

Jody said...

Granny... I am with you! I don't know how the President expects to make major reforms when the fox is guarding the hen house!!! These economic advisors were waist deep in the muck that created this mess and they should not be the ones guiding is out of it. I do not buy the "they are the ones that understand how this happened" arguement to justify keeping them on.... I understand how this happened, too. GREED! and no regulations.... I say, put some grassroots non-profit organizers in there for a year, folks who have worked on shoe string budgets and still got the work done.... they could clean up this mess, fast!

Black Diaspora said...

@Jody: "I understand how this happened, too. GREED! and no regulations...."

I was surprised, but not shocked, to hear a Repub spokesperson say that the fastest way our of our economic quagmire are fewer regulations, and less government intervention.

Are there people out there who're still falling for that line of reasoning?

I suspect there are, or she'd use some other line.

This time, greed almost brought us to our knees, economically, and the lack of government oversight only served to expedite the decline.

"Americans for Prosperity" should be marching on Wall Street, not the White House, or the Capitol. Talk about getting your priorities effed up: They're attacking, not the cause, but the potential solution.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen Jody! The grassroots non-profit organizer is not a bad idea. In fact, that's a great idea. It is somebody up in that White House that has his ear but they don't have have his interest at heart. I've been seeing this for a while now. I knew that there were some backstabbers around and the reason why he is having such a hard time right now. Like I said before the Republicans are not the only ones that want him to fail, he has some in his own party.

The ulterior motive is to prevent anyone black from ever being in the White House again, which is sick. Black people are citizens of the USA too and they pay taxes as well. We can't keep calling this the United States if people want to exclude all the people of color and want them to pay taxes, spend money, but when it comes to being a part of overseering the government that is where their citizenship ends at.

The President is an intelligent man and he catches on quick. I'm praying that he catches on to what is going on right under his nose quick. I believe he will and when he does he is gonna whip a whammy on them that they'll never forget.

An emergency just came up with my next door neighbor. She is over here crying hysterically and I got to see about her right now because something just happened with her baby and she is crying. So, let me go see about her. Letting you folks know just in case I don't get to come back today and publish your comments you know what happened.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I had to correct a slight error in this post. I meant to say "cannot" instead "can" keep on going down the same old road we're traveling... However, I'm sure you good people knew what I meant. Sometimes I type to fast for my own good. :)

Anonymous said...

I will be glad when the WHAMMY come's! for the President is allowing the people in his CAMP to SABOTAGE him!

I don't know what happened, but, some where along the way, the President has become a little DROWSY at the Wheel's!

I don't know if he has FORGOTTEN, he is a Black President! and that along should make him Watch his CAMP like a HAWK! what the PAST President's was able to do. he cannot do and should not want to do!

Joshua was Chastised by God for not being watchful! so Joshua Regrouped! and when he did that, he became the Ultimate Leader, God Purposed him to be! Joshua was all over the place Getting folk's straight! he never gave his ENEMY any LEEWAY! he knew he couldn't TRUST them!!!!!

I pray that the President will take a long hard look at Timothy Giethner, for this man Cannot be TRUSTED! he hold's his head DOWN when he talk's! he cannot look people straight in their eye's! now what doe's he have to hide? who would TRUST a person like that! and to think, this man, give's the LEADER of this country ADVICE!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Forgive me for the time it takes to let the messages go through,which is an inconvenience, but I am in the midst of doing several other things today.

field negro said...

Hi Granny, just came by to holla, and to read your always insightful posts.

I love what you did with the place. :)

Keep pushing.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Thanks field!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Joshua was Chastised by God for not being watchful! so Joshua Regrouped! and when he did that, he became the Ultimate Leader, God Purposed him to be! Joshua was all over the place Getting folk's straight! he never gave his ENEMY any LEEWAY! he knew he couldn't TRUST them!!!!!"

Yup, that's happening in a sense to the President. When he figures it out, he'll be alright. Like I said he is gonna sock a whammy to them that they'll never forget when he does. He might be new to the Washington way of politics, and doesn't realize that he is dealing with piranhas instead of dogs, but he'll figure it out. You can tame a dog but you can't tame piranha.