Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teach Me How To Dougie

It seems that a lot of folks are trying to learn how to Dougie.  Wolf Blitzer and Barbara Walters are trying to learn how to do the Dougie.  The Dougie might be a new dance craze like the Electric Slide that crosses over into all generations, but why do females always have to be referred to by the "B" word?

The Dougie dance does seem to bring out the lightheartedness in people and is popular with all ages and color.  The dance might turn out to be the next Electric slide dance craze.  However, it is not the dance that is disturbing, it's that "B" word in the lyrics.  Come on now, young black men, you've got to stop referring to females as the "B" word.  No female's mother on this earth named their daughter that.

Maybe, Pui Tak elementary school and an Darren Newton should have been learning how to do the Dougie. 

A four year old child refused to cooperate. If your four year old acts up, should the school tie them up with duct tape?  Pui Tak elementary school seems to think that is proper punishment, especially if they are black. Is execution next?  Why do some folks seem to think that  ALL black parents are the ONLY ONES lacking parenting skills and teaching their kids to be thugs?

The father thinks the underlying cause is racism.  Granny is thinking--> glad the child wasn't one of those terrible 2s because  no telling what would have transpired had that been the case.  Patience is a virtue when dealing with small children. Some people do not need to work in positions that involve children.

When Irving later spoke to Gin about the incident, she warned him that the lack of discipline his son exhibited "is how it ends up with kids getting guns." ~~Huffingtonpost~~

There are laws that protect children against their parents.  A parent could wind up facing child abuse charges and prison for disciplining their child using Pui Tak's method of punishment.  They would be in court defending themselves against child abuse charges and Child Protective Services would be paying them a visit.  So, is it okay for a school to abuse them?

Then there is Darren Newton, a dad who murdered his 15 month old baby and video taped it.  A little duct would have came in handy to tie the dad up to prevent him from abusing that child.

Children have a soft-spot with me.  I love having them around because it is never a dull moment with them.  Like Ark Linkletter used to say, "Kids can say the darnest things."  Children are such a joy to have around and you can learn from them too, if you pay close attention, and have a good listening ear. That is don't listen at them, but to them. 

I always tell people that when you are a parent you are at the apprenticeship level, but when you become a grandparent you are at the journeyman level.  Believe it or not when you become a parent you are in training and learning how to be one because there is more to being a parent than feeding, clothing, and keeping a roof over a child's head.


StillaPanther2 said...

Sister Granny.....would go on a tirade 'bout' what I would like to see four Black males demostrating-robotics,new techniques in science and etc. But I am not, because I will be blasted for putting dOwn "poor inner city males". Even though theY blast SISTERS WITH THE WORD "BITCH". it is more distressing that Black sisters will dance to it. Time for them to step up and stop copulating with these people that show no respect...PRIOR TO LAYING WITH YOU. As far as some whites want to learn how to dance to it...these people are glad your future(four Black males} continue to bring advancements that compete with their young. Another dance....if we know our hisory we would know dancing was the first entertainment that the masters enjoyed. Dancing is a cultural bonus....remember before I stated this observation I did say "I will not". ister Granny.. I am just tired of seeing us recycling same things that we did during our survival period. I be okay. Just saw the TV news AM show.5amEST.. Several Black females steaing a white girl's Ipod on a city bus somewhere on the west coast. hat why I need to see some positive about my people.

Blinders Off said...


I been meaning to look on You Tube to see what the Dougie was, now I do not have to. lol

@StillaPanther 2

Do not get me started on young girls and some grown a$$ women dancing to music that is misogynist.

You are speaking the truth and the truth needs to be heard. It is time to put the truth out whether you or white or black. The TRUTH will set some people free and upset others, but at the end of the day, you have to respect the person who is brave enough to speak the truth. Also, for years I have been talking to young people trying to get them to understand Robotics is the future.